Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


When demanding my cellular memory to undergo a full cleaning process, I had not dreamt of the process I would face and now surfacing from the inner shakiness and turbulent week since the command I am reviewing my steps ahead.
My dear old friend Serapheyia has come back. She wanders in and out of my energy system, teaching me of the most important things seen from the perspective of the elemental kingdom. Calling her a Deva is not totally correct and she kindly asks me to mention her lineage of the Amarüc´dala serving under the great mother Amaru Mara. 
There is a significantly difference between the worlds she stems from and the worlds the human lineage originates from. Humans tend to forget where the material they “create out of” comes from and having the loving and happy personality of Serapheyia back in my system, I am able to see things from another perspective. 
Underway of my super cleansing process, I asked for the means to clean myself further in order to be able to talk with the creators in charge of the DOTOs and NETE in its original aspect. The human angle, as it is shown in e.g. the Voyagers material, is not the right way to approach the tasks we have at hand now, because if we are to get back into the galactic realms of both human and elemental kingdoms, we have so much to learn, and my approach is from the elemental point of view. It has always been that way, here and hither (through my memories I have discovered there is more to the human constellation than just the level of the DOTO), and remembering my own energy on what approach might be the best to have in the times to come, then the loving, sharing and very sensitive energy of Serapheyia and her fellow beings is the one I prefer. Humans, no matter whether it is in this system or another, tend to evolve hardness and games to gain something, which I really am not very fond of.
Looking back at the last six month of 2012 I can see now that they have been frantic. And in gathering my wits, finding peace and calmness again, I can see things in a new perspective.
The period from the moment I started to work with the human angle of things I got brain washed into all the games here on Earth. It was necessary, because without having experienced the process myself, I could not be able to do the next part of the Panergeia Project; to write this process down from the inside the human mind, and now it is time to view it from the other angle, the elemental one, i.e. the basic material all human activity is made of.
Yesterday I remembered more and from my perspective I really have to throw everything out, for now, and start afresh and anew in my way of thinking. Whatever effort there has been made, or decisions been taken in the process here on Earth, all have failed, looking back and comparing them with their main goal and purposes. So in my perspective there is no present material that is sufficient and usable in the process to come. Newer teachings from before the lift of the quarantine, relate to other circumstances and many of them have not had the effect they were meant to have. 
The tons of self-development material, exercises, codes to be integrated, energies to be envisioned etc. have clearly not had the wanted effect. Without naming any specific group, I viewed the bulk of material being put out for sale the last 12 years, and really; if they were what they claimed to be, should there not be a large group of highly developed and remembering humans, knowing what to do and how to act on their own? Instead there has been created an industry with a leader and a herd of followers, willingly showing up again and again to join in the group meditation and sweet talk of the messages giving from above. The same trend is seen in most so-called ascension groups on the internet. 
You can always test any teaching, message etc. on the fruits of the tree so to speak. Does it work or not? Does it make you remember and does it make you a better person, being able to handle reality – inner and outer – in a more kind and powerful (as in surplus of energy) way in the end? 
Accepting others is not done by the power of will, but as a deep-felt natural acceptance of the differences and the weaknesses in the other person, because you know you have it as well – and writing these old sayings, I must admit I still have a long way to go. 
But does the teachings cleanse you of the distortions you might have in body and mind; not by self-suggestion or pretending by deceiving your mind into think you are healed just because you are able to say mantras, prayers, or do specific deeds and rituals, but because you by your own caring and willingly doing is experiencing the painful cleansing process in body and mind, and the catharsis, when the distortions in the cellular layers are transformed into their correct vibrating BPR breaking down all self-imposed illusions of what you are and have become over and over again leaving you wiser and calmer?

And of course the easier the path is to walk and the more “buy this product and you will become enlightened” there is to the sales promotion speech, the more you can be sure of a lack of result. 
Really you do not need ANY BODY to tell you what to do. You just DEMAND to remember or how to evolve saying “I am ready. Help me!” and put your daily effort into the process of remembering by meditating and using the original method of mindfulness, writing it down, cleansing yourself by being willing to face all the distortions in you, face it with bravery, powerful love and caring, both when you are angry, feel lost or used in a higher game of powers, while you work with your attitudes and behavior, trying not to become all the things you just know in your heart are the wrong paths to go. 
This has been said the last 12.500 years since the quarantine was put on NETE: IF you want to get out: CHANGE your cellular memory, your DNA structure and EVOLVE into a caring, sharing and remembering being, both being powerful in your own right and at the same time share this power to the benefits of others. True love is not just being humble and meek; it is a very powerful energy which can build up another person or destroy all self deception. Loving others, and yourself, has to do with progress, helping to evolve by supporting and sharing the cleansed energy in yourself and others. 
What you have accomplished can be handed over in powerful love, giving the other person energy to continue the difficult journey, and the same caring you have to give to yourself, knowing when to share and when to grow as well as when to grow by sharing.
Stand strong in true love and share this energy in your words and actions. Whenever a person comes to you in agony, if you do the sharing correctly, the other person will leave you high spirited and full of caring power and you will be left just the way you were before the person came to you and needed your help. True sharing does not give or drain energy in you.
The method is simple, but the process is HARD and LONG, hence the industry to fool you into the easier ways, by implementing codes, energies etc. You are the one in control of your whole being: TAKE THAT CONTROL. (That is really all I have to say to you).
Any shaman will attest that speaking with the pure spirits demands a cleansing of mind and body, and if you want to evolve, the cellular imprints are the first place to start – and this job is not for the fragile ones. 
The true way of getting out is not by injecting vitamins, integrate codes alone or envision yourself being something you are not. The easier you are termed something, declaring you to belong to a chosen race or having mighty fine ancestral lineages, the more you can be sure of being in the hands of beings playing on the human weakness. Perhaps you are of a mighty fine lineage, but this does really not mean a thing unless you know how to use it to the benefit of others; using your power to help, build and share your energy.
Besides Serapheyia and her need to correct me into calling her by her true lineage and not my invented word, Deva, for her kind, most of the beings I have met need not to name themselves, no status or position in a specific hierarchy; this is the first warning sign of the lower lifeforms. When there is a lack of energy, a hierarchy has to be established otherwise there will be no order in rank and war is the result.
In inner and outer societies with plenty of resources, and the higher developed and educated the inhabitants are, the cultural structure tends to be more horizontal, hence the vertical structure is not a sign of the living consciousness, as I see it. 
If I ask of a name or position, they always just respond to me with their function. They are what they are born to be or have developed into, without any boasting or showing of their abilities. Especially the elemental kingdom consists of a whole body of beings, where each is a limb in the body, and when focusing on the grid structure and original building of Earth, I see the same corpus of caring energy, stretching out in all directions, inhabiting “happy” beings, joyful and playing, while doing what they are supposed to do. No gurus or leaders are required, because all do what they are best at, while fulfilling the overall purpose of the grid, and the intentions laid into it by its creators; in that sense there is a “leader”, that is an original being, or beings, giving life to a specific reality field, but none of the original sources “demands” worship or awe when being met. 
In my work yesterday, trying to figure out the structure of NETE and the relation to Urtha, Serapheyia helped me stretch my consciousness to one of the oldest galactic beings behind the grid of Earth. All the old being did was to help me understand by supplying the energy to my system, so I could find the answers in myself (in the elemental kingdom most of the higher beings are “mothers”, whereas the human lineages, especially the degressive ones always see their “divinities” as “fathers”).
You see; the idea of getting energy and coding is correct, but it is not something you have to pay for. You do not pay for the rays of the Sun, do you? When you get the right track of it, all you have to do is ask, and you shall be given (sorry for the biblical reference, but I have had a Jesus gestalt by my side the last couple of days), despite where the saying has been placed, the method still applies. Any serious seeker, who really wants to remember and really wants to evolve into the standards of the galactic communities of higher caring and sharing of living consciousness will get all the help they need. And just for the record, do not dream of a path of light and joy only; most of the cleansing is hard work.
But aside the fact that you already have all you need in yourself, and so do I, Serapheyia kind of have asked me to start all over; review and relearn what I know, but from the “heights” of my current state of mind. Reflecting over the one I was the last time she was around, and the person I am now, I am miles away from that position in consciousness. 
Serapheyia tends to use my right hemisphere and the emotional layers of my consciousness, so the structure and analytical approach I had developed through the “human ways of using consciousness” probably will change for a while. Despite the more “maya” sort of energy in her teachings (the usual deceptive quality of the elemental kingdom) the things she brings forth are important if we want to change ourselves and the energies we are surrounded by and to put a safety clause in it all; I never know what will come and where she will take me – the children of Amaru Mara are mysteries and like to tease and play with me, but in the end, the information they give to me are so valuable that I just go along and accept their funny ways of getting to the things, I need to know. 
So – here I go again from the start and try to figure out the basics on my own, only using the helpers I trust and my own memories. Stay tuned into another cleansing journey of my inner being……

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