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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ascension Whispers: Choices 3-11-2013

Welcome To Ascension Whispers
Please take what assists you and leave what does not. 


The experiences of individuated faces of Source is all about choices. Each choice that you have ever made and will ever make determines what you will experience. Within that knowing, there are some who are most likely wondering about choices they are aware of that they have made and the effect those choices are going to have on their continued evolution. This message is with the intention of assisting you into a more balanced state of thinking concerning such.

The simple fact that you are here and now having this life experience within this time cycle implies you have a whole lot more of yourself that is experiencing somewhere within the time matrix in other time cycles and each of those faces of your full original spark of energy has free will choice. Does that mean that you here and now are to be held accountable for the choices the other faces of yourself make?

If there has been damage to the energetic structure of one of your other experiential faces then such damage will need to be healed in order to merge your original spark and leave the time matrix to return to At-One-Ment with Source but you are not held personally accountable for the choices of your other selves as in something like a judgment day as Source does not ever judge any of ItSelf.
You are connected to all of the other expressions of yourself in the time matrix via the DNA within you. That is the "link" through space and time that allows you to access all of the other expressions of yourself. It would not matter if the point of entry into the time matrix, as your full spark of Source, occurred immediately prior to you incarnating on this planet, in this time cycle, you would still have encountered the entire coding held within the entire time matrix upon your point of entrance.
As a spark of Source, you must spread your energy out through each frequency band of the time matrix to "step your quantum spark down" in energy so that you can enter a part of your consciousness into the lower energetic structures that exist within the time matrix. That is why you being here implies you have expressions at other space time locations within the time matrix. And as soon as you do that you take unto your full energetic structure all of the coding for the time matrix. The entire 15 dimensional coding is held in each cell that composes your physical body, within each tiny particle that composes your energetic anatomy.

The expression of you, here and now, is your "moment of power". Each moment that you encounter as you expand your energetic body, is your moment of power. You are connected with each of your other time matrix expressions through your DNA. This means that in your current moment of power the choices you make effect each expression of yourself in the time matrix. So, if your moment holds the thought patterns to heal back into balance with Source, you are sending that desire for healing to each face of yourself in the time matrix.

The time cycle you are experiencing here and now is the "last accretion cycle" for planet Earth within the smaller accretion cycles that occur. That is why this cycle is an "ascension time cycle". This cycle is suppose to be the last cycle required for planet Earth and her life forms to finish accreting all of the energy of frequency bands 1-3 and then ascending or merging into the next set of frequency bands or even higher.

In the last accretion cycle, if there are any faces of yourself behind you in time, when it was time for you here and now to experience the process of ascension, they would naturally remove the consciousness from the physical body and merge with your consciousness here and all of that energy would merge with your Soul level of expression. This same process occurs as you remerge all of your energy in the time matrix back to the original spark that you entered the time matrix as.
Your higher levels of consciousness are not dealing with the same "lights out" effect that you are here. They have not forgotten the truth and how to work with Source energy for healing. In fact, for many people on planet Earth, the higher levels of consciousness are waiting for you to heal yourself here enough to allow the merger to occur because they cannot expand any higher or leave the time matrix without you. It requires full merger of the original spark to accomplish such. Perhaps you can understand from that truth that your higher levels of consciousness desire to assist you as much as possible to heal, without interfering with your freewill choice. They are not separate from you, they are you. And they have been waiting on you for a very long time and will continue to wait for as long as it takes.

You have freewill to choose anything you desire to experience and part of the process of healing and expanding back into your original spark of Source energy is becoming aware of choices that were not working toward your goal of accomplishing such. It is a natural part of evolution that you should become aware of choices that you would have made differently if you had been more aware in that moment. You should not have to choose anything blindly or guess what the best choice should be. You should be able to see the cause and effect of any given choice laid out before you, like a menu, to make your current moment choices from and allow you to choose the highest possible choice in that moment. Because of the current energy body issues the entire planet is dealing with, it has not been possible for anyone on planet Earth to do such for hundreds of thousands of years.

Because of the issues held within the Emotional / Physical body structure and the result of those distortions turning off the ability for your Emotional Body to communicate with your Mental Body, the Emotional Body is very easily controlled and has been subjected to pushing you to make choices you might not have if you could only see the "larger view" from a higher level of yourself. You should be able to do that. You should have open communication with all levels of your multi-dimensional family of consciousness and be able to discuss anything and everything and ask what the best choice is and the path that choice will lead you to follow. Such should not occur blindly and simply walk into anything hoping for the best possible outcome.

Think for a moment of what it "feels" like to have your Emotional body controlled. Perhaps you do not feel it can be controlled. When you encounter the terrible, unjust things that occur on this planet, how do you "feel"? When you experience someone you love and care about walking away from you and no longer wanting anything to do with you, how do you feel? When you see or hear about others being harmed, how do you feel? When you think thoughts that make you question yourself and if you are doing enough for yourself to follow the highest path of evolution, how do you feel? When you see a drama unfold before you, do you choose sides of that drama and offer your energy to one side and if so, how do you feel?

Your Emotional Body is what allows you to "feel" anything type of feeling you encounter. After thinking of some of these feelings and how you feel in such experiences, can you begin to see how easy it is to control you through your Emotional Body? Do you know that life forms that have reached the point of no longer being able to heal cannot feel anything? They can no longer feel their emotions because their Emotional Body is no longer able to function to allow them to feel such. They cannot cry or feel remorse for their actions because they do not feel any remorse as such feelings come from the Emotional body. They cannot worry that any choice they make will present any kind of undesirable consequence. What can you discern from knowing that? You can discern that simply because you are still able to have the feelings you do, you still carry a spark of Source within you and that Spark of Source desires you to heal.

Because your current moment is your moment of power and because you carry a Spark of Source within you, you can choose to "change your mind" about anything at any time. If you know of choices you have made and have given your energy away to things outside of yourself that in hindsight you would not have done, then you can change your mind, call your energy back to yourself, cut the ties to that something outside of yourself and to make it even stronger, say something like this to Source; "I did not know what this was about, I did not know what I was doing, I now understand more of the truth and I do not choose to do that with my energy. I now call all of my energy back to me from that thing/person/experience and choose to heal any damage that may have been encountered".

It really is as simple as that but if you do not trust in your own power, if you do not trust in Source or feel you have a relationship with Source, then it will most likely be hard for you to believe that it is as simple as that. You have an entire multi-dimensional family and Source to call upon for anything and everything you need assistance with but in the current moment, it may require trust on your part to know that assistance is being given. Remember the tiny ant and how he never stops to second guess what he intends to accomplish but will send out a call for help if needed? If the ant can remember to do such, so can you!

Expanding back into Spiritual Maturity requires bringing horizontal communication into balance with vertical communication. Have you noticed the challenge people on the planet have with horizontal communication? There is so much challenge with this aspect that there even exists therapists to assist people to remember how to communicate with each other. If you choose to spend time daily working on your vertical communication line it will assist your horizontal communication line back into balance.

Some life forms have more to heal than other life forms but all life forms on this planet have enough to heal that there is no need to point fingers and wonder who might need more healing than others. Doing so will not allow anyone to heal as it will require the whole for healing to occur.
Perhaps you have become aware of choices you wish you could change or undo, then do so and begin the process of healing. You can allow yourself to become engulfed within fear, you can sit and cry about the love that you lost or the material items you no longer have. You can allow yourself to feel like you have lost every friend you ever had and now are all alone. Those too are all choices and if you desire to experience such choices, you have the right to do that. But you do not have to do so. They are all feelings from your Emotional Body that desire you to think less of yourself in any way possible. Source did create you to have such feelings.

You could choose to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, change your mind and look at the patterns within yourself that require healing that have brought such experiences into your hologram, that too is a choice. If you feel you need to make apologies to someone, then you can choose to say you are sorry but even if they are not ready or able to forgive you, you could still choose to forgive yourself. Source already did. In fact, Source does not need to ever forgive any part of ItSelf for anything as Source simply knows that anything out of balance requires healing and goes about the process of trying to heal such.