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Personalized The Moda AdhurA – 24 Master Key Codes of the Moda-AdhurA [Freedom Teachings ®]

Personalized The Moda AdhurA – 24 Master Key Codes of the Moda-AdhurA [Freedom Teachings ®]

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Personalized The Moda AdhurA 

24 Master Key Codes of the Moda-AdhurA

Universal Ecka Monadic Template Master Key Code

Personalized Moda A Dehu code *
Personalizing The Moda AdhurA Codes *

 Translation: KS Chinese team
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When you complete this exercise, keep your code, in 2003 years 12 months 21 days. They are also related to the future will be the development of various types of astral projection exercises.
Stage 1: Connecting with the Codes and building a ‘Colour Library’
Description of stage 1: In this process you will build a very personal connection with each code. By the end of this process you will be capable of nominating between 3 to 6 colors that have a personal association with the codes.
Relax and breathe easy.
Focus on the first sheet of codes and do a few simple 6 pointed lotus breaths to charge your fields.
Allow yourself a good few minutes to focus on the codes and build a connection with them. You can do this by being drawn to one particular code on the sheet or by staring at the whole lot at once or by staring at one and skipping through the rest. Simply move your attention through the codes as you feel inclined.

Gently break from your visual focus on the codes and close your eyes. Stay relaxed and allow a color to emerge in the Rajhna center. You may or may not see the color directly, you may get its name or feeling or smell. Make a note of the color using a colored pencil or write its name.
Once you have made a note of the first color, renew your connection with the first sheet of codes by looking at them again for a few moments and then return your attention to the Rajhna center and see if there is another color. If only one color emerges that is completely fine. Repeat this process until you feel complete with the first sheet of codes.
Now look at the second sheet of codes and repeat steps 1 to 5. Remember, there is no need to bring through more than 6 colors in total. You now have your own personal color ‘reference library’ ready for the next stage.
Stage 2: Coloring the Codes
Description of stage 2: In this process you and the code together are going to determine how much of your color reference library is relevant to it, and you, on a code by code basis.
Note on coloring:
Do not put color in areas that already contain symbol codes or script (i.e. not inside the three smaller circles or within the ‘candle flame’ shape). You may put color anywhere else in each code. Here are examples to show you what areas can be colored.

Focus now on each code one by one. Determine which of your little library of colors goes into each code. Some codes will have one color some more than one color. There is no limit on the number of colors in each code but it is highly unlikely that one code would have six colors. You can do bands of color or cross- patches of color, swirls, ellipses….color the codes in whatever way you are moved to do remembering to avoid the areas already containing symbol codes or script.
Stage 3: Pulling your own personal codes and personalizing the Moda AhurA Master Key Codes
Description of Stage 3: This purpose of this final stage is to find the remainder of your personal shield harmonics that complete the personalization of these Moda AdhurA Master Key Codes.
Charge your fields by completing the ManU Lotus Breathing Technique.
Breathe easy and call to mind just one of the colors from your personal color ‘reference library’. Note: You can reach the color by remembering an object you know that carries that color. In this way, gently impress the color into the Rajhna center.
Inhale one long, slow 6- pointed breath into the AzurA and as you approach completion of this breath, draw the breath into the color band at the Rajhna, embracing the color band in a Heliotallic ball.
Forcibly exhale the color coded Heliotallic ball from the Rajhna into the AzurA and rapidly down the ‘passive arm’ (i.e. the arm that you do not normally use in everyday life) into the passive hand.
Gently repeat steps 3 and 4 at least 3 times, that is breathing the Heliotallic energy with the color coded frequency in it form the Rajhna, into the AzurA and into your passive arm and hand.
Take your pen or pencil in your passive hand over a piece of paper, relax and literally doodle or scribble. You might like to remind the hand that you are asking it to reveal its truth in a symbol code. You can close your eyes. Your symbol could look like a letter or a number or a shape…it will not make sense to your conscious mind. You’ll look at the code and you will simply know that it is complete. You will feel it is ‘right’.
You now have a code associated with a particular color and are ready to personalize the Moda AdhurA codes that contain this particular color. Now, using the hand you normally write with, draw the symbol on an area, within each of the Moda AdhurA codes, that contains this color. You only need write your personal code once in each of the Moda AdhurA codes that contain this color.
Repeat steps 1 to 7 for each of the colors from your reference library. You now have a complete set of personalized Moda AdhurA codes.
Stage 4: Cutting out the codes
Write the number of each code on a front side corner of each one before cutting them out.
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MCEO freedom Teaching ®
: Tammy Hollenbaugh

The Universal Ecka Monadic Template Master Key Code
and the
Pairings of the 24 Master Key Codes of the Moda-AdhurA*

Follows below, is the detail for pairing (fixing/ gluing back to back) PCM, PKA and Ecka Key Codes as was intended to be given during Dublin, 11/ 03 Workshop. At some time in the future, specific instructions will be given about the positioning, applications and use of these Code pairs. For the time being, any personal use and/ or amplification of the Template Master Key Code can be obtained by:
1) placing all paired Codes as pack or stack in the center of the Template (packed or stacked in any sequence, for now) before lying atop the whole, and      2) lying over the Template and placing individually paired Codes over body parts as “intuitively directed”. The Template, for the present time, is placed at the rear of the AzurA before lying over / atop the Template with your head pointing to the position 293.5 deg’s. CW from Magnetic North. (Here is a low resolution image that can be used for aligning your axis.)
Key Codes of the Moda-AdhurA should be paired as follows:
PCM Code No. (Inner Ring of Codes) PKA Code No. (Middle Ring of Codes) Relationship **
10 16 M
13 3 M
14 4 Inv.
  1 7 M
  2 8 M
5 11 M
  6 12 Inv.
  9 15 Inv.
Ecka Code Pairs (Outer Ring Codes
19     &     21  (12 and 6 o’clock) Inv
23     &     17  (3 and 9 o’clock) Inv
20     &     22  (1 and 7 o’clock) M
18     &     24  (10 and 5 o’clock) Inv
M = Mirror Position (The “Cup” and “Shaft” of each Code pair aligned over each other, back to back);
Inv. = Inverted (one Code rotated 180deg. v it’s pair, or one cup pointing down with the other, the cup pointing up, back to back).
PCM & PKA Code pairs as listed above start at 12 o’clock (10 & 16), rotating Clockwise in sequence; 13/ 3; 14/ 4; 1/ 7; 2/ 8 etc.
Click Here To View High Resolution Image of this Code - 9891k

The 24 Master Key Codes of the Moda-AdhurA (Groups 1-3 of 6)*

The 24 Master Key Codes of the Moda-AdhurA (Groups 4-6 of 6)*

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