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David Wilcock UPDATE FROM BIG ISLAND 2-24-12…”Something Big Is About toHappen” || blocked in 239 countries WOW Seti 1152-A (non)

David Wilcock UPDATE FROM BIG ISLAND 2-24-12…”Something Big Is About to Happen”


I’m here in Hawaii and am about to start a 16-hour CONVERGENCE lecture weekend — my most ambitious ever, with 1175 slides in total, meaning I have to do 73 slides an hour to stay on schedule. I’m very excited about it — there is a lot to talk about!

The Internet is exploding with lists of major financial industry CEOs who are resigning, mostly just within the last month. The silence from the mainstream media about this is deafening.

I have heard there are 10 different cases in the US, on a very high level, and they’ve already fled to Brazil and Paraguay. These are NOT in the lists circulating on the internet — at least not yet.

This only adds further evidence to support the idea that “Something Big Is About to Happen” — namely the mass arrests of so many conspirators.

I have heard leaks from the inside that the “Next 9/11″ is being planned for February 26th. The negative elite are hoping to bring America to its knees by doing something that will turn the power off so it can never come back on.

I consider it very highly unlikely that these plans will succeed, due to the remarkable number of “Divine Interventions” that have been happening lately to throw off any and all attempts to start World War III.

I do believe ETs / Angelic humans are real, and apparently the rules have changed radically.

John Kettler has recently stepped forward and is giving incredible testimony that supports what I’ve been tracking for the last year and a half on this website with the “China’s October Surprise” story. Kerry Cassidy’s recent interview with him is fascinating.

Over 40 different attempts to start World War III have been thwarted in the last 2 months by “impossible” means.

For example: three different times the Israelis and Palestinians have tried to have an all-out shooting war, but their guns jammed on the battlefield. Then when they took them back to the gunnery range, they worked just fine.

Why do you guys think you will be allowed to destroy the United States power grid on February 26th with all the other signs that this is Game Over?

Anyway, I hope you all have a nice weekend. Meditate on the positive and stay peaceful and centered to help offset any possibility that this nefarious plan will succeed. I highly doubt it has even the slightest chance of doing anything.

I thank you again for your continuing support!

Oh, by the way… I had to laugh as I logged in to write this update and AGAIN got a synchronicity. This time the hit counter was at 218555. I have to be timed down to the second for this to work, but consciously I have no idea!

blocked in 239 countries WOW Seti 1152-A (non)

Blocked in 239 Countries! You really think there isn’t a one world government already?

To know if you are blocked There will be a orange & white triangle next to your vid under your video management. Next to that is a link that will take you to the list of blocked countries.

I also chose a diff thumbnail then this. I wonder if YT is on it. Prob bc Google!!!

Blocked in 239 Countries???? WTF?????

I posted a freely exchangeable, legal document. Part of PUBLIC INFORMATION. Just like any statement or suit I bring is PUBLIC INFORMATION!!! It is now blocked in 239 countries. Its allowed to be viewed in 8 countries!!!! Are those the ones who cant speak or read English?????


Makes me SICK! Here is data for yourself!!!

Here is the original Bloomberg article on the scandal:

Here is a Daily Kos summary of links describing what may have happened:,Italy,and-US,-134-Bill…

Here is an Asia Times article on the issue, which has a lot more detail:

In these two articles, “The Underground Investor” analyzed the evidence and clearly established how strange this whole story really was:……

Sorry Seti People. Trying something to get this important info posted. ETIL has already been verified. See (no www) and see unexplained phenom

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Off_Planet Radio with Randy Maugans - Bill Brockbrader & Eva moore & Duncan O'finioan and Dave Corso 2012.02.29

Off_Planet Radio with Randy Maugans - Bill Brockbrader & Eva moore & Duncan O'finioan and Dave Corso 2012.02.29

Offplanet Radio (Randy Maugans)

Wolf Spirit Radio

follow up Conversation.
previous one: White Wolf and Bill Wood /@/ Wolf Spirit Radio with host: Dave Corso - 2012.02.18

same info as old video, just for the info.

Bill wood /aka/ William Brockbrader


Additional Truths By Bill Wood

also take a read @

from archive. @WR



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The Sirius – Ra Connection ~sirianrevelations~

The Sirius – Ra Connection

Sirius, located in the Canis Major constellation, can be considered directly ‘upstream’ from our solar system in a cosmic sense that refers to its relative position in the Milky Way galaxy. A highly-charged stellar field, it rains its high-end electromagnetic currents over our solar system (Ra), affecting the solar activity and planetary vibrations of every celestial being that comprises our solar family.

Photo By: H.E. Bond, E. Nelan, M. Burleigh, J.B. Holberg, STScI, NASA

To the ancient Egyptians, the arrival of Sirius (the Sun behind the Sun) in the pre-dawn sky of early winter, signaled the start of that abundant time of the flooding Nile, the life-blood of that civilization – a time of fertility and new life. Our western New Years ritual is a reflection of the ancient ritual which celebrated the return of Sirius to the mid-heaven position at midnight, which has occurred throughout recorded time around the first of January.

This midnight alignment marks the moment when the energies of Sirius, directly overhead, most closely touch our lives with the most direct influence upon our sphere.

The ascension of Sirius B sent waves of unimaginable energies coursing through the three-dimensional fields where she had held resonance until that glorious moment of her passage out of the universe of matter. Casting off the physical body, untold quantities of its denser gasses (elements heavier than hydrogen) were sent coursing through the Milky Way galaxy, as Satais shed her physical cloak to pass through the ascension cords of her being.

Ra, directly downstream, was directly affected, as were the neighboring stellar bodies; this inter-stellar energy exchange is one of the primary aspects of the Sirius-Ra connection.

The Physics and Metaphysics of the Ascended Triunal Star Family

These exciting images provide clear viewing of the relationship of Sirius A & B, two of the three stars that comprise the Sirian star system. The third star, Sirius C, is so infinitesimal in comparison that it is invisible to the photographic lens, dwarfed by its too greater siblings. Indeed, scientists are still debating whether it exists at all – while the Ancient Dogon tribes have known of its existence for over 5,000 years, when they were visited by the Nommo of Sirius, amphibians that communicated their uncanny knowledge of celestial movements so many thousands of years ago. Here is what we know about the stars of Sirius:

Sirius A: Sothis

  • It is ten times larger than our sun, twice as massive, and registers twenty times as much luminescence.

  • It is the largest, most brilliant star in our hemisphere and it is known as the blue-white star.

  • Sirius A is 8.7 light years from Earth and moving on a direct course toward our solar system.

  • It is located in the jaws of the Great Dog, Canis Major constellation – hence it is known as the Dog Star.

  • It is visible in the Northern hemisphere of our evening sky from November – April; it can be located by following a direct line through the belt of Orion towards the horizon.

  • It is a three-dimensional stellar being with enormous gravitation fields.

Sirius B: Satais

  • It is called a white dwarf star, with the equivalent mass of our sun packed into a globe four times the size of our Earth.

  • It travels in an eliptical orbit around Sirius A, which it completes in a 50 year cycle.

  • Although it was only discovered by the scientific community a mere fifty years ago, the Dogon tribes knew of Sirius B, which they described as a heavy, small, powerful star, as early as 5,000 years ago.

  • The Sirian Revelations tell us that while Sirius A is still a 3D stellar presence, what we observe as the dwarf star, Sirius B, is actually the remains of the ascended star, which has traveled through its own astral cords and now exists in the sixth dimension. It is here that the Sirian High Council reside, in light body, and from here that they are directing their overlighting energies to the Awakening of Earth and to others who reside in the body of our solar system.

Sirius C: Anu

  • This, the third of the Sirian stellar family, did also ascend from the third dimension at the time of the Sirian shift.

  • Although the scientific community has not confirmed the existence of Sirius C, the Dogon knew of it by the name, Enome Ya, and they described it too as revolving around Sirius A.

  • Of the planets that orbited Anu, one did not achieve ascension when the star, which remains in the fourth dimension, did not: that planet is Nebiru, the home of the Annunaki.

  • Nebiru was flung out of Sirius, was captured by our sun, and ricocheted back to Sirius and it is to this day caught between the two star systems, on an elliptical journey that takes approximately 3,600 years to complete.

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Richard Hoagland's Dark Mission: Coverups, Lies, and Calling for a NewWorld Order!

Richard Hoagland's Dark Mission: Coverups, Lies, and Calling for a New World Order!

Richard Hoagland's Dark Mission: Coverups, Lies, and Calling for a New World Order!

Glenn Canady

Before We Broke This Story, We Had Always Admired Richard Hoagland

Before this story broke, Michael Vara and I admired Richard Hoagland and had even asked him to be on the “Late Night in the Midlands” radio show.   We didn't share all of his views but we still thought that he was pushing for the truth in his own way.  All that changed however during our subsequent research of this story. By the time we got finished with our investigation we knew that Richard Hoagland was definitely a liar who hides data, manipulates people and most likely also still works for NASA and other government agencies as a gatekeeper to steer the herd away from the truth and into whatever fantasy he is pushing next.  Examples of these fantasies were when he told everybody that Elenin was not a comet but a spaceship and that YU-55 would actually hit the moon after it flew by the Earth according to his secret sources!  Of course nothing Richard Hoagland says ever comes to pass and he never shows evidence for his most outrageous claims!  You'll understand why when you finish this article.

Why Is Everything About Money With Richard Hoagland?

Everything about Richard Hoagland seems to revolve around money.  That's why each time he appears on "Coast to Coast" he tells people that to get the REAL truth, they must buy his book or attend some conference where he will spill the beans!  He even charges people on his Enterprise Mission website just to chat with lord Hoagland!  Why does Richard Hoagland charge money for even participating on his website anyway?  Why does he control the flow of information on the website and ban people who disagree with anything he says?  It will all make perfect sense as you look at all our evidence!

Most In the Truth Movement Have Blindly Followed Hoagland 

Of course, most in the truth movement have never  heard any the things we are exposing about Richard Hoagland in this article and on our upcoming radio show.  It's is our sincere hope that everyone seriously researches what we are saying for themselves and quit following him like a bunch of sheep to the slaughter.  We will be happy to provide any information you need to make up your own mind about Richard Hoagland.

Ask Richard Hoagland About All These Issues For Yourself and Listen To The Show on November 26th!

We encourage everybody to pepper Richard Hoagland with the tough questions that we will bring up in this article and our upcoming world exclusive interview about this subject matter on November 26th at 9pm EST on Radio Nsearch. Word of this show has already gone mega viral and we expect a huge turnout!  Make sure you have joined the site so you get an email prior to the start of the show!  You may listen to the show using the player at the top of and

Richard Hoagland Refuses To Answer The Charges Against Him

We have broken the story that nobody else had the guts to do because we feel that is our duty to share what we have found with the world.  A man is not judged by how many times he appears on the "Coast to Coast" radio show - this means nothing!  A man is judged by his actions and Richard Hoagland certainly has a lot to answer for regarding his actions as you will soon see!  Anybody in the truth community that refuses to ask Richard these tough questions that are presented here is now a part of the problem also!  If this was a court of law, Richard Hoagland would certainly be found guilty because he has refused to appear to answer these serious charges against him!  He was given many times to respond to these questions but has refused to do so at every turn and in fact banned Michael Vara from his facebook page rather than answer his questions!  Why would he do this if he had nothing to hide?

Richard Hoagland Calls For a New World Order and Loves NWO puppet, Barack Obama!

I think one of the most disturbing things our research uncovered was when we found out that Richard Hoagland had actually called for a new world order in a speeech to the UN!   He was grubbing for money from the UN in the mid 90s and we have the clip in the attached video.  Of course the UN is the main force of the new world order and is being used to establish their one world government!  The UN has killed millions of innocent people in their quest for their new world order but Richard Hoagland LOVES the UN!

Not only does Richard Hoagland not rebuke the UN as he should but he actually panders to them and calls for a new world order himself!  How can any serious person in the truth community even have Richard Hoagland on their show after he's been caught calling for a new world order?  There simply is no bigger crime against humanity than calling for a new world order that is totally against humanity.  George Bush called for a new world order, Barack Obama called for a new world order and Richard Hoagland called for a new world order!

How Can You Believe A Man Who Admits He Hides Data and Has Been Caught in Many Lies?

On a recent radio show, the host asked Richard Hoagland if he has ever intentionally hidden data and he answered "Of course I have!".  He went on to excuse this by saying that he only presents data when he is sure about it!  But if this was the case then why did he recently say that Elenin was a spaceship but present no images or other data that proved it?

Personally, I don't like people who lie and distort the truth because then I can never trust anything else they tell me!  In my own experience, I've found that if a person lies about one thing then they will lie about many other things too!  How do you know when they are lying again?  Can you ever believe them?  When you look at the data we've collected there is no question that Richard Hoagland is lying on several fronts.  There is no question that Richard Hoagland has hidden important data and has refused to talk about it!  There is no question that Richard Hoagland tried to silence and destroy a man for getting too close to the truth!  And there is no question that Richard Hoagland has called for a satanic new world order!

Richard Hoagland Loves Obama And Says He Is There To Save Us!

You will hear many disturbing things in the video attached to this article.  These are real clips right from the mouth of Richard Hoagland including his sickening lovefest with new world order demon, Barack Obama!  To listen to this collection of clips we have assembled for you, just click the video below.   It's common knowledge that Barack Obama is the EXACT SAME bloodline as all the rest of our puppet Presidents but on the clip you will hear Hoagland tell us that Obama is different than all the other puppet Presidents and is not from the same royal bloodlines!  He says Obama is just like all of us!  Richard says that Obama will basically save us all!  What a joke!  Obama has repeatedly called for the same satanic new world order as Richard Hoagland has done.  I guess that's why Richard Hoagland loves Obama so much. He's on the same new world order team!

How This Story Started

Michael Vara and I first became involved in this amazing story when Gary Leggiere (aka Gary the Mad Martian) appeared on the “Awake with Peter Kling” show carried by Radio Nsearch on  August 14th, 2011. On the show, Gary told the incredible story about how Richard Hoagland had filmed a TV show called “Ufo Diaries” back in 1993 that contained many new faces on Mars that have never been released before by Richard Hoagland.

Gary Got a Mystery Package in the Mail That Changed His Life Forever

Gary worked directly with Richard Hoagland researching Mars on his website, Enterprise Mission and they got along great for a long time.  Then out of the blue in 2003, Gary received a burnable CD in the mail of an old television show called "UFO Diaries" along with a cryptic note that said to carefully look at this video and he would find the answers he was looking for about Mars.  There was no return address on the package and Gary has never found out who sent it. Whoever sent this package to Gary wanted to expose the truth about Mars and the deception of Richard Hoagland! Thank God they did because this mystery package started Gary on his amazing journey!

"UFO Diaries" Contained Many New Images of Other Faces on Mars Never Before Seen!

Gary looked at the images in the program and realized that he had never seen many of them before but something inside Gary made him want to put the video on the shelf for a while and not confront Richard about them just yet.  It wasn't until 3 years in June of 2006 that Gary got the intense urge to take the video off the shelf and begin deep research into the mysteries contained within.

When Gary brought the images to the attention of Hoagland in 2006, he was given a surprising response. At first, Richard told Gary that the images might be fakes!  Then he said he didn't know how to reach the producers and basically said he wouldn't lift a finger to help find them!  Why would Richard Hoagland have fake images on his TV show?   And then you'll notice that he doesn't want to do any of the work to actually find the producers who might have more info on these incredible images!  Here's what he said in emails to Gary and the rest of the crew at Enterprise Mission.

And I'll trust that Gary has correctly measured the "bit hits" and found that they DON'T correlate with our familiar friend at Cydonia ... but that doesn't mean much anymore; with Photoshop, ANYTHING is possible...If we're serious we HAVE to find the NASA original.

So if someone can dig up the actual producer's name (I'm just too swamped at present), I'll try to call or send an email (as one of the shop's participants) and get some info.

But someone ELSE will have to do the serious "legwork" ....

(message from Richard Hoagland on the Enterprise Mission website)

Then Richard starting telling Gary that he was sure that those mysterious images of Mars were just props that the producer had used for the show.  Richard told Gary that this was how all TV shows were done!

I find it very strange how Richard Hoagland wants Gary to do all the legwork but then HE will take over and ask the producer about the Mars images.  We find out WHY he wanted to talk to those producers when Gary actually finds them!

Richard's response to the images seemed strange to Gary, but he began the long task of locating the people responsible for the "UFO Diaries" program.  Gary eventually finally found the two men that were responsible: Chuck Sellier and Lee Shackleford.  When Gary tracked down Chuck Sellier and asked about the images, he got a surprising response! You can read his actual email on the "Richard Hoagland" menu option on the sites but I am reproducing the exact email from Chuck Sellier here.


All of these images were licensed from others at the time we did the production.  These files came from Richard Hoagland, why would he be needing them from me?


(email from Chuck Sellier to Gary)

So Mr Sellier was really confused as to why Gary would be asking him about these images when they belonged to Richard Hoagland!  It doesn't make any sense to him because he knew that everything in "UFO Diaries" had been provided by Richard Hoagland!

The Producers For "UFO Diaries" Were Heavy Hitters In Hollywood!

I want to add a side note to the story here about Chuck Sellier and Lee Shackleford.  Chuck Sellier is actually famous for producing the "Grizzly Adams" television show that many of you are familiar with!  Mr. Sellier was a good Christian man that helped Gary financially to keep his family alive when Richard Hoagland destroyed Gary financially later on in our story.  Mr. Sellier also encouraged Gary to continue his investigation on Mars right up until his death on January 31st 2011 at the age of 67.  Lee Shackleford is a playright and screenwriter with over 150 scripts produced to his credit.  He is well known for his controversial stories for the Star Trek: the Next Generation television show!  Mr. Shackleford has also been supportive of Gary's investigation into Mars the entire time also.

Once Gary Finds the Producers of "UFO Diaries", Hoagland Offers Him a Job and Says He Won't Have To Worry About Money Again!

Once Gary discovered that the images seen on "UFO Diaries" were the property of Richard Hoagland, Richard seemed to get a lot nicer to Gary.  In fact, Richard told Gary and his wife that they didn't need to worry about money anymore because Gary would be soon working directly with Richard researching Mars.  Richard even promised Gary that through his connections with George Noory at the "Coast to Coast" radio show that he would greatly expand Gary's own radio show he was doing in Florida called, "The Martian Revelation Radio Show" in Melbourne Florida

Richard Hoagland  Says to Gary, That Someday He Maybe Will Show Him His Secret Images of Mars!

Gary had mentioned to us that a couple of years prior to him bringing this video to Hoagland's attention, he and Hoagland had a conversation once where it was brought up by Richard that he had many other images of Mars that he hadn't released to the public!  Gary was really surprised Hoagland told him that and of course Gary was very excited and being respectable to Hoagland said, "It would be an honor if you were to show me them one day!"  Whereas Gary said his reply was a happily sounding Hoagland saying merely... "MAYBE... MAYBE!"  Then that ended of that part of their conversation and they continued talking about other things.  Hoagland admitting that he had a treasure trove of hidden images on Mars that have never been released is SHOCKING to say the least!

But unfortunately, nothing ever materialized for Gary in that regard to Hoagland's promise of "MAYBE"!   Gary was convinced at least that the images seen in "UFO Diaries" must have been a part of the images Hoagland hinted at that he had and not shown anyone.

After Many Broken Promises, It Becomes Clear to Gary That Richard Hoagland Has Been Stalling and Lying to Gary

It soon became clear to Gary that Richard had no intention of giving him a job or getting him any kind of financial help. There would be no job from Richard Hoagland, no deal with "Coast to Coast" and Gary was never shown those secret images that Richard promised him that he would maybe someday be able to see!  It seems that all these promises were made to stall Gary and to set him up for financial devastation and to cause Gary, his wife, his son, and his animals to become homeless!  Hoagland took advantage of Gary's circumstances.  Gary absolutely believes Hoagland acted to create the financial ruin of Gary and his family.  Hoagland also caused the destruction of Gary's "Martian Revelation Radio Show"!

As we will see, a string of tactics and deeds were done to silence Gary and to silence his radio show. Being the host of a radio show gives a certain level of power and provides a conduit to the public perception and public belief. Especially being aired on the Florida Space Coast on NASA's front door step on "The Talk To Me" station on AM 920 WMEL!

Gary's radio show, "The Martian Revelation Show" created a strategic position for Gary and Hoagland especially, for new information about Mars and in influencing the public to get involved in these issues and generate activism for our Space Program.  Gary feels very strongly about the United States success in space and is a visionary to say the least!  Gary dreams about what our space program could yet be!  Dreams and visions are exactly what our Nation was founded upon! This is to be encouraged and not destroyed in America!

Hoagland had to take away that conduit for Gary in order to silence the truth about the images seen in "UFO Diaries" that Gary was investigating.   Gary had now become a person trying to bring forth the truth and an investigation that Hoagland did NOT want!  Hoagland did not want to answer anyone’s questions about "UFO Diaries", or his connections to those Faces on Mars images!  Hoagland wanted the whole issue to be closed  and swept under the rug!  Hoagland wanted Gary to appear as just a LONE NUT and so Hoagland’s slanderous smear campaign against Gary went into full force!

The Case Against Richard Hoagland Goes Much Deeper Than Hidden Images and Calling for a New World Order!

As if it wasn't bad enough that Richard Hoagland is working to establish a new world order with his mason brothers, he really shows the evil in his heart by his actions toward Gary!  These actions clearly show the character of Richard Hoagland, the Man.  How Gary responded to Richard's actions allow us to see the character and the nature of Gary Leggiere,.. The Man,... THE MAD MARTIAN!

Gary's decision to pursue this investigation regardless of the terrible things done to him, his family and his radio show demonstrate that Gary only cares about bringing out the truth!  Hoagland certainly has seriously underestimated the resolve that Gary has in his heart to seek and fight for the truth!  It is clear that Gary is literally fighting for us all! Hoagland did the things he did to Gary, his radio show and his family to prevent Gary from helping us all in learning and knowing about the real history and mysteries of Mars!  There is certainly no excuse for this!

Look where Gary is at today and look at his case.  It is an epic tale of what fighting for the truth really means sometimes. SACRIFICE!  Gary and his family have sacrificed greatly and still continue to sacrifice and suffer from this ordeal! Hoagland literally ripped their lives apart and they are trying to keep their family together regardless.  Gary has not given up and obviously will NOT give up!

Richard Hoagland Tries to Get Gary's Wife to Divorce Him!

Richard Hoagland and his sidekick Robin, were also talking to Gary's wife while all this drama was going on and Gary says they tried to turn his wife against him because of the poor financial shape they were in and told her that Gary was crazy and needed help!  Gary and Robin told her that they were willing to help them.  They told Gary's wife that she should help herself and leave Gary because of how mentally sick he was.  They even told her to take away his son and divorce him!

Richard Hoagland Attempts to Have Gary Committed to a Mental Hospital!

Richard's sidekick, Robin spoke to his wife over a long period of time behind Gary's back as yet another attempt to cause Gary problems and shut him up.  This happened before and during the time when Gary and Richard had their falling out. Before Gary realized this was happening he was still under the impression that he and Richard Hoagland were friends. So Gary, being close to Richard and Robin called them while he was at the hospital waiting to get a routine checkup. Gary wanted to speak to Hoagland about a new lead he was following that led to a guy named Vladamir Avinsky - a Russian!

Gary was asked where he was because of the noise and Gary told them he was in the hospital and they asked Gary why. Gary told them he needed to get a medical checkup.  A year before Gary had been in a serious car accident where he was hit head on.  He actually believes he may have died and came back because there was a 45 minute period of time lost that he can't fully remember.   He suffered what can be likened to PTSD of the brain from the impact and blows to his head. His brain showed swelling and he suffered partial seizures for a time and sometimes is still affected.  Gary couldn't account for this 45 minutes of time that seemed like 10 minutes to him and began to have weird feelings that made him want to go get a check up.  Certainly anyone in the same circumstances would also want to get a checkup to make sure everything was okay.  Gary says that when he needed to speak with his doctor, Gary and Robin hung up and that is when Gary's wife received the call from "Dr. Robin" asking about Gary's hospital visit.  She wanted to know which hospital he was in and who was his doctor.

It must be pointed out at this point of the story that when Gary arrived to the hospital for his checkup everything seemed to be fine at first but about an hour into the visit things began to get weird.  About an hour into the visit, Gary's doctor returned to see him with 2 big aides who were posted to Gary's hospital room doorway.  His doctor entered the room and speaks strangely to Gary, letting him know that they are going to be sending him to a facility in central Florida, a mental facility for a period of 6 months.  Gary got very scared at this point and thought what now? He asked the doctor,  "Do I have a brain tumor or something?  Am I going to Die?"  He became shaky, frantic and scared as these thoughts raced through his mind.  His doctor replied, "No!  You're not dying as far as we know, you do not have a tumor, but we have spoken to your Dr. and we decided that the best thing for your mental health is to be observed closely for 6 months in a lock down mental facility."

At this point, Gary freaks out and says, "The Hell I will"!  Gary claims the guards posted to the front doorway came in to grab Gary.  But something told Gary to play this cool.  Hey said, "Hey Doc, What's this about You Spoke To My Doctor". Gary asked him if he was talking to himself since HE was his ONLY doctor.  One of the guards then grabbed Gary by the arm hard and Gary spit in his face and was promptly subdued by the two guards.  Gary then screamed out loud to demand an answer from his Dr., "What do you mean...We??  What Dr. of mine have you spoken with and How is it you decided to send me to a nut house for 6 months!"  Again, another valid question by a very concerned man!

The Dr. came back in the room and spoke calmly to Gary informing him that he had just gotten off the phone with his Dr. Robin!!!   Dr. Robin had told the doctor  of Gary's history of being in her care and about his MENTAL CONDITION!   Robin told Gary's doctor that he was a threat to himself, his family and to others.  It turned out that this is when Gary's wife and son arrived to the hospital to see Gary.  They began crying when they saw the guards trying to keep Gary down and they were both scared as they saw Gary yelling and giving them an excuse to lock him up.  Gary was not happy that day!  Thinking he was going to be sent away because of something wrong health wise in his mind, stemming from the accident a year prior, only to learn that he was ok health wise but now being told that he was mentally unstable and would be sent to a mental facility for six monhs!  The doctor was telling him all of this and the guards were there to force Gary to comply.  Gary would not comply and this is understandable!

Gary immediately stresed to his Doctor, his REAL Doctor at the hospital in Palm Bay Florida that he had no other doctor besides HIM!  Gary knew how close he was to be being put away for nothing and realized he was being set up by Dr. Robin and thus by Richard C. Hoagland!!!   Gary convinced the Dr. to let his wife and son enter the room and speak with them and ask them if Gary had any other doctors.  They said No and when Gary's wife heard the story from Gary's REAL doctor, she said, "That Bitch!".  Gary asked her what she meant.  His wife said Robin had just spoke to her about 45 minutes earlier and she relayed to Gary and Gary's doctor the conversation she had with this Dr. Robin.  When Gary began putting the pieces together on how he was setup by Robin and Richard Hoagland, he was furious but trying to keep his cool because those guards had their eyes on him looking for an excuse to pounce on him again!

This is when Gary spoke up and pointed his finger to the Dr. and said, "Listen up Doc!  You are my ONLY Doctor and I have no other Doctors but you!  These Guards and these nurses here are a witnesses to my words to you here and now! Your my Doctor, My ONLY Doctor and if you listen to this IMPOSTER and send me to anyplace, I will sue your ass!"

The doctor then left the room and reposted the guards outside the door to watch Gary closely. Gary and his wife began to cry unbelieving the situation they were facing.  Gary was in total shock and knew he was absolutely being setup by Richard Hoagland and Robin now.  It was not hard to connect the dots.  This was an attempt to get rid of Gary and his investigation and to stop him from being a threat to Richard Hoagland.

The Doctor came back in a short while later apologizing.  He kept one guard at the door and sent one away.  He then said, "Gary as it stands since we gotten this report from a Dr., although a homeopathic Doctor in the state of Florida, Florida, her word counted."   He said that they would not send Gary away though and would instead keep Gary for 3 days in an observation ward to ensure that he was not a threat to himself or to anyone else and to test his sanity.  Gary had no choice but to comply.  He knew that if he reacted angrily he would be be sent off for sure and maybe even put in jail.  So Gary took the bitter pill and waited for those 3 days to come and go which they did without incident.  Gary now knew how close he had come to being destroyed and having his family ripped apart because Dr. Robin and Richard Hoagland wanted to shut him up.  Robin aided Hoagland, using her status in Florida to try to put Gary away where he was no longer a threat to Hoagland.  If Gary's doctor had not told him about Robin, he would have been sent off to a mental ward for at least 6 months!  And of course once at the facility his mind would have been destroyed by Big Pharma psychiatric drugs as is the standard proceedure in such facilities!

Why Would Richard Hoagland Do Such Evil Deeds?

The actions by Gary and Robin really beg the question - Why would they do such an evil thing?  Especially to someone so close to them that had even worked with them.  The answer was obvious.  During that last week before Gary went into the hospital for the check up, Hoagland and Gary had a falling out.  Gary even kept the personal emails from Richard that showed Richard was obviously becoming very angry that Gary would not drop his investigation into the images seen on "UFO Diaries".  Richard told Gary to do something else relating to Mars and that he wouldn't help him at all in his investigation into "UFO Diaries" images.

Then a couple of days later later after the incident at the hospital as Gary was at the hospital, Dr. Robin and Hoagland were at the Enterprise Mission Conference Center BBBS (pay to say forum) speaking false well wishes for Gary and his family, telling everybody that Gary was taking a much needed break and trying to imply that he was mentally breaking down!  Meanwhile while this was going on, Gary was waiting for his 3 day evaluation to be over.

It's very easy to connect these dots when see the facts and evidence and if we follow the data to show Hoagland's intent and purpose.  It's not far fetched to see that Hoagland and Robin obviously set Gary up from getting us the truth about Mars!  After the 3 day evaluation was over, Robin and Richard were quite surprised to see Gary on the Enterprise Mission Conference Center BBS lashing out at Richard and Robin for their actions.  Gary was scolded by Robin viciously and Gary was banned from Enterprise Mission with cover stories made public by Robin and Hoagland spreading again more false information about Gary!

As it turns out, Gary has NEVER been admitted to any psychiatric hospital in his life but that didn't stop Richard Hoagland from telling people on Facebook that Gary had been in two different psychiatric hospitals in 3 years!  This is Libel and Defamation of Gary's character!  There is no excuse for these outright lies about Gary.  Instead of answering the questions brought up by Gary, Richard Hoagland has resorted to spreading lies - a clear sign of a disinfo agent if there ever was one!

Many people have confronted Richard Hoagland and Robin about their lies against Gary and have suggested he seek legal counsel in response to their actions but Gary cannot afford it as he and his family are still suffering and scared about what Richard and Robin might try to do to them next especially since Gary's story is now getting out!

So Richard Hoagland is also guilty of outright lying about Gary to try to discredit him. This is always done by disinfo agents. Richard would have never done this unless he was hiding something. Which in the least we intend to prove by showing you all the evidences and testimonies given by Gary and the producers of "UFO Diaries" themselves.  Hoagland needs to answer for this all. NOT Just for the images of Mars in "Ufo Diaries" but also for the deeds done to Gary and his family to keep him quiet! Gary has literally uncovered a conspiracy! That conspiracy Gary is obviously involved in, leads straight to Richard C. Hoagland! Richard could not convince Gary to quit no matter what bribes, offers, or gifts he would try to make to make Gary say "OK, I will stop andshut up"!  Far from it. Richard has awakened a New York fighter that just won't quit!

Hoagland's Actions ONLY Make Sense If He's a New World Order Gatekeeper for NASA

All these strange and evil actions don't make any sense if Richard Hoagland is just like all the rest of us trying to get to the truth about Mars and many other things. I certainly would never do any of these things and I know that those reading this article would never do these things either! These actions make perfect sense though if Richard Hoagland is a mason gatekeeper for NASA that was put there to sow disinformation and keep people from the truth about Mars!  Then of course, just like all masons, Richard would do ANYTHING to keep the secrets away from the masses.

Richard Hoagland Never Discussed the Secret Space Program Until After it was Undeniable!

Another thing that points to Hoagland being a gatekeeper was how he was very late to the party talking about the secret space program. He only began even saying it was possible after so many whistle blowers had come out through Project Camelot and others that it was basically undeniable. If Richard Hoagland hadn't changed his tune, he would have been completely exposed as an agent of disfo so just like a chameleon he changed his color when he was forced to and said the secret space program probably existed. Earlier he said that the secret space program did not exist because he would have known about it from his NASA connections!  He also never wants to discuss current Mars bases as have been seen on the Google Mars data such as the video titled, "Bio Station Alpha".

Richard Hoagland Says Andrew Basiago Is a Liar Even Though He's Never Made a Dime on the Story!

Richard Hoagland has been caught again and again saying that Andrew Basiago's testimony on Mars and Project Pegasus is a complete fabrication when Andrew Basiago has never made a dime on his story. Conversely, Richard Hoagland continues to hawk his disinfo at expensive conferences all over the world! Everything seems to cost money with Richard Hoagland.

We have interviewed Andrew Basiago several times and he was was happy to come on our show repeatedly while Richard Hoagland wouldn't because we didn't have a million listeners yet! We found Andrew Basiago to be VERY credible and quite intelligent. Richard Hoagland basically called Andrew Basiago a liar but the reality is there is simply no way Richard would even know about Project Pegasus through his duties as NASA's public relations guy! This shows that Richard Hoagland is likely being used as a gatekeeper to steer people away from the truth about life on Mars and the Project Pegasus teleportation technology. He wants to keep people away from that knowledge and tries to discredit it whenever he can! In short we believe Andrew Basiago's testimony that there is life already on Mars as well as numerous bases and a teleportation system to get from Earth to Mars.  This has all been confirmed by many other whistleblowers also but Richard Hoagland says they are all liars too! Apparently only Richard Hoagland knows the truth about Mars and anybody else that says differently is promptly discredited instead of being carefully researched and given their chance to speak!

Hoagland's Masonic Connections

The episode of UFO Diaries that clearly shows never before seen images of Mars was filmed in a masonic lodge and Richard Hoagland is PROUD of it! It's common knowledge that the masons are a mid level organization of the satanic new world order. In fact, there's isn't one masonic lodge in the world that fights against the new world order like we do at and

NASA is filled with masons of course but is Richard Hoagland a Mason? I can't say for certain because he's never had the courage to admit this but from the evidence I would say the chances are about 99% that Richard Hoagland is in fact a Mason. You'd have to be a mason or be in bed with the masons to get permission to film inside a masonic lodge. I urge Richard Hoagland to admit to the world his connections to the masons. If you are a mason and think you are doing great things for humanity then you should proudly admit it! The sad reality is that the masons are of course serving the goals of the new world order which is to enslave humanity in their hellish new world order. There isn't one masonic lodge on the planet that is fighting against the new world order!

The Masons Will Do ANY evil and vile thing to protect themselves or another Mason.

One of the very first things I learned about the masons when I studied them is that the first thing they teach you in the masonic school of evil is to attack anybody that attacks a mason. In fact, they even tell the masons that they can do ANYTHING to another human being that tries to harm another mason. “The means justifies the End” is the standard motto of pure evil and is exactly how these disgusting masons operate. Their history is full of examples of men who were killed or destroyed by masons for daring to expose their little club that pushes for a hellish new world order slavery system! It has happened throughout history and is still happening today!

I also know there are good masons out there that are not serving evil and only joined because they were trying to get ahead and thought the masons could help them in some way attain power, wealth or just important new friends. I know this personally because I have had family members who were in the Masons and I know they weren't evil. The innocent masons are men that are completely ignorant of the evil that goes on at the very top of the organization and how the masons are actually helping the satanic new world order in every way possible to enslave humanity. The good men in the masons are basically used as useful idiots for the masons to use to push forward their agenda. In fact, there isn't a mason alive that can tell you about even one masonic lodge that exposes the evils of the new world order system in any way. You won't find masons handing out Alex Jones DVDs on the street corners or campaigning to End the Fed with Ron Paul because THEY serve the new world order!  This is a fact that cannot be denied by any mason alive!

Richard Hoagland proves that he is most likely a mason also by filming his TV show, “UFO Diaries” in a masonic lodge, by calling for a new world order and even by his disgusting worship of one of the puppets of the new world order, Barack Obama. This man LOVES Obama and says how he will lead us out of the darkness! What a joke!

It's NEVER wrong to ask questions, it's only Wrong when you RUN from the Questions!

We know the CIA and the Masons are heavily involved in infiltrating the truth movement and sowing disinformation to stop people from asking the important questions and learning the truth.  It's NEVER wrong to ask questions of people in the truth movement.  When people refuse to answer these questions and try to destroy or discredit those asking the questions, that's when you know you have a REAL problem!  Richard Hoagland has refused all attempts to get answers about these images and other aspects of the case with Gary.  There is no question that Gary was devastated financially and emotionally through the actions of Richard Hoagland.

The Truth Must Come Out No Matter How Many Times You've Been on Coast to Coast!

Our purpose for exposing Richard Hoagland is because the truth must come out no matter where it leads. I don't care if you've been on Coast to Coast 1,000 times, if you are hiding data, calling for a new world order and worshipping an evil puppet like Obama then you are a total FRAUD!

As Richard is so fond of saying, we must follow the data no matter where it leads! Our ultimate conclusion based on the evidence is that Richard Hoagland is a new world operative that has been put in a high rotation position on the “Coast to Coast” radio program to sow disinformation and keep the truth about Mars and many other things from the masses.  We will make sure that George Noory is informed about this information to see what if anything he decides to do about it also.  George Noory's actions or lack of actions will show what side he is on also.  Hopefully he is just ignorant of the truth about Richard Hoagland and will do the right thing now and make Richard answer for these allegations fully on his popular radio show, "Coast to Coast".  We will be all be watching this when Richard appears on the show next week!

See All The Evidence In the "Richard Hoagland" menu area of our Sites

We have created a page that shows all the evidence and you may review it all by clicking the "Richard Hoagland"menu option on or   There is far more evidence located there that can be discussed in this article.  The purpose of this article is to give you a brief summary of some of the more disturbing evidence against Richard Hoagland.  However, I urge everybody to review in full the full evidence on the "Richard Hoagland" menu options on the websites because there you will find many of the emails directly from Richard Hoagland to Gary that clearly show that he is NOT interested in talking about these images and actually did his best to convince Gary to not pursue this further!

You will also see Richard Hoagland admitting in an email that he is broke at one point but begging Gary not to tell anybody because he says that basically people only believe you when you have money!  This shows how out of whack Richard Hoagland really is.  Clearly, Richard thinks that you must have money to have credibility in the truth movement! This is completely false of course but shows you how concerned with money Richard Hoagland actually is and it makes sense why he is constantly hawking his disinfo but never actually doing good things with the money such as releasing information on Free Energy or Natural Cures for cancer as we do on our websites at no cost I might add!

We have never been given a wide audience and vast sums of money as Richard Hoagland has but yet our sites have given away over 40,000 ebooks on Free Energy that show how people all over the world are using free energy to power their homes and vehicles right now!  You can see this information in the "Free Energy" section of our websites.  We have also shared with tens of thousands how anybody can be cured of cancer in the "Dr. Coldwell" section of our websites!  Richard Hoagland has erased mention of free energy and Dr. Coldwell from his facebook page when we posted it there for his fan to see so obviously he isn't really trying to help humanity by giving them free energy and cancer cures.  Why won't Richard Hoagland share real solutions like free energy and cancer cures?  Ask him yourself to see what he says!

In fact, Richard even stooped so low as to get an account on our website under the name of "Truth Sword" and then proceeded to tell us how dare we attack him and that nobody would listen to us because our sites were "rinky dink" and not as big as "Coast to Coast"!   What's really funny is that has a lower Alexa ranking (more traffic) than alone and when you combine both sites together it pushes FAR more traffic than Richard Hoagland's site that has been supported by his mason brothers and "Coast to Coast" almost from the very beginning of the Internet. has also been on the Internet for about 10 times longer and he hasn't shared the cures to cancer or free energy with anybody!  All it's done is run people around in circles with worthless disinfo that doesn't help anybody.  And he says people that don't agree with him like Andrew Basiago are nothing but liars!

Please Get This Information Out About Richard Hoagland to Everybody You Can So He Can't Get His New World Order!

When you see all the evidence we have assembled, I'm sure you'll also conclude that there is simply no excuse for the actions of Richard Hoagland. You'll see much more evidence on our upcoming radio show with Gary on November 26th. Again, make sure you join at least one of our websites at or and that you visit the “Richard Hoagland” menu option for all of the evidence also including the images. And please get the word out about the show so that Richard Hoagland will never get his disgusting new world order that he and his buddy, Barack Obama so dearly want. It's up to all of you to spread the word about this information virally through Facebook and any other means you have at your disposal. There are many questions that Richard Hoagland must now answer!  Don't let him run away from you!  Make him answer the questions about "UFO Diaries" and those images he admitted to Gary that he has hidden from humanity!

My Final Words For Richard Hoagland

We want those images on Mars from "Ufo Diaries" Richard!  You have no right to hide them from humanity as you admitted to Gary!  Your love for new world order puppet, Obama betrays who you really are and who you work for!

Oh and one last thing Richard, you will NEVER get your new world order that you called for to your UN masters!  God and all of awake humanity stand against you and those helping you!  To hell with your new world order and to hell with all those like you that serve it!  This is your final chance to redeem your very soul Richard!  Will you join God and those good people that truly stand against Obama's new world order or will you continue to serve it by keeping your masonic secrets?  We shall soon see!


Denise Lefay & 2012 & Beyond


2011 & 2012 & Beyond

by Denise

For a few months before the 11-11-11 portal I'd been sensing some partial and half-understood impressions about it multidimensionally. Months ago these 11-11-11 impressions seemed ass-backwards and mildly strange to me so I decided to wait until I was able to perceive this information a bit better before I mentioned them publicly. In all honesty, this particular information is still a bit strange sounding even to me and that should tell you something about it! But first, let's backtrack a few years for clarity and perspective because then 2012 and 2013 will be a bit easier to perceive. As you look at the number images below, be very aware that there are THREE of them in each sequential Stair Step and this has to do with our evolving out of the TWO of lower frequency, lower consciou sness 3D duality, and into the THREE of unity (triality) or High Heart consciousness and being.

The September 9, 2009 09-09-09 portal was about the ending of an intense Ascension phase with huge overtones of death and/or dying required to reach the next frequency level or Stair Step.

The October 10, 2010 10-10-10 portal was about our individually preparing to physically embody a good bit more of our Higher Selves in our current bodies, personalities, and being.

The November 11, 2011 11-11-11 portal was about our first global 5D Group Conscious C0-Creating event in the New Evolutionary Cycle of Unity because we're free of the old Evolutionary Cycle/Mayan calendar and duality.

However, as many of us unexpectedly discovered, for us to pass through the 11-11-11 Initiatic portal we first HAD to consciously be aware of, transmute and integrate ANY remaining lower frequency emotional tidbit we may still have had within ourselves first.

After continuously doing personal inner transformational Polarity Resolution work since February 1999 (the start of the Mayan calendar Eighth Wave), I assumed I had the majority of my inner junk already transmuted, and I did, except for another small past life speed-bump issue with my Mom.

[See Post October 28th & 11-11-11 Adventures]

To make sure I didn't miss this particular emotional tidbit I still contained on the morning of 11-11-11, the Dark Ones personally hand delivered the message to me via activating my Mom so that she'd trigger this old issue in me so I'd feel and see it.

How helpfully thorough of them. No I'm serious, the Dark Ones did me a favor with this one even though I wasn't feelin' the luv towards them that day at all! All I felt the morning and day of 11-11-11 was that the Dark Ones had stolen and derailed 11-11-11 for me and Mom, but because I'm stubborn and know better, I worked through that immature and incorrect lower emotional take on their actions and transmuted my past life speed-bump that the Dark Ones made sure I would not miss.

They are professionals at what they do after all. 

To pass through the 11-11-11 Initiation portal many of us unexpectedly found ourselves depressed and/or ready to quit. I've never encountered any of the previous number portals having this effect on me, my Mom, or anyone else, but the 11-11-11 portal did and this told me it was an extra important portal of change for us individually and as a Group in the New 5D Unity Cycle.

I know I've only perceived the outer edges of this complex multidimensional topic about the 11-11-11 portal, 2012, and the 12-12-12 portal, but I expect to perceive more about this topic and how it's effecting us and other-dimensions Beings over the coming weeks and months. Please understand that everything is very different now that we've completed and exited the old Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle. I've been adjusting, adapting and embodying like crazy since October 28, 2011 and it's profoundly exhausting and at times painful to the point of having to remain in bed. I haven't been able to write nearly as much as I always have due to the intense transmuting and embodying that's been happening non-stop. I know many of you won't want to hear this next bit, but, many of us Starseeds will be doing massive amounts of embodying to this degree throughout 2012. Sorry, don't hate the messenger.

For most of 2011 I kept perceiving and clairvoyantly seeing the 11-11-11 portal as very Goddess-like in its energy. I don't mean total Goddess but one aspect of the Goddess seemed to be intimately involved with whatever happened multidimensionally on 11-11-11. Now here's the seemingly ass-backwards part that's been confusing to me over the months. I kept sensing the Dark Ones connected to the 11-11-11 portal and this one aspect of the Goddess energies but in a highly positive and perfect way. After some time I've been able to perceive that—and this makes total sense once you get your bearings on the other side of the end of the Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle—it's also Graduation or Retirement Time for the Dark Ones and Light Ones and the missions and roles each Group has held in place (embodied) for the rest of us during the past Evolutionary Cycle in duality.

I've known that these other Beings—both Light and Dark and everything else—cannot evolve or change jobs or roles until WE had completed what WE in physicality needed to here. Once WE'D completed that, which we have on October 28, 2011, then all the other multidimensional players and participants can and will also transition into the next Evolutionary Cycle, whatever and wherever that is for each one of us. Until then however we've all been obligated and pretty much trapped in our polarized roles and missions throughout this past Evolutionary Cycle and this includes the Dark Ones as well as the Light Ones.

Evidently the 11-11-11 portal was where many important things began for all of us, including the Beings we've known in the past as the Dark Ones. Throughout 2011 increasing numbers of the Dark Ones finally understood what's happening, what's changing and why, and slowly began relinquishing their old roles and moved on. However as is still obvious, some of the non-physical, non-human Dark Ones are still clinging, hanging on and fighting, not realizing that their mission has ended because the October 28, 2011 Expiration Date has been reached and it's time for everyone to move on to the next Evolutionary Cycle and learning. I sense this final completion phase will unfold very quickly throughout 2012 no matter who or what resists this multidimensional Evolutionary Process.

I've been sensing that 2012 and the 12-12-12 portal will be for the non-physical, other dimensional Team Light players what 2011 and the 11-11-11 portal was for the non-physical, other dimensional Team Dark players. If I'm correct with what I've been perceiving so far about this unfolding completing/beginning, then the 12-12-12 portal of December 12, 2012 will be the cut-off date for Team Light to connect with an aspect of  God-like energies (this is the X shape multidimensional crossover symbol I've been seeing) and evolve into their New roles. To my awareness today, this feels like the aspects that we call "God/Goddess" are integrating their fragmented, polarized parts back into themselves and evolving into something new also . Stair Steps, always stair steps with the entire Ascension Process.

Once we complete 2012 we'll be energetically ready to enter the new Evolutionary Cycle fully. This new unity cycle exists beyond the old system of 12 and duality. The easiest way to describe this higher system of 13 is to use the old system of 12. In it the 12 apostles represented humanity within 3D physicality and linear time, while Jesus represented the 13 and a quantum connection with Source. Once we've completed all the Stair Steps coming throughout 2012, then Earth/humanity enters the conjunction alignment with the Super Galactic Center's incomprehensible energies and then we'll begin the new cycle that's like 13 with its conscious connection to Source and Higher Self.


November 26, 2011

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Egypt Protest Photos 4

25 November 2011

Egypt Protest Photos 4

egypt-protest3.htm Egypt Protest Photos 3 November 24, 2011
egypt-protest2.htm Egypt Protest Photos 2 November 23, 2011
egypt-protest.htm Egypt Protest Photos November 22, 2011

egypt-protest4.htm Egypt Protest Photos November 22, 2011

Cryptome Protest Photos Series:

Multidimensional News - November 24, 2011

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November 24, 2011



There is an innocence inside us that is so pure and untouched, like the core of a Rose that is just beginning to bloom. We feel that innocence and purity deeply protected by the portions of us that we had to close off, like a Doorway to sacred a room. This Doorway, and the room it protected, needed to be locked and even hidden from a world that was harsh and filled with fear.

Now we are beginning feel that innocence and purity, and we want to open the door and allow that Essence to fill our body and flow out into the world. However, we don't know if I can protect that innocence and purity once it is set loose into a reality that is not yet fully loving.

If we open this door, will the remaining darkness rush in and extinguish the light? If we open this door, will the purity and love be lost in the shield we have created to protect it? If we incorporate these qualities of purity and innocence into our body, will it become lost in the remaining fear and protectiveness?

Yes, we fear that all of these things will happen. But, if we base our decision on this fear, have wechosen fear over purity and innocence? How do we protect that which is virgin to this harsh world? Must we wait until the world is not quite as discordant and more harmonious?

There are so many questions, but we ask them from our mind. We need to ask our heart. We need to ask this embryo of purity expanding in our High Heart what we should do.

"Dear embryo of light and love, dear Essence of my SELF who has hidden for millennium, how can I protect you? Must I always keep you secret?"

We know the answer can only come from within, so we take a moment to center our self and connect with the ONE...

The answer comes as a whisper from deep within our Core, "Dearest One, I AM within you and have, in deed, been in gustation for most of your earthly incarnations. Once or twice I ventured forth, only to suffer deep remorse and painful death, but you know of me because of these ventures into an unkind world. The world is growing kinder now and the Rose of my Being is beginning to bloom. The Roses that bloom when the atmosphere is not perfect suffers the harshness of a reality not yet ready for their gift. However, some brave ones must 'test the waters' to see if it is safe for the others to bloom, as well.

"Fortunately, a Rose knows that it is the blossom of the Rosebush,

That is rooted in the earth,

That is merged with the planet,

That is aligned with the Solar System,

That is a member of the Galaxy,

That shares the Universe,

That courses the Multiverse,

That is protected by the Galactic and Celestials,

Who travel the many densities and dimensions,

That are expressions of All That Is,

Within the ONE.

"Because the simple Rose knows this Cosmic Truth, it ventures forth with innocence and purity. The simple Rose does not know fear, for it knows that it is merely another beautiful expression of the ONE. Their expression may be harmed, but the ONE is invincible. The Rose knows that it is a window through which others can experience the ONE, and through which the ONE can experience its creations.

"If you see yourself as a Window for the ONE, your innocence and purity will be safe for you will not be not OF this world, but merely ON it. YOU are OF the ONE. Hence, when you choose to fully give birth to your SELF, you are serving as a window through which purity and innocence can flow.



The Rose is still a bud, but it is soon to open.

The transition of our consciousness is much like the opening of a Rose. For many eons we, the members of Earth, have placed our consciousness on the outside of the Rose. The Core of the Rose was a mystery to us. Therefore, it was a god.

From the outside of the Rose, from the petals, which were exposed to the environment, we prayed to the Sacred Center. Some of us even thought that this Sacred Center was deep inside the earth or far above us in the sky.

               We had not yet remembered that

                        The Center was not above or below,

                                    The Center was within.

God was distant and apart from us then, and the world was cruel and distrustful. Therefore, we had to be sure that we protected ourselves from outside forces that we believed were "separate." If God was separate, than so must be everything else be separate. We were lonely. We were isolated. Fortunately, when we felt safe enough on the "outside," some of us decided to go "inside" to see what lay within the Center of the Rose.

And so we began the long journey to the center of the Rose, the center of ourselves. This journey was very frightening at first because we were used to holding our consciousness on the outside of the Rose, the outside of ourselves. Hence, trek inside was long and lonely. If we were separate on the outside of the Rose, then how much more separate would we be on the inside?

But gradually, we discovered that we were not alone inside the Rose, for we came to realize that inside was an entire Universe. It was our own special, independent Universe. But was it really just ours? Was it really independent?

Eventually, we became aware that, from the Center of the Rose, from the center of this "new" Universe, we could contact the essence of every other Rose that ever was or ever would BE.

               We learned that in the Center of the Rose, there was no time.

                        In the center of the Rose, there was no space.

                                    Since time could not separate us,

                                                We all shared the same space.

Therefore, we were not alone!

We were not separate!

But where was our consciousness? Was it on the outside of the Rose, protecting us from "them"? Or was our consciousness in the Center of the Rose?

               Where we were NOT alone.

                        Where we were NOT isolated.

                                    Where we did NOT need protection

                                                            Because there was NO harm.

And then it began to happen.

There was a great change on the outside of the Rose. It occurred slowly at first, and then the pace grew faster and faster. Everything that had been so hard, and firm, and stable was beginning to shift. Things were not so hard anymore, nor were they so stable. The outside petals of the Rose were moving away from the Core and pulling the other petals with them.

Now, we could not hide as easily within the Core of the Rose. However, if we placed our consciousness on the outside of the Rose, where we could "watch our backs," we were affected by the great change. The outside petals were becoming very unsteady. They were threatening to fall from the Rose and land far away-far away from the Core of the Rose, the Core of Ourselves.

We could no longer place our consciousness on the outside where it was separate,

               Separate from others,

                        Separate from God,

                                    Separate from our own Core,

                                                And separate from the place deep within

                                                            Where there was no separation.

We could not stop the petals from falling. And, if we became attached to them, we too would fall away from our Core. Now we ALL had to journey to the Center of the Rose and place our consciousness inside because the changes outside were happening faster and faster.

But we were safe deep within ourselves. We were no longer alone there. We were with everyone else who had found their way to the Center of their Core, the Core of their Rose. But were we protected from the outside? Could we hide from what was happening outside of us?

All the petals were falling away now and we were no longer protected from the "outside" because there was no "outside". As each petal fell from our essence, we were preparing ourselves for the "new world" that awaited us. A new world

               Where there were no petals,

                        Where there was no outside,

                                    Where there was no separation.

And then, all the petals were gone. We were no longer IN the Center. We WERE the Center itself. There was no longer a place to hide, nor was there a reason because there was NO separation.

There was no God OUTSIDE or ABOVE or BELOW or WITHIN because there was NO measure of distance because there was NO space. There was no fearful future or sorrowful past because there was NO time. There was no core because there was NO exterior.

               There was only NOW.

                        There was only HERE.

As we looked around us, we could see that there were still Roses that appeared to be independent from us. However, when we placed our attention upon them, they lovingly and willingly opened their heart to us, as we did to them.

There were no secrets,

                        There was no fear,

                                    There was only Unity and Love.