Friday, December 07, 2012

Brief on activation, meditative technique,enlightenment #Tools #DL #meditation #ONE

Brief on activation, meditative technique, enlightenment #Tools #DL #meditation #ONE [Freedom Teachings ®]

brief on activation, meditative technique, enlightenment
A Sense of interconnectedness and/or enlightening is a direct result of the alignment of a consciousness unit and the field of protoplasmic light consciousness/quantum void/ground of being that birthed that consciousness. All life and all beings are a direct emergence from a field of consciousness. Physiologically the awakening involves activation of subtle energy circuit relays or “gating” systems that we call sha ka ras or chakras. More abnormal sensory experiences or greater levels of opening involve multiple stage harmonization meaning fusion of energies and systems functions of these consciousness centers.
On a more physical-atomic level it involves an alteration of currents energy or qi flow leading to changes in blood distribution &  pressure. The antagonism or breakdown/inhibition of bioactive chemicals changes such as melatonin which converts into harmaline, harmine, as well as DMT engaging a natural “hallucinogenic” experience which is nothing less than connection to higher levels of energy-consciousness through the lens of the activated pineal gland and the non-spatial hyperdimensional shift it generates moving perception from the base of physical 1-3D body into the soul body 4-6D.

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