Monday, January 14, 2013

The Panergeia Project: What are the consequences of the information I rec...

The Panergeia Project: What are the consequences of the information I rec...:

Sunday, January 13, 2013

What are the consequences of the information I received in the Council?

For starters the collection of the different variations of the Amenti coding is a clear consequence. I experienced this myself, in a meditation, and did not think much of it besides observing that some of the coding, which got us here in the first place as a part of the original rescue mission, was removed from me after having undergone a sort of process in which the fallen DNA imprint from Tara was separated from the non-fallen parts, i.e. what made it possible for us to go to Earth and collect the lost souls – the main purpose of the mission back then.
These DNA imprints in our template holds a creational structure of the Taraian first humans and are therefore essential for the Thetans, if they are to succeed in recreating their highly evolved degressive race out of the now fallen parts of Tara. They are rebuilding those areas out of the original inhabitants coding that is from the fallen soul fragments, holding both the DNA for the specific Taraian consciousness field as well as the creational science behind the construction of a land, planet etc. out of this DNA coding. Much of what we tried to do, i.e. the main purpose of the rescue missions, is taken over by the TB, as well as some of the ideas of FA, combining the science behind it all into their purpose.
To put it in other words: Tara fell when the main population was infected and lost their high levels of living energy. The fragmentation of Tara into a lower an upper level reflected the status of the inhabitants in those areas. Consciousness creates reality and reflects the DNA in the races creating their collective reality field, and after a while it is possible to anchor this consciousness field into a “mother crystal”; a great old being upholding any core of any planet etc. It is a partnership between these old beings and the inhabitants and their level of consciousness accepting to co-evolve. On Tara this cooperation was taken care of by the MCEO Priesthood, looking into the well being of all, bearing the creational coding for both planet, inhabitants and crystal.
Therefore there is a fundamental bond between the DNA, the consciousness of the inhabitants and the core crystals hence the TB needs those old codes in order to recreate NHNE. When Tara fell it was because the core crystal had been infected as well. What was a minor infection (dark flowering?) in some of the guardians of the consciousness field and core crystals (the now fallen MCEO Priesthood who came from Tara and took their distorted DNA with them, infecting areas of Earth as well laying the ground for all the later troubles – more or less broadly speaking – but many of the invited aliens was invited by them), the infection spread to the mother crystal and infected most citizens of Tara.
The infected crystals are intact on their old level of existence (what we would call inner Tara) and despite the loss of outer Tara, the old crystals can be revived and activated into the NHNE creating a fallen consciousness field out of the old original Taraian MCEO Priesthood coding among the lost souls.
Much of the creational coding was lost in the fall, hence our rescue mission to retrieve those and the souls, but when this failed the souls were more or less left to their own destiny in hidden parts of Earth and by dividing the fallen codes from the non-fallen parts the lost souls are now being released into either Gaia to heal and be recreated and the fallen parts are the foundation of the new inhabitants of old Tara, recreated into NHNE.
What dawned on me today, having a visit from one of my friends, was that this selection and division will happen on all 4 levels of our main fields, subfields and mind-fields. To make a long story short, my friend’s ancestor is a descendant of the Elijah Priesthood (a Melchizedek lineage from Israel which turned into the Carmelites in e.g. Spain) and today the TB came by to collect their, from the treaty, promised coding in my friend; she holds the lineage through spiritual inheritance.
At the same time the ancestor was present and I understood what she had tried to avoid in the many showings she had done in the last 6 months. Because my friend denied activating the coding in her and becoming a warrior battling evil (more correctly specific alien races present here on Earth, of which some really looks like demons) the TB could take the coding without any resistance; I guess that the coding had to be an integral part of her template and only if they had become as such, then the TB had no claim over them, but any coding not activated and integrated from the original lost souls of Tara and Amenti are theirs.
I had not activated my fallen and non-fallen Taraian coding as well and therefore I was, in the meditation, separated from this coding in me along with all the soul fragments I had gathered over time. The difference was that I was not visited by the TB collectors but underwent this separation in a healing station in Inner Earth. In that way we could secure the fragments and lift them into their respective healing areas to recreate.
So there you have it: do you bear Melchizedek or any coding from Tara? And if you do and have not activated them into a deeply imbedded part of your template, then you should get them removed freely in your meditation or expect a visit from the collectors – naturally you can dismiss my story if you want to, but I can only say that you really should take a good deep inner look and figure out in what way you should act and react to the coding you hold as a DOTO (I guess that having followed the AMCC-MCEO program should have taken care of this, but if you are following this program, you will end on AAE as well, see below).
Btw. no need to fear the TB collectors; they are very respectful and do not do you any harm, unless you of course starts to attack them. You just set your boundaries and strongly keep your given right as a free being to reject any field-intrusion, but really; my friend had her ancestor by her side to protect her, a very highly evolved lady of the old school of magic and trained in cosmic warfare, when the TB collectors came, so to me it all went off quietly and quickly. The TB collectors sort of removed the coding in a stream of light from the spine of my friend and went off as quietly as they came. Not to scare you, but I can only warn you about a possible visit, but I have no idea how it will happen in every specific case. In my case I was helped by my group and the co-workers of the Panergeia Project.
The other thing follows in the same line of thought: If the DNA and the consciousness together directs the BPR and hence the place we unfold our EM bio-field, then this means that the division of true Earth into 4 different parts upholding different accretion level, will have a strong effect on what part of true Earth we have affinity to in this life and in the next. A thing we do not feel the effects of yet, but it will become a major issue over time. 
I was shown that people holding various tribal coding from more than one species would experience an internal pull due to the stellar activation cycle (SAC) that in itself holds the tendency to activate different levels of accretion level in planets, systems and minor bodies such as a human system. The lower parts are for a while lifted into the higher parts and vice versa, but in the end of the SAC the merged systems will be divided and what before had a certain higher level of living energy within the EM bio-field will in the end time of the SAC be left with an even lower level. The SAC is an opportunity for all hidden higher lifeforms to escape their prison and return to their true home, a thing the quarantine prevented, but with no quarantine the SAC is very effective and for unaware humans this means an internal pull which they have no clue of what is. 
In 2017 we will all be placed according to our inner version, that is the internal day to day perception of reality which encode our DNA into a specific pattern and hence the consciousness we have and outlive; this perception of inner reality will place us in one of our subfields which in turn will either match the old NETE, FNE, AAE, NHNW or any other place you might prefer, and it is this inner reality connected to a specific subfield which after death will be our main system. I will write an article on how reality works etc. to explain this in near future.

The last thing is that we cannot hold the illusion of being safe if just we enter the Gaia systems of true Earth; they too are undergoing major changes and when we have situated our inner reality in one of the preferred subfields and hence one of the divisions, we still have to work on elevating our BPR and DNA coding into the new to come.
Posted by Randi Green

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