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Grid Reports:Apr 9th: Cleaning up and pulling out

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Apr 9th: Cleaning up and pulling out

I cannot really say whether or not this goes for all of humanity or just a few lineages, but today I noticed that three of the original 12 givers of DNA to the human family tree left my bio-field. Despite my Gaian origin I have entered a “12 stranded human” bio-field for the reason of lack of old Gaian holographic human structures present in contemporary timelines – it has been quite a while since we were present on holographic Earth - and I am only here to gather the remaining CUs from my version of the Taraian template, which I had left behind before the Quarantine were put on Earth 12.500 BCE. Quite a lot of us left in a hurry due to the fast growing infection and taking over of humanity of Earth and the bio-fields became dangerous for the old worlds to be integrated into.

I can now see that I constructed my 4-5D levels of the earthly hologram I hold now by borrowing “Indigo” holographic imprints. These are the only ones in contemporary times being able to awaken and work with as in integrating new living light, because of the host fields they are connected to and many of the old races from other timelines have borrowed holographic imprints on 4-5D from the MCEO races with the purpose of altering the holographic imprints (the possibility units of the hologram) into old world structure, when the living consciousness reached those levels of the bio-field.

As you all know I had a long period of struggle with this inside of me, not really understanding why my bio-field and the holographic stellar geometry wanted to do the KS techniques in 4-5D, being “programmed” to do so when this level was reached, while my CTC resisted it. The result of the internal struggle was that I became caught up in a weird place of dark beings, taking advantage of my “in between position” telling me all sorts of lies. I was really not an Indigo so the material did not fit and protect me and yet I was lit up like a candle in the dark by the symbols attracting whatever was in the neighborhood.

Back then the only beings in 4-5D that were able to connect to the human bio-field was belonging to the intruder races and their many dark beings, so all I had to go by and follow of light was my own intuition and my growing ability to discern the effects of whatever energy I came in contact with until one day when I totally stopped listening to any inner beings and demanded that my own true core being would come forth – the Panergeia Series is the story of this transformation from my bio-field holding all sorts of foreign holographic imprints and my struggle to let these go and integrate my own true CTE.

This is why I had so much emotional resistance towards the Kryst and the KS – I had to have this tension otherwise I would not get myself out of the borrowed holographic MCEO structure - I had to release all the coding from the KS material as I did with the coding from the giver of original CUs in the lower triangle of the bio-field.

Both the lower and middle triangles of my bio-field have undergone a full transformation of the inserted holographic possibilities and my own version of the Gaian structure is slowly being integrated. No wonder I feel tired and warn out and need a vacation: So many different layers to transform and alter into my true CTC.

I am not the only one undergoing this process hence the notice here. Perhaps you are not a Gaian albeit from another old race having borrowed holographic material to be able to insert yourself into the earthly hologram in this period of time to gather or otherwise before Earth enters the new timelines of the Kryst Magistrates and the new holographic set up. It is not bad, but it is not of our making, hence we have to leave the field.

The Gaian communities – along with other old races - have sealed of the entrance to the hologram from the true worlds, and I – along with other Taraians/Gaians being here – are functioning on a dispensation field of energy in 6D until the bio-fields wear out or we are ready to leave.

Therefore I do not know if those lineages left my system, due to my own takeover of the bio-field transforming it into a fully Gaian structure, or if it is because I have chosen to leave the polarity game in time of death of this body. When I leave nothing is left to be recycled, so to speak.

The two options are thus; either some of the original givers have decided to leave the human royal 12 DNA stranded template or they have just decided to leave my 12 DNA stranded template, cf. the above explanation.

The 12 stranded DNA template is known to be royalty meaning that 12 highly developed holographic races gave their generic material (holographic manasic geometry or coding being able to hold living consciousness) to the human bio-field. I still have some trouble with understanding the purpose of this whether it was to create a bio-field which could be used by all 12 races or if the idea was to create a multi-dimensional being holding 12 levels of inter-dimensional knowledge.

In other words: the human bio-field is a battle field.

Some of the bio-fields are undergoing my process and others are in the midst of different lineages, claiming their rights over it and when we start to wake up, we have to claim our bio-field to be our own and to hold the rights over the 12 DNA strands imbedded into it. Some of the strands lead to our own memories and prior stellar manifestations on other dimensions, while other memories belong to the imbedded holographic manasic geometry (what becomes DNA).

The whole idea was - as they tell me – that the owner of the body would transform the bio-field with its 12 “lineaged” holographic manasic geometry into a new perfect being, holding the potential of living consciousness strands of all the 12 stellar lineages; in the process of integrating the living consciousness units into the holographic manasic geometry of the bio-field, the CUs of the many lineages would become an intrinsic part of the evolved bio-field. The amalgamated being would be wondrous.

Now, in the process of waking up, some of the original races have chosen to leave the game and when we get to the level where this living consciousness is held as potential living light to be imbedded and integrated into the bio-field, these levels are being pulled out of the bio-field. They cannot pull it out until the holder and owner of the bio-field gets to this level and gives the permission – which I freely gave; no point in holding three levels of consciousness units from beings that want their contribution back. Most of those higher levels of beings have been unwillingly connected to holographic Earth for eons and are only waiting to be released.

Or, as I have said, they did not want to be a part of my Gaian template structure. It is all fine; I will not become less, but will be able to integrate more of my own nature, so to speak instead of the pre-fabricated 12 stranded DNA human bio-field. The Cassiopeian part belonged to the pulling out DNA; in other words one of the less noticeable races being a part of the human bio-field. We all know the first six or races, but the higher dimensional races are yet to be discovered.

The other thing I have become aware of is the cleansing out of artificial bio-fields. There seems to have been made some agreements with the remaining intruder races and the Krystal Magistrates of eliminating some of the many hominoid bio-fields which in reality is not humans as in holding more than minimum living consciousness to be able to exist.

So all in all there seems to be a sort of pulling out, cleaning up and bringing the holographic mess into order before we can progress further.

Robbert Nijenhuis: "Hello Kathara, Metatron Sayonara"

"Hello Kathara, Metatron Sayonara"

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Ascension Whispers: The Quickening 4-6-13


The Quickening
Are you feeling over loaded with so many tasks to complete at this time? Of course anyone could answer yes to that question just about any time. In the past few weeks you may be aware of a feeling that over load feeling seems to be heightened and a feeling of there simply not being enough time available becoming stronger. If you are currently feeling this, know you are not alone. You are experiencing the effects of the "Quickening".

The Quickening has been slightly mentioned in times gone by. Some may have become aware of this feeling briefly between 2000 - 2003 and noticed the feeling subsided and was quickly forgotten. The Quickening is back again but this time the process will continue to occur in cycles.

As the planet continues its healing process which is now possible as a result of the higher energy of Source once again being available, there will continue to be cycles of higher energy consummation, initiation and activation. This process is also occurring within the life forms on the planet even though many people are not yet able to become aware of feeling the Quickening. For many who are aware and feel this heightened process, they many wonder what this is about and why is it happening now.
The process is natural when a system is working correctly and continues to expand to hold open more energy of Source. The feeling of the process could be compared to the feeling the physical body has when doing something like cardio exercise. As you work the physical body to move faster, the heart, lungs and other body organs operate faster. The heart rate increases, the breathing rate quickens, the muscles and neurological system speed up as they expand to allow the flow of more energy. When you have finished such a physical body workout, you most likely are aware of the muscles pumping faster while the body begins the process of slowing down to its base line function rate. This process is also a quickening feeling within the physical body but on a smaller scale. You may experience that after such a physical body workout, your body needs time to rest, relax, wind down as it returns to its base line point. You may even feel the need for a nap.

Quickening of higher energy through the energetic system effects the physical body in a similar fashion except you may not feel the body organs pumping above their base line operation point. When the feeling is a result of energy quickening, many other factors slightly change. Time seems to move faster which creates the feeling of there being less time to accomplish things. Thoughts translate faster through the neurological pathways to the brain for translation and you many find yourself tripping over your words quite often. You may notice a feeling of the chakra points seeming to pump or beat similar to the way the muscles pump faster after a cardio workout. Your work load or To Do List many seem as if it doubles or even triples right before your eyes. This is a result of the faster moving thoughts people experience during a Quickening period which allows more awareness of things desired to accomplish to reach a new goal that they most likely had not yet recognized.
As higher energy of Source is accreted or drawn into (Consummation Point) a life form there is a period of time required to allow a specific dormant packet/s of stored data within the energetic anatomy to reach a critical mass point or be be fully turned on. When the critical mass point occurs, there is then a period of time required for the internal sparking process to unfold, this is the Initiation process. When the Initiation process reaches full quantum sparking of energy, the Activation Point is reached and the coding held in that previously dormant packet/s of data begins the process of shining forth into the hologram to then allow awareness of what is held there to occur.

During this current Quickening process, the Earth is at the Initiation point of the current moment process of turning on more higher energy of Source and will soon begin the Activation of that stored energy data packet. When the Activation point occurs, you will most likely notice a feeling of returning to inner balance as the "new" base line is settled into. Cycles of Quickening will now continue as the planet continues to heal itself. The life forms on the planet will continue the same process at their own rate of speed and the physical body will continue to feel the effects of the Quickening to the level it is able. Each Quickening cycle slightly increases the quantum of Source energy that activates within the energetic anatomy and within the DNA and is most commonly called DNA activation. This same process has been discussed within information presented in previous years but it was not presented to allow more understanding that the effects of reaching a point of full DNA strand activation occurs in cycles of Quickening as sub-harmonics are activated within the energetic anatomy.

For further understanding, you could think of the planet and your physical body as a space ship that is soaring through outer space at a rapid rate of speed and you could apply the Quickening process to that analogy as the process of opening more fuel lines, pumping more fuel through the line and opening the throttle to a higher position to all you to soar through space even faster. You are not literally moving from point A to point B faster as you are not literally moving anywhere but you can experience the illusion of movement through space and time faster as a result of more of Source energy flowing through you. Such an illusion could allow it to look like the stars outside of your space ship fly by your window much faster.

When the activation point is reached, the new speed or throttle level remains and your physical body quickly adjusts to the new speed which allows inner balance to return and a feeling like time has slowed back down. You may become aware of that thoughts, ideas, questions and more understanding becomes available within you as the previously dormant data packet begins the process of translating through your physical body. This is the very same process that gradually allows more people to begin to wake up, ask questions, wonder and think outside of the program they have previously only been able to experience. The dynamics of the Quickening allow more people to be "sparked" and the opportunity to choose to begin the process of healing.

Planet Earth will continue the process of healing herself regardless if the people on the planet accept such truth and all life forms on the planet will continue to experience the effects of Earth healing herself regardless if they are able to wake up during their life time or regardless if they desire to heal.
Death of the physical body of course is not a new experience to the life forms of Earth and as the planet continues to heal and hold open more of the higher energy of Source, there will continue to be waves or Quickening cycles when it seems as though a large number of people choose to remove their consciousness from the physical body form as a result of the higher energy becoming stronger than their physical body can support their rapidly expanding consciousness. The process of the need to remove the consciousness from the physical body form will not change until the Emotional Body can reach a critical mass point of healing to allow enough higher Source energy to flow through the Physical / Emotional Body and allow transmutation of the particles that the physical body is composed of.

The condition of the energetic structure determines if a life form can continue to expand and hold open more of the higher energy of Source and the process of expanding to do so can continue even if a life form removes their consciousness from the physical body form if the energetic structure will allow. Choices have everything to do with the condition of the personal energetic structure and choosing to heal and return to balance with Source automatically begins the process to the degree possible for the life form.

Beginning To Heal The Fibonacci Spiral:
Note from Ascension Whispers: The following message was presented several weeks before this posting. It has been the desire of Ascension Whispers to go back through previous years information and include bits and pieces to assist those who read this web site and may not have integrated that information a better understanding of concepts spoken of in the following message. Time has not allowed that to occur and time may not allow that to occur anytime soon. Therefore, the following message is being shared as given and links are included to information where the reader can find more information to bring more understanding if desires. Even though it is the intention to present the messages shared here as simple as possible so that anyone can benefit from them, some of the technical information that will allow greater understanding to unfold is simply to large in size to try to include it here. When necessary, links to places where more understanding can unfold will continue to be provided.

The Fib Spiral still holds in place the effects it has created on the Earth planetary field even though the planet and its life forms have been able to be assisted to rise higher in energy to allow for following the path of the Krystal Spiral. Much healing must still occur to heal enough of what the Fib Spiral has done to release Earth and its life forms out of phase lock.

Understanding all of the components of what the Fib Spiral has done is quite technical but you can begin to understand small aspects in the way that you understand other concepts. The distortion code itself is held within the 2nd dimensional frequency band but extends down into frequency band 1 and up into frequency band 3.
Because frequency band 2 of Earth's planetary fields was harnessed for so long and literally had the energy sucked out of it, it created a disharmonic of energy within the sub-frequency bands of frequency band 2. The reason this expands upward and downward into frequency bands 1 & 3 is because of the "misfire" that is occurring in frequency band 2.

You most likely know quite well what it sounds like when an incorrect key is chosen when playing a song. The full harmonics of the song are out of balance and it creates an irritation not only to your ears but through your physical body. Harmonic tones can be created by doing something like making a string taut and based on the length of the string, the tightness of the string and the point of the string that is plucked, you hear a different sound tone. When you pluck several strings together that are all set to their specific coding, you can hear a harmonic of sound tones and your ears can hear very quickly what harmonics do not resonate for you and which ones you are attracted to.

You were told several years ago that the way to "reset" the harmonics in the lower frequency bands was to bring the harmonics from the higher frequency bands into the lower ones "manually" and you did this process for years with the toning of the Veca Codes.

It was hoped when the Veca Codes were first presented that the D12 energy would begin poking holes in the Net Field and would eventually cause the Net Field to collapse. But the continued amped reversed energy halted that process and is why you may have become aware when it felt like the higher accretion of energy slowed down to a crawl as compared to how quickly it felt like it was climbing. The process for resetting the lower harmonics has not changed. What changed was the ability to pull enough of the higher sub-harmonics into the lower density levels to continue climbing in energy. That has now changed!

Because the planet and its life forms have been assisted to access higher energy of Source and because the fallen life forms can no longer pump a critical mass of reversed energy into the planetary system, holes are occurring within the Net Field. However, the Net Field cannot, and will not simply fall away completely all at once, for the Earth and its life forms would be in danger from the radiation from the sun as the Net Field turned off the planet’s organic corona sphere. As the planet continues to heal this will turn back on and the Net Field will dissolve completely.

Because the planet has been without the necessary quantum of Source energy for so long due to the harness of the Net Field and the stealing of Source energy via the 2nd dimensional frequency band of the planetary system, an entire dis-harmonic within the sub-frequency bands of the 2nd dimensional frequency band was created.

Think for a moment about what has been presented about DNA strands and remember the Fire Letters held within them. Just like each frequency band holds 12 sub-frequency bands of energy so too does each DNA strand, each Fire Letter, each Chakra, etc. The Fire Letters are "Flames" and the lack of Source energy has weakened the quantum of energy held within the Flames. This could be compared to loosening the tightness of your taut string and getting a "flat" sound other than the sound you expect to hear. A piano out of tune to the max! Because the Flames have lost quantum of energy they have lost their ability to spark high enough or create a high enough tone to allow the chain of sparking across the length of the fire letters. Because the notes are flat, when the small charge makes its way through the fire letter sequence, it does not hold enough quantum of energy to allow what is supposed to occur when the full harmonic is played. It fizzles out when it reaches the 10th harmonic and goes flat. This is a simplified way of thinking of a base 10 system versus a base 12 system.
You have already heard information that explains the Base Tone, Resonate Tone and Over Tone. When the harmonics of the Flames are in tune and as the quantum of energy within the flames increases, there is supposed to occur another tone called the "Transmutation Tone". The Transmutation Tone has not been able to occur within the Earth system since the fall from Tara occurred.
When the 3 Harmonics of tones reach a critical mass level, they "spark" the Transmutation Tone into activation. Things that you currently dream of such as spontaneous thought manifestation, physical bi-location and ascension are dependent on the Transmutation Tone.

Because the sub-frequency bands of frequency band 2 are so out of tune it creates a buildup of static or chaotic energy within frequency band 2 and this translates into your Emotional / Physical body and that of the planet’s Emotional / Physical Body anatomy. This buildup of chaotic energy is what crushes the template as you continue to accrete energy unto yourself and is why you must eventually remove your consciousness from the physical body form, causing the experience of death of the physical body. 

You could think of a crystal container filled with energy and energy continues to be put into it but it cannot expand. The energy should allow the container to become heated to such a degree from within that the particles the container are composed of will begin to transmute and become as hot as the energy within it, and then merge to become one with the energy that is held within it as that energy then transmutes the container into pure light or pure energy. Such would be dependent on the energy held within being able to reach a high enough heating point to allow the container to transmute. But the energy within has not been able to generate enough heat to allow for such, as it is unorganized energy that simply continues to expand without the ability to increase in temperature because it cannot generate higher energy sparks. This is a very simple analogy but one you should be able to understand.

The misfire of the sub-harmonics of frequency band 2 is what keeps enough inner heat from being able to be generated and of course will not allow for the Transmutation Tone to occur. Since the fall from Tara, there has not been enough energy available to planet Earth and its life forms to heal to be able to re-sequence the harmonics of the sub-frequency bands in frequency band 2. That has finally changed! If the tactics of what the fallen races had done with their reversed energy from 2000 to 2012 had not been to such a high level, the process of re-sequencing or re-tuning the sub-frequency bands could have been well underway. Before those events occurred, Earth and its life forms had accreted higher in energy than had occurred since the fall from Tara.

You are now back on track of energy accretion because of the Gift of higher energy the planet and its life forms have received but the planet had to integrate enough of that higher energy to get to the point where you are now back on track.

For those who resonate, it is strongly suggested to work with the High Veca Codes. Toning and working with the High Veca Codes allows you to bring into your energy template and activate within it the higher dimensional energy of the time matrix in the correct sequence so as not to crush the lower energetic system. And the way to retune the dis-harmonic energies of the sub-frequency bands of frequency band 2 is to reset them to their correct tones from the undistorted energy that exists in the 12th dimensional frequency band. The 12th dimensional energy will begin the process of retuning the tones of frequency band 2. The High Veca Codes were returned to planet Earth for this exact reason but at that time it could not yet be understood about the Fib Spiral in relationship to all of this.
 By going through the process of placing the codes on the corresponding physical body points and activating those frequencies via their sound tones, the Physical / Emotional Body picks up the "wave sequence" of instructions carried along those light waves (images) and sound waves (tones). It is like having a piano tuner come and retune your piano.

When the tones within the fire letters are flat and create chaotic energy, the chaotic energy implodes on itself and literally consumes itself. At the point when the chaotic energy has reached a critical mass level, it generates an "explosion" and this allows the energy to expand but in order to continue to expand it must latch onto more energy and continue the process as it cannot self-generate internal energy because internal sparking cannot occur. This is what the Fib Spiral allows to occur and will continue to occur until the sub-harmonics in frequency band 2 can be re-tuned. This is why physical death of the body will continue until this issue has been able to be healed to a high enough level to allow the proper sparking sequence to return to the sub-frequency bands of frequency band 2.
When a person has worked with the High Veca Codes frequencies for at least a 30 day period, they can safely move into the next level of frequencies known as Heliotalic Energies and bring in even higher sub-harmonics, but first they must activate the frequencies of the High Veca Codes. If one has previously worked with the High Veca Codes, it is still suggested to start the process over again and ease your energetic body into the higher energies even though it may be possible for you to do such in less than 30 days.

It is hoped you are able to understand this and why we stress even more so the importance of Emotional / Physical Body healing. As has been previously stated, the issues the entire planet is dealing with are held within this level of the anatomy.

When the harmonic tones of frequency band 2 are able to be re-tuned, they will then hold enough energy quantum to allow the correct sparking and firing sequence to occur. This will allow for the Transmutation Tone to occur. As this process unfolds within you and when your energetic body is charging up in energy, just before the Transmutation Tone sparks, the personal Merkaba Vehicle activates. The heightened charge of energy naturally turns on your Merkaba Vehicle and the Merkaba Vehicle begins to spin, faster and faster while your consciousness is held in a suspended state within the center of it.

The increased spin speed of the Merkaba Vehicle, generated by the rapid sparking of the fire letters, sparks the Transmutation Tone into activation. The internal heat that is generated heats up the waters that compose the physical body form and the heating up turns on the transient element of Celestine. If this occurs while still embodied in a physical form, it is at that point the particles that compose the physical form are transformed into pure light.

The increased spinning of the Merkaba Vehicle releases the energetic locks that keep you phase locked or stuck at the angle you are that allows you to perceive the current reality field. When the locks are released, by simply "thinking" where you want to experience, the Merkaba Vehicle will "shift" or "rotate" to the alignment at which that reality field occurs. It will then slow the spin speed and stop spinning. Your consciousness and physical body, if you did this while embodied in a physical form, then transform to the properties of the particles that the reality field are composed of and you re-manifest as you would appear within that reality field. At which point you simply "appear" within the reality field. If you did this process as pure consciousness and not while embodied within a physical form, you could then go through the process of incarnating into a physical form within that reality system to experience life within that system.
For some who have already been through years of working with those techniques and wondered why they even bothered because nothing happened anyway, it is now intended that you have more understanding of why nothing really happened anyway and can once again see the importance of healing the Emotional / Physical Body and re-tuning the fire letters of the 2nd dimensional frequency band at the same time.

 As you re-tune the fire letters of the 2nd dimensional frequency band, the internal heating up process that is created transforms more of the stored, distorted thought patterns that are held within the Physical / Emotional Body and this process will continue to allow you to heal to be able to accomplish things like opening your personal vertical communication line, making higher choices, holding higher thoughts that allow you to think of a way to rewrite the new planetary script and co-create balance and healing within the Earth reality field.

Planet Earth has now begun this process herself and will continue to do so as the energy continues to accrete to higher levels. The planetary life forms who hold an energetic body that will allow them to, will continue the process with the planet. If one chooses to be a conscious part of the process it can occur much easier, because you can consciously assist to heal the distorted thought patterns held within the Emotional Body before they manifest, as the increased amount of higher energy will continue to awaken them within you to shine forth to experience and be healed unless they are transmuted before that occurs. By choosing to be a conscious part of your process of healing, you can draw to yourself much more quickly the higher energy currents to activate them within your energetic anatomy, instead of waiting for a high enough point to occur within the planetary body to allow that to occur within you.

If you choose to continue working with higher energetic technologies that have been presented after the High Veca Codes, you will continue to rapidly turn on higher sub-harmonics of energy to the degree your energetic body will allow for. There has already been returned to planet Earth much information that explains intricate details of these processes so there is no need to repeat all of that information.

As the planet itself continues to heal to a high enough level, this will allow even higher technology and understanding to become available to the masses but such is dependent on the energy those things ride within being able to turn on within the planetary body. 

It has been mentioned in early information returned that something like the pyramids were literally "sung" into manifestation. When you can begin to understand that all energy, from the smallest to the larger quantum of energy, holds fire letters within and all energy holds sub-harmonics of light and sound tones that are designed by Source to work together as a "team" to create full harmonics of light and sound then it can become easier to begin to remember how your conscious, focused through patterns can co-create with the energy of elementals to send direction to the elementals via sound tones to manifest what those sound tones are giving instructions to manifest. This process has been harnessed within your Emotional / Physical Body anatomy and that of planet Earths via the mis-firing that is occurring within the fire letter sequence. It can result of your pillar of energy turning into a flat pancake of energy and fizzling out on the ground. The Transmutation Tone must be able to occur after the pillar of energy is sparked into creation to allow the particles of the energy of the pillar to transmute into the sequence of the encrypted thought patterns imbued within them.

In order for the fallen races to control planet Earths energy and that of the life forms on planet Earth, they had to harness this process by shutting it off via redirection of Source energy when putting the NET field in place. Otherwise, the energy of Source coming into the planetary system, via the solar gate system, would have simply over rode their ability to control. This is why this process will slowly turn back on naturally as planet Earth continues to heal herself as that process will continue to poke holes in the NET field and it will eventually dissolve.

Count Many Blessings, Dear Ones. The path of ascension has once again been returned to you if you choose to follow it.

Hint: If you have chosen to explore your Krystal Ring of Power, as has been presented in previous information within this web site, you may have already discovered that when you step into the ring and look around you and above your head, you will see a Krystal Capsule, which you are actually held within. When turned on, this Krystal Capsule becomes a Merkaba Vehicle that will allow your consciousness to travel anywhere within the time matrix which your activation level in that moment will allow for. Have fun exploring!

GaiaPortal: Current “Difficulties” and the “No Escape” Paradigm…

9 Apr
“Difficulties”, as some term “events not in alignment with individual-desire-perceived pathways”, are being exposed via the enlarged Gaia Portal Light Grid complex. This Grid “complex” is a combination of several multi-dimensional Grids, emplaced* so as to allow the “no escape” paradigm to be maintained at the forefront of individual awareness.

All humans, as well as Hue-persons, are living within this “no escape” paradigm, at this now moment in time.

Those with awareness of the current “no escape” paradigm will understand the purpose of “difficulties” now presenting within energy spaces.

Embracing the “difficulties”, releasing the “desire bases”**, and allowing solutions to enter via Higher Mind, will allow smoother passage through these now moments.

[* ÉirePort note: click for definition of emplaced]
[** ÉirePort note: "bases" = plural of "basis"]