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Ending the area of MCEO and TAOCE

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ending the area of MCEO and TAOCE

This is a New Years Eve speech although it is only the 22th of December 2012, the year ended yesterday and the New Year, and a new area, has begun.
We, or should I just talk for myself, have to face the new challenges following the trail of the shift, which in my case happened on Wednesday the 19th around 8.30 in the evening. It only took a split of a second and I was right in the middle of the shift, being all dizzy and out of sync with the new reality I was put into. The next day was an adjustment day and now I am resting in the new, thinking that the old is the new and at the same time being scared of having missed the opening as if to say to myself: Could I have done more and what should I had done in the moment of the shift and the following night, when I buzzed of energy and thoughts? Should I have had stayed awake, writing down all the ideas?
But when reflecting, I have to trust myself and stay in the belief that everything is just the way it is supposed to be. The transition resembles the ideas the early Christians had after being baptized and implemented into the body of Christ; they also had doubts and felt the strangeness of being on their way to something new and yet still being placed in the old.
The new is not something outside of me; it’s inside of me – well there are some minor differences in the outside setting, but they turn into subconscious information very fast   - so the only person to ruin this is me and the way I act upon the new mind-set. Do I integrate it or reject it? Dare I follow the inner sensations and ideas? Becoming an ambassador for the new ideas and energy in my reality field?
Of course I dare. I have been preparing for this my whole life and the TAOCE project/blog has been the last part of that transition into the new mind-set. TAOCE has been the place where I tried to build a bridge from the old ways of thinking and into the new ones, I see and feel inside of me. The human nature, i.e. the instinctive nature of being a part of a group, pushed me into the long process of learning to write down what I saw and the process has been as much an evolution of my own mind and subconscious thoughts imprinted in my mind from the collective consciousness. Writing my thoughts and ideas down, building a bridge to an intended reader, have made the process much easier for me and I thank you all for being here, reading my posts and joining me on Facebook. I will continue uploading links there, which could be of interest.
On the statistics for the TAOCE blog I can see that most of the material I have put forth is centered on the MCEO and I have to be firm about this: I do not wish to enter into the KS or the MCEO material or reality field any more.
The last visit had some tolls and the aftermath was a visitation from the guardians of the cosmic battle, the Thetanian Guardians who are presiding over NETE now. The Panergeia Project and I have agreed to keep our energetic work in NETE separated from the other collaborations here. I am allowed to take as many as possible with me out, when I leave, but it has to be on the request and effort of each participant themselves; that is I have no group authority or no jurisdiction on a larger basis. The Thetanian Guardians allow us to get out, but only the ones remembering or have been working with those energies a long time.
The Panergeia Project is aimed at the HM-PCOE remembering their lineages and where they stem from and every time these degressive guardians enter my inner realm of consciousness I have to call upon the agreement we have made called “Experiment 8”.
The Thetans and their allies do not think we will succeed, and when I interact with the collective of MCEO, and the reality fields they represent, I get into trouble with the Thetanian Guardians hence the last post was the last visit into those realms. I cannot violate our agreement, because every time I enter into the MCEO realm, the Thetanian Guardians think I am trying to create an alliance with the MCEO and if I did that the agreement we have made with the Thetanian Guardians would be annulled immediately and the free pass for the individual stellar travelers in NETE would be annulled at once.
I cannot risk this, despite my eagerness to help as many as I can. I hope you will respect this and stop asking me questions about MCEO et al. because just by directing your energy toward me on the subject is enough to “light up” the energies around me, being a former member of the MCEO. In other words, please do not activate this reality field in me by making me aware or your needs; I am a helper and the harshness of rejecting your need of help is not something I prefer to do; so therefore this request. You have your own channels and helpers and it was only in my own process out of the MCEO I felt the need to put posts on TAOCE, as well as the last post, reflecting some of my own concerns, not as an ongoing interest.
If you cannot put your questions directly to your leader or her helpers, you should really ask yourself whether the time has come to evaluate your part in the MCEO Group Hierarchy. At some point, in my opinion, we all have to go solo and join smaller groups with no hierarchy, focusing on the tasks and not the power.
I have as well directed this intention to the inner realms that I am not available any more to the MCEO or their participants. Of course if you are interested in the Panergeia material, you are more than welcome to contact me.
So ending the area of MCEO and TAOCE I will focus on the new to come. From now on and the next five years (until 2017) we will have extended access to heightened energies and this is a totally new experience. We have no recollection of this in the collective consciousness and there are no evidences on Earth, in our myths or stories to show us the way and what to do with the energies; there are only the ambassadors for the new energies and their teachings based on experiments and dynamic process in transforming the higher consciousness into new levels of human and planetary energies. Humanity and their spirituality is in transition into something totally new, for those who wishes so, and we are the ones to make it happen or to prevent it from happening by the way we think and act. The goal is not the change the world, but to change ourselves into what we want the world to become.
We are being gifted with new opportunities that have not been present on Earth for a long long time and we are the ones to make them grow and prosper. The energies are there, and at any time we can activate them in our minds, creating a new belief system and mind-set but it has to come from within, on our own request and by our own will. In other words: Your HM-SCOC has to direct you in the right direction, making you long for getting out, and feel the need for changes as an imperative, despite everything else you are familiar with and what you believe in. You really have to feel your job here is done, and done well. Not that you are going to take a disruptive turn, the HM-SCOC does not work that way unless it is really needed, but by following the inner guidance and sensations like the thrill Bashar agitates for, as well as access to higher levels of clear information, you are ready to create the inbuilt sensation of stellar consciousness in you, letting it grow and become all you are. From the moment of the shift, I stopped being human and became a stellar participant in the galactic reality fields having a human body, but a foreign mind. Remembering. Knowing.
An yet the above explanations is old teachings and if you have not felt the shift within yourself, then there is really not anything I can say or do to make you take the path of transition. I work only with the ones that remember and that have access to inner knowledge and stellar information. I cannot keep bridging between the pre-shift energies and knowledge, and their collectives of soul matrices, whether they are called MCEO or something else, and the post-shift levels of information, which is why this post is the last one on TAOCE. My purpose is not to advocate for any group member, but for the different individual stellar travelers who are present here on Earth for various reasons. You know who you are.
I certainly hope that you will visit the Panergeia Project blog, reading the posts and perhaps the information you find there will jumpstart new insights in your mind, despite their different approaches to the pre-shift teachings and we can meet on the new settings, sharing our stellar information and inner knowledge, creating a forum of stellar consciousness and how it shows itself in the HM-PCOE and the challenges it poses to us to make the transition. If you are an ambassador of the True Earth or other stellar communities, you already know, being gifted with highly qualified information reaching beyond what is known. Please come forth and share those information on the blog or if you like, you are most welcome to write an article and I will post it on www.toveje.dk.
Saying goodbye to the pre-shift energies, MCEO and TAOCE, I welcome the post-shift energies and higher levels of consciousness and whatever that may follow having this belief system.


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