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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Last Quarter #Moon on 5 January 2013 in angularity of the star #Sirius © Lunesoleil

Last Quarter #Moon on 5 January 2013 in angularity of the star #Sirius


No more? (Sexqui-square Moon and Sun semi-square Neptune), there would be wryly without losing confidence in your values. This is only a temporary state of disillusionment necessary before you relocate. The angularity of the star Sirius the brightest star in the sky Nocturne, may report a disappointment event also marked by the conflict of Mars and Saturn. Desires encounter obstacles that must be overcome by taking a position on secondment blocked.
In this last quarter of the moon, meditation can have a bitter taste, although you're not resign to let you capture the melancholy. You will have enough strength to challenge your moods shaky. Say that you will not let you win with your frustrations of the moment and you'll find reason to justify why and how without dwelling on your go. Life is not a bed of roses and it has to go through some tricks to reframe situations that seemed wrong ....
Sirius 2

With the Sirius Star on the axis of the Sun announcement period is usually cold and angularity with withdraw Moon in the good omens when Sirius star is located in close proximity to 14 ° Cancer ... It is from the last week of August and first week of September that Jupiter has returned to Sirius, benefiting those with a star in this sector of the zodiac for better or worse ...
The decisions you have taken during this Last Quarter Moon should bring you some satisfaction, even if it will ask you to give up a part of yourself. A closed door is better to open another, it should have no regrets for the past and welcome the future in the present moment.
Accept failure as a life lesson that you have received you improve and understand your role outside of desires that were perhaps not yours. Enjoy this last quarter Moon to relax inside. Let go of your old habits and get ready to receive new opportunities.

Redefine the objectives and the time to rediscover the possibilities to regenerate the body and mind through daily practice of self-healing. For this self-denial is recommended that the effect is optimal. Retirement is often granted miracles and allows you to reprogram another direction of thinking.

Anyway even if your moral was sawtooth events will do the rest for you to forget your past procrastination to make room for new sensations constantly renewed and gives spice to life. ...

All my best wishes for this New Year 2013, I wish you the best in everything, do not lose hope especially. Life is a succession of re-enchantment of the world need to know to receive with humility and love yourself first ...



© Lunesoleil

original in french

Friday, December 28, 2012

Full moon of December 28, 2012 © Lunesoleil

With the permission of the author Maud Varennes artist painter in my area. Excerpt from his first book: Feel the sound of shapes and colors

There are always exceptions, such as the phase of the Moon softening the eve of the full moon of December 27 (which can be daunting and emotionally) with the Moon in harmony with Neptune and Saturn making ricocheted on to warn us nothing is the same as everything changes forever. To be afraid?, When you know even if everything is rehearsals the actors are never the same. There is always a way to protest his way do not you think?. To listen to France Inter invited by Patrick Cohen Podcast " The observatory promises : purchasing power "or Stéphane Lardy Confederal Secretary FO, three million unemployed plus those who are invisible and that not seen in the polls ... And yet the housing problems and nothing is really concrete on these rent increases with Bertrand Delanoë and the emission can not stop the eco ...
Should still take courage at work, morale will be at the rendezvous, at least for a certain time. Saturn holding a leash the axis of the Full Moon we should evolve with more objectivity, rigor as in politics without dropped our first impressions, the key to avoid many errors. But we rarely listen to that little voice inside that knows everything, to let ourselves be dominated by a mind rationalized that sees no further than his nose tip ...

Degree of Sun 7 ° Capricorn : Degrees Sabian (Dane Rudhyar): "In a sunny house tame birds sing joyfully." Happiness beneficial for submission to the ideals and models an entrenched culture bring to those who accept without reserve. Everyone can feel joy to fulfill the role for which it is made
Degree of the Moon 7 ° Cancer : Degrees Sabian (Dane Rudhyar): "Rabbits dressed like a parade." Trend present in all life forms to imitate superior to stimulate its growth. Degree of learning.
Creativity will be swept away by new energy defying your own personal resources. You will be captivated by all the laws of nature can manifest divine nothingness from understanding that men usually appearing more rigid to change.
We are still under the influence of a double Yod better known as "Finger of God" planetary design that will influence the coming months. Apex planet (official) Jupiter and Saturn influencing the global economy. The dual position of both Yods Director will implement priority this heavy burden of this economic positioning, individualizing each of us to rethink our spending in the face of austerity plans ... We also need to adapt and transform us into chameleon, c is another way to survive as best as possible to a decline in purchasing power.
With Saturn it is useless to take flight, to ignore the facts suggest as Neptune. But by combining the two, we can use this crisis phase to emphasize the "emerging potential" to be reborn like a phoenix to another reality of the world around us. Saturn in Scorpio can be seen as an alchemist who will transform lead into gold, but a transmutation of his whole being, the two are inseparable otherwise the result will be futile ...
ღ ✿ ‿ ✿ ღ Excellent Full moon at all (your))) Happy Holidays and Year-end ღ ✿ ‿ ✿ ღ
© Lunesoleil

Surprise inside


Advice for a better life three days before the Full #Moon of #December 28, 2012 © Lunesoleil

The Wolf Shaman

Three days before the full moon can become formidable before the arrival of the full moon. The lunar influence that intensifies emotional reactions often irrational. I assure you that all full moons are not alike, Full moons ago more virulent than others and why it is necessary to prepare in advance.
Start by meeting in your calendar Full moon periods including three days before the full moon not to be caught unawares. Avoid this moment of impulsive responding in a way, taking your emotions on a leash. If something just disturb you, do not wait as the pressure cooker but act with discernment to calm the ardor too impetuous.
If you are sensitive to the phases of the moon, ask yourself the question of recognizing your weaknesses and fix them before the storm moon will be more intensive. You can make the decision to change tack in directing your thoughts in another direction. Being active during this period can serve as a safeguard unlike a person with no activity. Otherwise you can hitch up on something that you are passionate about or join a group what kind it is.
Full moons ago that is easier to manage than others, but the important thing is to think in conscience by focusing on understanding the emotion of the moment. To be more in harmony with others avoid putting yourself in a position of waiting, do yourself a favor, do not look for small animals where it is not.

To identify in your chart if you are the moon, you must add a maximum of points:
You were born on a Monday
Your birth time is in the Moon (see your software program)
Conjunction of the Moon is in the ascendant, MC, DS or FC (the four corners of bases)
Over the Moon will receive more aspects Moon Moon will increase in intensity
Aspect of opposition and square to the Moon exacerbate emotions much more than the trine and sextile which will help delay.
Birth at the time of New Moon, Full Moon and First Quarter or Last Quarter Moon Cycle
These are clues that you can find in your chart aspects in blue are positive and negative aspects in red. Moon also reacts in all the other houses and highlight those areas in your life. And depending on the position of the Moon in a sector or emotional life is especially hectic.
The ability to recognize patterns triggers our emotions makes it easier to channel or to materialize what seemed the order of the irrational. This can be a chalenge to achieve common when two lunar meet to work through a mirror defect mastering emotional. Suffice it to the wanderings of the Lunar throes, while there is still time before the bad outweighs the good, and that could temper the eternal solving a mess often the order of the imaginary that one gives ...
© Lunesoleil

Not Without My Moon

Advice for a better life three days before the New Moon # ...

Full moon of December 28, 2012 

A test to identify your #goals and your  #means the tool of astrology

Lunar games

Original in French

Monday, December 10, 2012

Advice for a better life three days before the #New Moon December 13, 2012 Lunesoleil ©

Advice for a better life three days before the #New Moon December 13, 2012 ©Lunesoleil

10 December 12

For Indians Turtle represents Mother Earth, which covers all the IT Weight of Humanity, the 4 Seasons and colors are also 4 directions North South East and West (((besides the Tipi are prepared in the same way the four directions at the center Fire (ie the Sun), around the Circle! that is the reason why the tradition said ‘the life of an Indian is at the center of the circle!! fabulous <yes, always the Astro, the spirit of the North, South Spirit, the Spirit of the East and West or 4 doors!
Turtle Moon is but the axis Cancer / Capricorn, from BIRTH small turtles are alone (without parents) face life! Births BUT how many will survive FACE è Destiny (Saturn) do not forget that children do not like even less the BB! ….. very little between them will return to theilar pce of birth after the first crossing …
The New Moon of Dec. 13 will be particularly “effervescent” and anything can be experienced in the 72 hours before the New Moon you shedding a psychological boost. If you are nature “Lunar” however, you are vulnerable to changes in the phases of the Moon. And previous phases of New Moon have shown that the intensity can be as influential a Full Moon charged with magnetic energy.
It is the awareness of the phenomenon of “lunar” before descending cycle change that can help counteract its impact on your inner life. Stay vigilant emotional gap and you’re sandwiched in a whirlwind of uncontrollable spasms. The effect is especially recognizable when we are faced with another of ourselves. Emotional dysfunction can be controlled to the extent that you become aware of the phenomenon of intersections phases of the Moon with the Sun.
That we are interested in is the priority change Last Quarter Moon and the New Moon can cause irrational fears. It is especially those with “Moon” very strong which could be destabilized in the transition from lunar tide. And it is often during this period that we tend to want to meet LEDs to answer metaphysical questions have often unfounded.
It would be best to be patient, calm the emotional fervor and wait for the New Moon eruption is made to fill the interior of New Energy cycle of the moon. These guidelines apply to each period before the start of the New Moon, which is very vulnerable to spirits in search of emotional security. Do not leave more misled by the horrors of the Moon, react by occupying your mind on fulfilling activities you inside and having a calming effect on your mind.
To live this renewal Lunar energy as calmly, move your mind thoughts nostalgic looking to adopt a state of “joy and love” to express these new sensations, through formulations positive thoughts and deeds … Try keep this mental attitude and physical as long as possible and repeat if necessary …
It is very important to recognize the situation of the phases of the moon in order to effectively bounce on these emotional rants that sometimes occur for no apparent reason you zap morale. Take notes by writing in a diary these weekly appointments, never to be caught off guard …
Good cycle of the moon at all (your)))) and take care of you :)

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