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Last Quarter #Moon on 5 January 2013 in angularity of the star #Sirius © Lunesoleil

Last Quarter #Moon on 5 January 2013 in angularity of the star #Sirius


No more? (Sexqui-square Moon and Sun semi-square Neptune), there would be wryly without losing confidence in your values. This is only a temporary state of disillusionment necessary before you relocate. The angularity of the star Sirius the brightest star in the sky Nocturne, may report a disappointment event also marked by the conflict of Mars and Saturn. Desires encounter obstacles that must be overcome by taking a position on secondment blocked.
In this last quarter of the moon, meditation can have a bitter taste, although you're not resign to let you capture the melancholy. You will have enough strength to challenge your moods shaky. Say that you will not let you win with your frustrations of the moment and you'll find reason to justify why and how without dwelling on your go. Life is not a bed of roses and it has to go through some tricks to reframe situations that seemed wrong ....
Sirius 2

With the Sirius Star on the axis of the Sun announcement period is usually cold and angularity with withdraw Moon in the good omens when Sirius star is located in close proximity to 14 ° Cancer ... It is from the last week of August and first week of September that Jupiter has returned to Sirius, benefiting those with a star in this sector of the zodiac for better or worse ...
The decisions you have taken during this Last Quarter Moon should bring you some satisfaction, even if it will ask you to give up a part of yourself. A closed door is better to open another, it should have no regrets for the past and welcome the future in the present moment.
Accept failure as a life lesson that you have received you improve and understand your role outside of desires that were perhaps not yours. Enjoy this last quarter Moon to relax inside. Let go of your old habits and get ready to receive new opportunities.

Redefine the objectives and the time to rediscover the possibilities to regenerate the body and mind through daily practice of self-healing. For this self-denial is recommended that the effect is optimal. Retirement is often granted miracles and allows you to reprogram another direction of thinking.

Anyway even if your moral was sawtooth events will do the rest for you to forget your past procrastination to make room for new sensations constantly renewed and gives spice to life. ...

All my best wishes for this New Year 2013, I wish you the best in everything, do not lose hope especially. Life is a succession of re-enchantment of the world need to know to receive with humility and love yourself first ...



© Lunesoleil

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