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Isis' Golden Third Eye SunRay Heart Meditation: 464

Isis' Golden Third Eye SunRay Heart Meditation

464 = 443+14+1+2+0+1+3 = 443+7+7+7
 "We don`t see things as they are, we see them as we are."
quote ~ Anais Nin
Through a simple shift of perspective, we change our inner and outer worlds when we realize fully that we are vibrational energy beings. Being in love is being in the vibrational energy frequency of love. Emotions and thoughts are both energy. Feelings are the physical translation of vibrational frequencies flowing through your body. The Soul is one aspect our Higher Self and it is through the Soul from our Spirit that we experience the quality of our thoughts through feelings and emotions. This is how we experience what we are giving our attention to, be it consciously or unconsciously, and then manifesting into creation. The kind of thoughts one chooses to occupy themselves with or entertain for a long period of time repeatedly, sets up a mental wavelength that that person is resonating on and becomes cloaked like an atmosphere around them. This also acts as a field through which they emit energy through the feelings and emotions of those thoughts. This then repels or attracts persons away or towards one another according to their vibrational affinity. We are electro-magnetic energy beings. We have polarized aspects to ourselves. Equal forces of energy with different qualities that, when harmoniously balanced, function as a whole energy consciousness.

There are higher frequency thoughts and lower frequency thoughts - thoughts are energies. Our true nature resonates at the most highest spiritual thought vibration of the one Infinite Creator. Being that we all receive thought that is flowing out from the One Universal mental reservoir, we then all have the ability to receive any thought we allow ourselves to receive which is then felt and expressed as creativity.

In the beginning Humans were full of insight and emitted a spiritual light that poured out from between his eyes, an area that the Elders called the Third Eye. This was well known by the spiritual healers of old and by teachers and disciples of the Mystery Schools of Learning. This light was referred to in many ways: a vital energy, a force from the soul, an invisible antennae, a vapour of cosmic power. The Aquarian Age, (also known as Zep Tepi - meaning the ending of time and new beginning) is a period when the Truth which has been hidden, that which has been unknown, will take its true place in life with its owners, where the natural resources for man's inner qualities and abilities, not commonly known, will rise to their full capacity and reopen the Third Eye. The Aeon we are in now, is one of great planetary and cosmic ascension. We owe it to ourselves to raise our vibrations and consciousness to align with our divine nature. In doing this we create our ideal reality in harmony with the universal mind.
The Heart Centre is the Great Central Sun within your inner Universe and it is through the heart that purification and transformation takes place when we align with the Creator Spirit within. We can chose to live from either fear or love based intentions. Fear is based on the illusion of seperation and lack but Love reunites us with the reality of our oneness of all that is. It is time to shine and to be all that we can be for others and ourselves in gratitude, abundance, creativity, bliss and love for creation.

Journey To The Source 'A Guided Meditation'

post scriptum:
Ma'at, Isis, Horus & Nefertari:
סרבית המנון אלוהים של צדק

“Time is a game played beautifully by children.”
Heraclitus (established the term Logos)
+++ Hathor & Isis:
The Great Goddesses of Ancient Egypt

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