Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Here's The Pinkprint: Follow This 1 ~ C.M.C.

44 = H+T+P = H.T.P. = Here's The Pinkprint
 27 = F+T+1 = F.T.1 = Follow This 1
19 = C+M+C 
C.M.C. = Cyclical Mayan Calendar:
 ... & 19 = RA

... &
The Black Bear Calculation
160+7+1+2+0+1+3 = 100+Lucifer = 100+Jesus = 100+74

44+27+19 = 90 = Yunasai
Graham Hancock 
and the 
Sacred Vine 
~ London Real  ~
  ... & Graham Hancock wrote a few days ago:
"... the new year, a time for resolutions, a time for hope, a time to turn over a fresh page. Since the Mayan calendar is cyclical, it's appropriate to remember that 21 December 2012 marked the end of a great cycle of the human story -- in the Mayan view of things -- and that we are now embarked upon a new cycle or epoch. The last 13 Baktuns of the Long Count began in 3114 BC, which is 5126 years ago. It is interesting that these five millennia have seen the rise of the big centralised hierarchical state, big, centralised, hierarchical religions and gigantic global corporations. I think everyone is aware that the system based on those institutions is broken and that these vast, impersonal bureaucracies have had their day -- so in a way the Mayan calendar is right. Something new will have to emerge, something more human, something with more respect for individual sovereignty, something -- hopefully -- that will be built on love rather than on hatred, fear and suspicion. With individual sovereignty comes individual responsibility so I guess what we make of our world in the next 5126 years is very much up to us. Happy New Year!" ~ Graham Hancock
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