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Ascension Whispers: "The Walls That Bind" Next layer of Emotional Body Healing

Understanding more of creation and your relationship to it.


The planet has now entered into a next, deeper layer of Emotional Body Healing which means that all life forms on the planet have as well and will feel and experience it to the degree their energetic system will allow.

When a life forms has experienced a deep enough level of Mental Body integration and began the process of Emotional Body healing, which allows mental awareness that they are indeed Source embodied, the next phase is healing to “Become” Source embodied. Which means it is now time to allow yourself to begin the process of expressing through your every moment with the “knowing” that you are Source embodied.

What does it mean to “know” one’s self as Source? Do you stop every few moments of your day and think about yourself as yourself; most likely not. You are simply yourself and you know yourself as yourself. Do you stop to think if you can breathe before you take your next breath? Unless you have physical challenges that hinder your ability to breathe, you do not. You simply breathe in and out automatically. It is the exact same feeling to simply know one’s self as Source.

When you know you are Source embodied it then allows you the ability to apply that knowing into every moment of every experience and doing so can allow you to make higher choices and instantly know how to shift the energy of any situation you encounter. It also allows you greater awareness of appreciation for all life forms and become better skilled in finding ways to gift the love of Source to other life forms. For every gift of Source that you give away in love, you receive at least three times that amount back.

Being “mentally aware” that you are Source and “feeling” in your every moment through your Emotional Body that you are Source are two completely different things. Because your Emotional / Physical Body cannot yet remember that it is Source and through the distorted, lower thoughts that are currently embedded within your Emotional Body, you continue to feel any degree of anything that does not feel like Source Embodied.

If you desire, you can certainly pretend that you are fully aware that you are Source embodied but until your Emotional body knows this as well, you will continue to be limited within the confines of what your Emotional body believes.

If you have read previous sharing, then you are more than aware of the importance of healing the Emotional Body. That will not be repeated in this message as it is already here for you to discover, if you have not already.

The layers of embedded, lower, compacting, light blocking thoughts that are currently held within the Emotional Body have occurred over eons of time and they must be transmuted and cleared in layers as you could not withstand clearing them all at once and it would not be possible within the confines of the distortion you are currently immersed within.

Some layers can be cleared simply be sparking them with higher energy and transmuting with each spark. Other layers will require more assistance simply because of what they hold.

In order for your Emotional Body to heal to remember that it too is Source, it will require more of Source energy or more of Source light to be able to shine through your Emotional Body and the many layers of lower, distorted thought patterns block the energy of Source from shining within and through. When Source energy cannot shine through, it creates the darkness and this in turn creates all things that hold distortions within the darkness. If you choose, it is now time for you to turn on more of Source light within yourself.

It had not been previously possible to begin transmuting this next layer of distortions that are held in your Emotional Body simply because there had not been enough of the energy of Source available to transmute this layer safely and effectively. It is now possible to begin healing this layer of your Emotional Body and Planet Earth has now begun the process so you may already be starting to feel it unfolding within your hologram but may not be aware of what it is about.
The next layer you can now begin healing of your Emotional Body is called a “Walled Layer”. This layer holds so many walled up emotions that it pretty much looks like a fortress with no entry or exit point. This Walled Layer holds all of the emotions that you have stuffed in this life time simply because you did not know what else to do with them.
Here is a short list of examples of things that have been stuffed within this layer;
  • Grief from losing a loved one to the physical death process.
  • Fear of rejection or sadness from being rejected.
  • Fear of letting go of anything.
  • All of the emotions that have ever been encountered in a battle for energy with another.
  • Fear that comes from being in a life threatening accident or of someone you love being in such.
  • Fear of dying or taking off the physical body.
  • Fear of being attacked, physically, emotionally or mentally harmed by another. Many of these types of emotions are so extreme that people will block the experience from memory recall completely.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Fear of change.
  • Previous history with relationships separating and all of the chaos that went with it.
  • Childhood trauma which can include parental abuse, sexual abuse, being bullied or excluded.
  • Experiencing death of a parent during childhood.
  • Feelings of being a failure as a parent.
  • Feelings of being the black sheep of the family.
  • False Guilt.
And the list could go on and on. When you encounter these types of emotions many around you most likely tried to assist you to the best of their ability and offer you comfort and love and you had no choice but to manage to get through it somehow and keep on keeping on.

You did have a choice but very few on the planet are aware of this and what that choice might be. The choice is to make a stronger connection with Source and send it ALL to Source in the moment to transmute right then and there but even so, the other layers of distortions held within the Emotional Body act as a magnet to draw things in.

This layer that you are now able to access and begin healing holds any number of lower thought patterns, memories of emotional traumas and experiences that you most likely do not want to remember, talk about or even think about and certainly do not want to re-experience.
Simply because they have been so extreme for your Emotional Body to endure, your Emotional Body has built walls around all of these emotions. If you could see them with your physical eyes, they would look like brick walls to you but they are actually made out of crystal; walls that will not allow anything in or anything to get out.

As you now begin to become aware of this layer of your Emotional Body you most likely feel your emotions starting to cringe or your attention to turn away and not want to even think about it. That is your Inner Child rebelling and preferring denial about any such thing.


Your Inner Child is terrified to even be reminded about the layer of Walls least they have to experience all of that all over again. Take a deep breath and allow yourself comfort in knowing you do not have to experience any of those things again. They can be transmuted, released and healed from your Emotional Body without you even having to remember what is buried there. They can be healed through Source energy without having to bring down any of the walls and letting loose anything that is held within them. They must be if you desire to continue your goal of healing back into balance with Source.

The process of healing this layer of your Emotional Body has already begun and this is why many are already starting to feel the effects of such healing. You may be experiencing people whom you thought was out of your life for good or at least out of your awareness, stepping back in to show their selves again. You may be experiencing old thoughts and memories coming up to your awareness that reminds you of grief and pain.

You may be feeling unusually exhausted, as if your physical body simply wants to sleep and forget about anything else. You may be encountering the prospect of trying out something new and feeling terror if you even try yet you have no idea why you would feel such.

You do not have to experience any of those lower thoughts and feelings stuffed within this walled layer of your Emotional Body and can choose to co-create healing for them by working with Source energy before the healing process becomes so strong the crystal walls begin to shatter to allow Source energy to enter and heal these things.

You can do this by co-creating spheres of Source energy around every single wall that exists there and allowing Source energy to “expand inward” to heal the wall and everything that is held within and transmute and release them from your Emotional Body.

Releasing what is currently trapped within the walls of this layer of your Emotional Body will allow more of Source light to shine within and through you and in turn, will make it that much easier for you to simply “know” you are Source and continue on with your desires for healing back into balance with Source.

Here you will find an exercise to assist you in beginning to heal this walled layer of your Emotional Body – White Light Spheres Of Source


Lisa Renee – Planet Emancipation Wk7


Lisa Renee – Planet Emancipation Wk7

This week we have met the halfway point in our community grid project and needless to say that the process has been incredibly intense. Whenever we are deeply engaged with this kind of planetary service or energy clearings, it stirs up a lot of controversy and intensity in our life circumstances, as well as surfaces many strange and surreal experiences. We have encountered technology glitches with these weekly blog postings, and so I want to acknowledge that and thank you for your patience with the strange and bizarre glitches we encounter. This was the first time I was allowed to bring this type of grid project into a small public sharing, of which previously this was not allowed as a safety measure and precaution for our grid teams. To be able to post these projects in public viewing also tells me that the core processes of earth are changing, where those of us who are involved in the changing of the planet architecture, can be more transparent in the process, without being taken out for their efforts. 

In our community we have experienced a mounting pressure, and some of us are better in neutralizing that pressure than others. The point is this Planet Emancipation project has applied intensity across the board, and like a triathlete running over the hurdles, the process tests our resolve, character, dedication and devotion to something that is much larger than ourselves. Many of us realize that we are forever changed when we contribute to the planetary healing, as when we heal the planet, we heal ourselves and vice versa. We are intricately interwoven into the planetary body and its consciousness layers, and being alive on planet earth means we are an intimate part of planet earth, there is no way to stop the process of evolution or negate our role from being incarnated on the planet during her Ascension Cycle.

With this in our heart and mind we begin the week into work for the logos and brain of our planet, Week 7. So now we begin with this weeks project information:
Our ES community has been asked to begin group collaboration for grid work and transits on Twelve (12) weekly assigned planetary networks in partnership with Krystal Host. We have been asked to invite the public that finds resonance with these words to offer another consciousness ring of heartfelt prayers to support the Krystal Host Planetary Emancipation Gridwork (PEG) Project. These “prayers for emancipation and peace” assignments can be completed within the seven (7) day period which is dedicated to a specific key area that has been directed for support from off planet Krystal Star (Christ Consciousness) families connecting with the earthly family at this timeline. This will be published for the public in the weekly Timeshift Blog here, which is every Tuesday to Tuesday.

Week SEVEN Planet Gridwork: Inner Gate of Ionian Islands (Albanian and Greek Coastline of Ionian Sea), and its underground linkup into the Lake Titicaca, Andes in Bolivia , for the period of Tuesday June 18th to Tuesday, June 25th.
Week SEVEN Intention: Set up Prayer or Meditation Session space that is dedicated to the Purposes of the Krystal Star Host communication networks for Stargate 7 Inner Gate . Building the architecture required for Krystal Hosting for Planetary Soul and Humanity Tribe 7. Ways to Help Support the weekly PEG Project: 
  1. Dedicate your 12D shield practice at the end to send love, peace and liberation to the area of the planet assigned within that weekly period. Visualize that area of the Earth, clean, peaceful, abundant and loving for all humans and earthly creatures. Send your love and peace offered in brotherhood/sisterhood towards all humankind. Here is the 12D Video.
  2. Command your personal space as God-Sovereign-Free being and Meditate on your own as it feels resonant, imagine peace and freedom available to all on the Earth, and specifically at the area of assignment.
  3. Read outloud your favorite prayer for peace on the Earth and dedicate that prayer to the assigned area.
As we move forward with this project, there is not expectation or attachment, learn to relax and be in the flow. We will have a varying degrees of involvement and approach , so allow what is feels good for you to surface. Some of us will be contacted, and when this occurs, there is no ignoring your responsibility. Others may have much more subtle or gentle approaches, in dream state, or sudden animation of intense “feeling”, emotions or intuitions – directed at a particular part of the earth, or her creatures, or human beings. There is no way this is wrong or right, all there is – is what is perfect for you in the now moment when it happens. Allow your heart to lead the way and feel your inner resonances, organically.

May all of us together as one heart, hold the highest expression for all involved and support the strength, endurance and truth of our planet project together in Unity!
I thank you so much for your kind support and prayers in upholding the integrity, love, peace and truth within our group project and community. May all of us be blessed and protected though the divine grace of the eternal light, and all of the Christos families surround and be as our brothers and sisters in peace and love.
  •  These water gates are portals that link into several different ” Island Chains” that are important in relationship to hidden artifacts buried in the earth that are a part of our galactic history. These Island chains have a part of the protected areas of the Krystal Star networks that are supporting the planet logos at 7D. This week PEG areas are also related to Basque Country, on the coast of Spain ( where RH negative blood was last traced to on planet), northeast New Zealand area and south pacific island chains (where most all islands were formed from volcanic explosions) link into the Ionian chains.
  • Logos program of Christianity and its crucifixion implants are sourced 7D. NAA went to the Ionian Sea to begin the program of religious heresy or the crusades to reinforce the mutations. Biblical Revelations verses for Armageddon sofware was brought through in this location.
  • Memories of NAA invasion and the painful knowledge of entering the dark ages or the Iron age cycle. These concepts of the evolution cycles were discussed at length by the Greeks:
Love in all ways, Lisa

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Julien Wells Update: Psychic Defense , Andrew Bartzis

 SATURDAY, 15 JUNE 2013 /

In this update Julian and I are joined by Andrew Bartzis to discuss a topic mentioned in his recent interviews on the Walking in Energy and The Transitioning shows, that the PTW are aggressively using telepaths operating as remote observers and influencers to reinforce the disruption and disinformation campaigns they are running and are also using entities called etheric fleas and etheric parasites to negatively effect and control individuals in conjunction with the “troll” program.

Andrew states that a plan exists to flood the Internet with these technologies on June 21st 2013. Forums and Skype rooms could be badly affected and disrupted. Defending yourself against these attacks is relatively straight forward and is explained in detail by Andrew.

Please pass this link on to anyone who will resonate. These psychic technologies and programs are truly disgusting and have been used against us for decades. The more people who have this information and act on it, the less effect these disgusting programs will have on The One People from this point forward.

Andrew recommends a "salt pouch" which I made right away....I felt a headache coming on, and I made one. Within 5 minutes it was gone....proof its external. He says these are typical for when the dark entities are boring down on you.
I put about a cup of salt in a sandwich sized ziplock with some leaves of sage and some sterling silver.

wrapped it in cotton so as not to have plastic against my skin or to hear it while I sleep.

It worked beautifully. No headache all night, until I removed it and got up.....but am working on that.

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Lisa Renee: Purging Archontic Deception - June 2013

June 2013 ~ Newsletter ~ Shifting Timelines
Lisa Renee ~ EnergeticSynthesis ~  
Purging Archontic Deception
Purging Archontic Deception ~ Lisa Renee, June 2013
 "Dear Ascending Family,

There is so much activity going on in the fields with interplanetary "shocks", electrical peaks and geomagnetic storms (see Geomagnetic Jerk) of which when we remain flexible give us the required momentum to catalyze some major transformations that progress us forward. This is a time of being exposed to proverbial shocks and literal electrical shocks, as the Universal "lighting rod" moves us into the next stage of spiritual activation. Our bodies may feel like a live wire, the electrical stimulation just pulsing and tingling through our nerve endings. Some of these shocking waves may come in behaviors that form from perceived betrayals or relationship conflicts; this is to surface previous hidden issues that have not yet been "seen". To see something that was hidden when it was always in front of you, yet, was being perceived differently, can be greatly alarming. Yet, the empowerment and wisdom is in recognizing the object, event or being for what it really is, when it is newly perceived in this changing energetic terrain. The geomagnetic shifts on planet are making us look at things much differently. We are also able to sense energetic blueprint structures and geomantic code (codes that direct energies in a certain pattern or frequency) in the field more than before. In this way, we can reconcile conflicts and pain when we can begin to recognize what it is (the program control code; i.e. implants, etc.) and perceive it accurately with neutrality and non-judgment. (To clear or alter the code for beneficial impact) How much we are willing to know through non judgment is the counterpoint that measures how deep the rabbit hole goes. That measurement is left to the self determination of what is spiritually ethical for your core soul being.

As we face the nature of spiritual ethics inherent in the Cosmic Sovereign Law (Universal Law of One), we go deeper into facing its mysteries. The time cycle we are entering on planet earth is capable to Purge the Archontic Deception. This phase of time is also being referred to as The Great Purging of the Lies of Omission. In this layer of comprehension, the larger truth is in humanities extraterrestrial origin, and it is in what has been hidden and left unsaid that has done the most spiritual damage. 

Lies of Omission

A Lie of Omission is a method of deception and duplicity that uses the technique of simply remaining silent when "speaking the truth" would significantly alter the other person's capacity to make an informed decision. To better understand how lies of omission are used as a loophole to gain access to control our planet, let's define what we know to be "lying".

A Lie is simply defined:

  • To make a statement that one knows to be false, especially with the intention to deceive.
  • To give a false impression. Any circumstance that gives or is meant to give a false impression.

Different Deception techniques that involve Lying:

  • Misinformation: To invent or perpetrate a false story with the intent to deceive or mislead.
  • Confuse: to employ tactics to divert attention from the real issue, to argue and confuse the issue, or deliberately use ambiguity or doublespeak in order to deceive or mislead.
  • Derail: To change the subject of discussion or inquiry in order to avoid the truth (for example, one might pretend to be offended in order to stop a conversation about one's questionable actions).

A Lie of Omission is the most insidious, most pervasive, and most common lie that is perpetuated on the entire planet. Commonly, those who use this type of lie have tricked themselves into believing that to intentionally remain silent when ethical behavior calls for one to speak up, is not a lie at all. In spite of overwhelming evidence that their silence deceives, misleads, and often causes untold grief and misery, they refuse to speak the truth. The biggest lie people tell themselves about lies, is that a Lie of Omission is not a lie!

This human frailty is 100% responsible for the Negative Alien Agenda and its Archontic Deception thriving on planet earth. The anti-dote to Lies of Omission, is to speak the truth to the people around you in the best way you are capable, especially if you are aware of the larger impacts to their health, safety and future. 

People in the government, people in the military, people in the medical fields, people flying crafts with chemtrails, people being abducted and harassed by extraterrestrials, need to speak the truth! 

When we stop lying to ourselves and are willing to look at the truth on planet earth, we open ourselves to receiving the knowledge from our direct experience. Knowledge protects us from being continually victimized by Lies of Omission, whereby prompting you to ask the right questions when necessary.

Mother's Wisdom Aspect is Sophia

This is a time of great spiritual advancement possible at the individual levels, where any area of deception that included covert and hidden agendas can be finally be seen, questioned, thus purged. Within the energetic balance returning through the "Krystal Host", the Mother God Principle of Sophia also may return to the Earth. Through her divine spark we have the ability to "know" and integrate her ancient feminine wisdom. Once we see what has been hidden from us all along, we will feel pain in that knowledge when we recognize the great deception. However, we also gain Sophia's valuable wisdom. The wisdom of Sophia is what gives the Chalice from which we may drink from the fountain of Eternal Life. If we stay awake through the pain as we pass through the dark deception, we are greatly rewarded with the accurate perception of inner truth (spiritual light). It is alignment with our inner truth (spirit intelligence) which increases our skill level with personal discernment and accurate assessment of the worlds. From proper alignment, we live in a state of inner peace and spiritual ethics that are reverent to Life. Mother's reverence for life is a Ray of Pure Love that feeds and grows our heart, soul and being in every way. As our heart and soul is nourished and expanded in Mother's Love, the aspect of her wisdom, Sophia, is finally freed from the Underworlds and reborn into matter. Our path of restoring the feminine principle included the necessity of reclaiming Sophia's pieces from the Underworlds, giving birth to her wisdom in the physical world through the female body.

Clearing Parasites

This budding reverence for our self and others puts us on the path of growing our consciousness in the power of Love, in order to build the strength required to become an embodied Christos (balanced superhuman). We must build the "House of God" for Christos within our own bodies through loving acts of purification, detoxification, purging, extraction, removals, and clearings. We are reclaiming the body of Christ and thus, we are called at this time for purging (clearing) our bodies of parasites. It is time we can make a great impact to clear physical and energetic parasites that feed off our body and our consciousness (energies).

At this time we are being called upon to recognize, question and then purge that which is false, inorganic, diseased, machined, cloned, implanted or alien. All of these are a form of parasitism. 

We have met the time of the Great Purging. We will find ourselves put to task to explore what this means and how we must participate. This purging begins at individual levels and expands outward into collective levels.

Sophia Reveals the Archon (Parasite)

As the Mother's feminine aspect of wisdom (Sophia) returns to reclaim the earth's brain (logos), it is she whom merges with the masculine "active" principle of power in order to accurately envision what has become of the earth. It is Sophia's return into matter through Mother Arc that sees the truth of the recorded hidden histories and the abusive technologies located in the Planetary, Solar, Galactic and Universal Logos. These are not written "Books of Record" or false god holograms that are being perceived as history, this is the cognition of the direct energetic signatures that have impacted creation for what it has manifested today, in the NOW time. The Masculine alone (or Misogynist) cannot see or "read" these layers as he requires Sophia's wisdom to directly view them. This is why the Archons inherently hate Sophia as she can perceive what they cannot, as it is in this activated superpower that She will defeat them.

For refusing them access to her wisdom (consciousness), they are blinded by fury and thus "she" has been debased into a prostitute, tortured and banished into the Underworlds for replication and breeding. That replication is made in artificial (archontic) code which harnesses female reproductive organs vital energies (breeding) which are inherent in sexual alchemy and matter manifestation. (The prostitution of the sacred feminine code) Her ovaries and ovum are harnessed with bi-polar geometries and reversal Arc codes (i.e. fleur di lis) that are designed to continue to reproduce enslaved humans for the fractured collective soul. The more planetary soul splitting, gender splitting and parasitism that happens in the astral planes, the more birthing rates increase population on the earth surface. We can observe the results of that torture made upon the direct oppression of women and children, as well as the parasitism of the entire earthly creation. The rape of Sophia (divine feminine) condemned her to the underworld in vain attempts to replicate her principle artificially, through prostitution and forced breeding, what she naturally embodies. This is the shadow side created by the Archons misogyny program (Orion Group's patriarchal domination) to control the Feminine, and thus control the sexuality and birthing rates of the reincarnating soul population for their controller agenda. Thus the Archons and their controller code have been living in the shadows of deception as a parasite off humanity and the planet

The Conflict in Spiritual Advancement

It is the merge of Mother's feminine wisdom on the earth that reveals the time of the great Purge of Archontic Deception. The revelation of this knowledge overcomes the False King of Tyranny (Archontic program codes) and its lies of omission from continuing to enslave the earth population (the temporary state of matter). The Mother God aspect of wisdom, Sophia, is the embodiment of that inherent truth within the Natural Laws which cannot be replicated or falsified in matter. (exists with the eternal state). The planet and its peoples cannot go against Mother Nature (the natural laws) forever without a correction or annihilation in the timeline. This is the inner conflict of which humanity faces now. Choosing where we place our valuable life force; on the temporary nature of instant gratification, or the eternal nature of our spiritual truth. Each one of us has a choice in how we take what we know in the now and apply it for the greatest spiritual advancement of our person. As we advance spiritually, a natural by product is spiritual ethics that amplifies in our hearts desire to help spiritually advance and free all of the planet and humanity. 


The Archon is defined as a False King Tyrant Ruler that controls through masks of deception promoted through warring technological abuse, such as mind control, frequency implants, and military strategies and can be applied to human or non-human (alien) sources. It is both the military human and non-humans shared greed for domination of which they both employ hidden advanced frequency technologies designed to perpetrate and promote the Archontic Deception.

Saying the Unsaid

When we speak our truth to bring these experiences and reveal them for public witnessing, the covert actions of hidden manipulating agendas of the Archons have a much harder time manifesting in the physical reality. This is why it is always best to be honest, transparent, even with the hard circumstances we deal with in the 3D people around us. If we express what we know and "say it" - we are refusing to allow any part of our energies to be ambiguous and therefore manipulated to create a false impression by dark entity motivations. The hard truth we learn on this planet is the "Lies of Omission". The Archontic Secrecy is maintained through manipulating "Lies of Omission" and creating facades that mislead the public. This is further enforced through intimidation and threats, the military tactic used to hide unethical use of mind control or bio-warfare technology on the public, both human engineered and alien. Further, through military smokescreens of "protecting freedoms" the draconian infected military complex uses uninformed humans as guinea pigs for their chemical, technological, war and genetic experiments. This article is about U.S. medical experiments that are alleged to be unethical, non-consensual, or illegal.

In recent history, this is how the N.A.A. perpetrates some of its major crimes against humanity; they infiltrated the military industrial complex and slapped "national security" clearance on top of its "secrecy programs". There is no accountability to any of the "secret black operation projects" of which the commanding officer (most commonly a sociopath supersoldier) is allowed to run amok. (How many brutal killers and rapists are harbored in the military?) It is a loophole to get away with manipulating the masses out of their consent and free will through the "unseen" mind control technology abuse and experimentation. Spraying chemtrails and forced vaccinations are one fine example.

Additionally, it is extremely important to emphasize that when we accept the accurate truth that this planet has been invaded by a force of entities that believes it is a superior race and uses the military and technological mind control to enslave the inhabitants of earth to live in terror and fear, we can recognize its tactics, motivations and agenda easily.

In recognizing the agenda we have already revealed its weakness, which is why they hide and use covert action to maintain the deception. Once we can see these tactics and understand what they are doing, they are incredibly vulnerable. So in greater comprehension of their agenda and motivation to enslave others, we gather more strength and are able to overcome their methods.

Mother Purges Alien (Archon) Fragments

Cosmic Mother is reintegrating anti particles from the phantom matrix (dead energy spaces) levels, and there is a fall out of a tremendous amount of alien memory and implant fragmentation that is stemming from the enslavement programming from the False Father Gods or the Alien Archon hierarchies. These collective fields have pieces, holographic bits and a lot of debris from alien farmed memory programs used by these False Father Gods (Alien Archons) to implant humanity, mentally, physically and within the soul bodies. These are frequency alternations that are implanted in the aura to control or harness parts of the spiritual bodies and their functions. During this phase, it will be extremely helpful to communicate directly with your God Self Avatar Self and direct it to scan your body for inorganic machinery and alien implants. We must break all bonds, cords, clones/copies and attachments to these levels of being (clear the parasites) and only connect directly to our One God Spirit.

To make it 100% clear, the HGS system is designed for this implicitly - to locate, remove and repair alien machinery, alien programs, alien memories and all the inorganic garbage that has been placed as an intermediary between a human being here in 3D and these higher realm Archon thugs. This is to purge this alien coding out of your multidimensional body, mind, spirit, soul and consciousness so that the direct connection to the Original One Spirit can be reconnected. Unification with the Cosmic Mother in all of her forms is explicitly helpful with the removal of these inorganic alien structures, devices, implants and genetic engineered entities. Cosmic Mother is reclaiming her creation and through her these structures disintegrate.

To connect directly to the inner source light, all the intermediary structures and alien machinery program coding need to be cleared from your bodies, and this is completely possible now. I cannot stress enough DO NOT LET ANYTHING RUN YOUR MIND. Stay aware of the reason you do everything, stay self-aware, ask yourself - "Why am I doing this activity?"

Alien Implant Profiles

Implants are used in key areas of planet to instruct the human nervous system to release life force (chi) energies and body parts to be given to this network for siphoning and control over the population. Implants are used to override or run programming in your personal bio- computer. Your bio-computer is your physical body. So implants impact your health, your mental state, your emotional state, your ability to access consciousness and your sense of "self". Genetic history plays a part in the type of implant or level of psychic and energetic harassment one receives from these networks. Where and when you were born will give you clues to the types of implants related to your genetic history.

Identified Implants: Archon genetic engineered entities or Suppressor Parasites (SPE's), Variation of small black shapes ( some with attached wiring), Chest/heart harness, Dodecahedron mind control harness, Disease booby traps, Etheric weaponry ( knives, cleavers, etc.). See the Alien Implant Module (AIM) for most general listing.

Implant Remedies: Knowing these structures exist is the most powerful form of terminating its influence over your body, nervous system and your consciousness. These implants alter the frequency structure of your aura and consciousness through the messaging made on the Central Nervous System (CNS). Through your consciousness you can alter the frequencies and remove them from their harmful effects. Do not be afraid of it. Personal 12D shielding, commanding your space and stopping addictive behaviors from controlling you, or allowing yourself to be an automaton, will stop allowing these parasites into your body. Those of us that are etheric surgeons also - by knowing this exists - will be able to identify the culprits and help to free people from this type of enslavement to addiction and misery. Additionally we will be called to take it out of planetary networks when it becomes available in the timeline. First we must identify it in the human body so we can take it out of the planetary body. As we unify and come together to share our findings we become a part of the planet support team to free humanity from this insidious enslavement matrix. Alien implants and parasites are another way this consciousness enslavement is enforced.

For now:

  • Remember to "seal" your astral body along with wearing your 12 D shield. This should give more relief from the etheric and astral pressure from implantation. That process is using the Golden Egg to seal your astral layers. Practitioners should practice this astral body seal with their energy session clients. Example: See a Golden Egg with the golden ray frequency inside your brain and 3rd eye. Drop the Gold Egg to your tailbone and blow it out of your perineum area. See the bottom root chakra sealed in a gold lid. Create another Gold Egg in your brain and drop it into your 2D chakra. Blow it front to back and see the chakra cones sealed in a golden lid (both front and back). Create the last Gold Egg in your brain, drop it into your Heart Chakra and blow it out front and back, see the front and back chakras sealed in a golden lid. If you feel vulnerability anywhere else, like your head or neck, repeat the process in that area and blow it out to surround your head and then your whole body while encased in your 12 D shield.
  • Ask Avatar Christ or God Self to Identify, Locate and Remove all cords, DNA bonds, clones/copies, attachments, fragments to any and all extraterrestrial contacts, entity contacts, monadic families, that are INORGANIC and ALIEN MACHINERY from your MENTAL BODY, SOUL BODY, MONAD BODY And all Spiritual Source light. Then REPAIR all holes, tears and portals to the past, present and future timelines. Last, Return to Rightful owner all aspects that belong to your soul-spirit. If you are calibrated and in agreement with the HGS, carry out an AIM session for yourself.

Archontic Genetic Engineered Entities (SPE)

This "SPE" is one of the main sources of voice recognition mind control that is implanted most commonly through the gallbladder meridian. It is a parasite, so its life cycle and how it burrows into the bodily matrices, is exactly like a physical parasite. In understanding how Alien implants and SPE's function, is to understand parasites. Your goal is to purge (detoxify) parasites in every way you can from your body. A very important thing to understand is that physical parasites in the body create disease, energy blockages and increase the body's vulnerability to mind control technologies. This is what the Archons want, to weaken our bodies with parasites to be subservient to their control. This is why the medical system will not apply live blood microscopic analysis, frequency testing, or acknowledge pleomorphic change of microorganisms** inside the human body as responsible for disease. If this became medically acceptable it would reveal parasites and toxicity as the cause for all disease and we would eradicate the need for synthetic drugs and medical barbarism. Energetic parasites are the source of physical parasites and pathogenic microorganisms. The more alien implants we have, the more energetic parasitism happening in our life force and vital body essences. If we are covered with infection and parasites we are living in a rate of decay which greatly impacts the quality of our bodily function, to which we are not made aware.

The Archontic Genetic Engineered Entity or SPE (Suppressor Parasite Entity) briefing:

SPE's are jelly fish or crab grass like blobs with "tentacles" that are genetically engineered by the Archons to implant the side (lateral) head of the target, can be either right or left or both sides. They generally are implanted in the Gallbladder (GB) meridian from the outside corner of the eye and wrap around the ear like the GB meridian. These engineered machines "mimic" the person's thoughts, voice and create a voice recognition pattern with the person/host brain pattern and chemistry. This implant takes time to ""train" the body to "listen" to the artificial entity, and as the person is unaware that the mind control is being used to influence their thoughts, actions and behaviors, the entity actually "grows". It has a hub/brain in the center blob which has etheric tentacles that will grow to stimulate parts of the CNS/ autonomic responses in the spinal nerves and spinal cord. In more advanced stages it will be the voice inside the host's head, pushing thoughts into your mental body. It feeds and grows on the life force of the host like a parasite. The thoughts are programmed to genetically mimic your own voice recognition pattern which hardwires the brain to react automatically as the brain thinks it is receiving self-impulsed thoughts. This is to create human military machines (super soldiers) or create sociopaths, who do not ask questions but just carry out orders or react without applying reason or intelligence.

The N.A.A. uses males more to carry out these acts of violence and to get them to do so, will implant them with some variation of these SPE's. I have noted the tentacles when they grow create instinctual reactions in the person, and this can eventually grow the addiction matrix to be at the whim of this controlling SPE entity having trained the brain pattern.

It is possible to pull them out of the body from the GB meridian channel with your hands and fingers. In my direct experience, the balance of female-male hierogamy (HGS) in energetic session work makes the removal of these insidious objects easier. Some of us Star People will activate our meridian channels in our hands to be able to actually "pull" these frequency alterations in the field out and away from the persons skull. The ability to pull out implants with the hands is referred to as the "Orion Codes". This is because this is a remnant from the Orion Wars. The HGS is a tool to work with this as we get more skill and expertise learning how to disarm and destroy these creatures at their source location in the temporal area of the brain and skull.

In the interim to stop them from being implanted or growing further if you are suffering from this kind of attack:

  1. Be conscious of their existence and know they're there, do not allow yourself to go on auto pilot and identify them as not a part of your organic self.
  2. Do not feed them in any kind of frenzied emotional or sexual displays. Calm and discipline your emotions.
  3. Palpate the temporal lobe you can feel them "pulse" with your fingertips. Especially when you catch them off guard.
  4. Work with the gallbladder meridian meditation and ways to increase the flow of your GB meridian energies. Study the GB meridian and in meditation focus all of your might on removing these and asking for your Ascension Medical Teams and Guardian Krystal Host support. Here is a link to further understand the Gallbladder meridian and its function with the body.
  5. Acupuncture may help move the energy flow in the areas the tentacles are embedded.
  6. Detox your Gallbladder and Liver to help remove parasites both energetic and physical. Parasites are a source of mind control and disease.
  7. Energy session workers may be able to gather the 12D GSF energy in your hands in a ball, encapsulate the entity brain/hub inside your hands energy ball and build the energy momentum to destroy it. The thing will hide itself and cloak itself, so it's important to not engage with it in conversation at any level.
  8. Intuitively you may learn to pull out the structure through the GB meridian pathway out of the finger tips or the toes which is entirely possible, although it may be painful to the subject. (Hair gets in the way around the ear) When you capture the entity and pull it out, it will create cracking energy noises over the joints - you can hear the energetic structure moving past joints.
  9. Meditate, clear negative ego and hold inner peace and this stops them from growing, they wither away and make them easier to pull out like half-dead weeds.
  10. They seem to be related to the C1/C2 dislocation at the back of the cranium and spine and crucifixion implants. These implants seem to make their removal much more difficult, so when the Atlas Adjustment occurs and there is a systematic release of the crucifixion implants, these jelly fish creatures are much more easily pulled out at the side temporal lobe. So a part of the issue is waiting for the person to evolve to a point where they can participate with their own spiritual growth, and recognize these creatures, otherwise pulling these out can feel like a violation to the body.
  11. Our ES meditations and HGS will help the sequential layers of releasing, we have had many people verified their case of personal SPE removal. Many of us have found Rife machines with plasma photon tubes effective at disintegrating many types of alien implants. Several have reported in our community that they were given an "etheric gold spray", a Golden Egg Seal for the Astral Body which has lubrication and nullification effect which pulls them out easier. We have opportunity now in the planetary field to clear these parasites and become free of these insidious and malicious entities.

For more observations, research and graphic aids on this issue please go to the Implants and Parasites section of the ES website.

Gaining Clarity of Purpose with Energetic Healing 

During this time of purging physical and energetic parasites you may feel guided to call upon energetic healers to help you. With healing or session modalities, the practitioner's access the level of their own octave of spiritual light quotient and below, in order to service an energetic exchange with their client. If the client has a higher frequency then the practitioner the exchange is generally vibrationally incompatible (unless it is for a karmic lesson exchange). This is why it is important to develop personal discernment in your choice of healing modality and practitioner. The modality will also be aligned to the matched frequency of the founder/creator of the healing modality. The founder and creator of any format are bound to the energetic containment of the responsibility of that creation. (As we are aware there is also extreme interference to interrupt a modality by dark forces who want to hitch hike or catch a ride on the energies. Wearing your 12 D shield or HGS Calibration method is the best protection for both parties)

There is no value assigned at any level, and any type of modality serving a specific level of being can be beneficial, as long as the person feels aligned vibrationally to the healing session. Here at ES our mission is to serve a template of Galactic to Universal modality and the spoken language reflects that energy signature. This is why the language can feel new or confusing - as it has not been on the planet like this before, and we are laying a new foundation as a template for the planet and humanity. Galactic history has frequency memory and will activate a person at the cellular level. This is the phenomena of why in our ES lexicon of language many people feel it first, before mentally comprehending what was actually being said literally. The information presented is not just words, it has a place in Galactic and Universal history. When a person is listening to the sessions shared in the ES community, they are starting at the 10-11-12 Triad and working "down" into their personality body to decipher the translation. This is why sometimes many people take a while to actually "feel" or sense something. The body at its lower physical density cannot feel it. Later on, as the bodies integrate and acclimate to higher frequencies, the body starts to link up with the Christos Triad and the physical body starts to "feel" again.

Most people on planet earth start healing from the personality up. Reiki and many energy modalities work this way. The ES Guardian template is working from Christ triad (12D Avatar) to descend down through communicating inside the 12 D pillar. The 12D pillar is the Handshake Hub that allows the Christos Triad to start to anchor in the foundation and descend into the downward spiral to embodiment physically. Sometimes the 12D hits a block somewhere in a section of the light body that the person cannot feel or know where the block is originating. Sometimes going to that specific level of being, say such as Soul level helps the blockage remove its obstacle path so the "descension" process of the Christos body can continue its embodiment pathway without burning out the nervous system or brain. Listening to your inner guidance and sometimes following a zig zag path will lead you to the sequence needed for your lightbody development. I witness sequences in the biological and planetary timelines as critical for personal healing development, all the time!

This process can only be felt from the sensory body from personal discernment whether this "feels right" for each person. However it is the reason why I am not allowed to simplify Guardian language or dilute the energetic signature of what is shared so that the human mind can immediately recognize what's being said. (This work is not for mass consumption) This is because that consciousness technology information has been wiped out or stolen from the planetary body so humanity would not recognize the language mentally. Through mind control implants certain topics are "mind slided" so the person is unable to have comprehension in their language center in their brain. This is yet another reason removing mind control implants is critical for better comprehension of the Negative Alien Agenda. Many times healing is nonlinear and nonverbal, and the frequency of what is relayed allows it to bypass the person's mind control system. The Healing process and reconnection process only happens through feeling, not thinking. When finding an energy facilitator here are some brief guidelines:

Personality Levels (1-2-3D)

Addressing the personality functions, individual mental and emotional body trauma. Chakras are cleansed and reset into proper spinning pattern (receive input energies, release output energies). Timeline accessed is within biological genetic memory - fetus to passing. Full access to current family of origin memory. Limited access to ancestral and spiritual body memory.

Soul (4-5-6D)

Collective Race memory and the beginning of heart/love opening through spiritual energetic source on planetary level. Access to Nadial systems (etheric nervous system) and personality birth transduction - the soul connects to etheric Ka layer to form and birth the physical self. Multiple soul identities are accessed, usually earth based memories and referred to as "past lives". Starseeds have a soul extension that is extraterrestrial and not earth based. A soul body healing for a Starseed from a Earthseed healer is not likely unless the Star guidance intervenes. This is the most common frequency used in earth based healing and is effective at certain times.

Monad (7-8-9D)

Planetary Logos memory - memory in other stellar and planetary bodies, entire multiple species and tribal memories. Extraterrestial and multiple identity memories surface. Stargate, ley lines and genetic line memories are accessed. Access to the entire Soul Birthing transduction sequence. Hybrid memories ( i.e. Nephilim) are located in 9D.

Christ Buddha (10-11-12D)

The Solar Logos fields and Lunar Chain histories. Memory in Galaxies, multiple planetary logos and solar and lunar chains of existence. Access to Monadic birth transduction sequence. Monadic Twin healing begins to prepare for Unity field embodiment.This unity state is called Hieros Gamos or the Risen Christos.

Spiral in No Time (144/Zero Point) All is One. One is All.

Multiversal and Aurora Fields which lead into the Seven Higher Heavens and Next Universal Order through Andromeda. This is accessible through Mothers Arc Gateway during the Ascension timeline and is the portal that leads into the New Universal Body.

I hope by sharing this information while on my mission will help more of us to understand this enslavement structure and become free of its effects. I also hope that it empowers more of us as "energy facilitators" to recognize these systems operating in the many people who suffer horribly from its "infection" in their body. If more of us can view this "objectively" as an artificial structure operating from the negative alien influence, it will cease to operate. That is our collective goal, for those who really wish to be free.

May we pray together for each member of our Light and Star community to be safe, to be connected, protected in the Cosmic Sovereign Law, no matter what intimidation tactics are attempted to be perpetrated. Please inform yourself about Dark Manipulation tactics and Intimidation tactics so you can defend and protect yourself and others from bullying techniques when you bring this topic up for conversation. Thank you to all of our Starseed community, and sending heartfelt appreciation to every one of you.

Big love and unity hugs, Lisa"

**Note for Pleomorphic change in Microorganisms
The reason pleomorphism is important to us and is proven in microscopic Live Blood Analysis is that we begin to understand at the core of all disease is parasitism, and the root of all disease (imbalance) on earth is also parasitism. When we apply this to the macro levels, we start to see the larger picture of the NAA as parasites and how that has impacted our world in every way. We have millions of names to call something that is diseased or sick, yet, it all boils down to causation and mutation of ONE THING - Parasitism. This is why anything having to do with parasites and toxicity (waste product,chemicals) causing disease or mutations is persecuted in the medical community. If we discover that and it goes mainstream the REAL PARASITES and the result of their toxic waste will be discovered, the Archons. Pleomorphism is the term used to describe the fact that some microorganisms can change form. At its most conservative scientists discovered in the last century that some fungi might in some conditions manifest as molds (filaments) and in other conditions manifest as yeasts (blobs). So "thrush" might be a mold (Monila or a name very similar) or a yeast (Candida) and it wasn't until about fifty years ago that they realized that Candidiasis and Moniliasis were the same disease. "Morph" refers to shape/form that shifts.


Movement - Marthe Verwijst ©

Moving is moving Energy...
So move Dear One...Move!
Walk,sing, dance, laugh...
As long as your moving and and out.
Let your Heart of Hearts overflow
with Love...with Joy.
chasing away 
the shadows of the day. 

Kinderen van het Licht: Hier Ben IK & Bevrijding en Vrijheid -NL- Marthe Verwijst ©

Afgelopen tijd heb ik een paar keer het adres van mijn nieuwe blog veranderd…Nu voelt het goed en ben ik tevreden met hoe alles er uit ziet…Daarom hier de link naar mijn nieuwe Plekje op het “world wide web”…met meteen een heel relevant en belangrijkartikel…

Hoera hoera de boel staat op springen…de langverwachte disclosure…de Apocalypse (wat niet meer of minder als de ontsluiering of ontmaskering wil zeggen) is begonnen!!!

De  Taal  van het Hart, Bevrijding en Vrijheid.

In Liefde en Dienstbaarheid,



Bevrijding en Vrijheid

Echt veel had ik niet met deze Lichtschildering die ik in 2010 al had gemaakt...Toch hangt het aan de muur van mijn slaapkamer...

Afgelopen weken zag ik er echter van alles in verschijnen en werd de Boodschap me steeds duidelijker...Nu is het tijd om de Bevrijding, samen met wat andere Boodschappen los te laten.

Dus daar gaan we dan...Uiteindelijk J

“Kijk haar Feniks...herrezen uit haar eigen as.... De Vlinder bevrijd van haar cocon... De Paradijs vogel... zij verlaat haar gouden kooi. Kijk haar de blauwe blauwe lucht. De zon en haar toekomst tegemoet.”

Ik plaats niet vaak artikelen van anderen maar deze is absoluut relevant...en sluit weer prachtig aan bij mijn Inzicht van gisteren...en van zo velen die er aan vooraf gingen.

We zijn door de Poort J . Geniet van deze prachtige Boodschap van Tineke van der Giessen...van Gaia Portal...en van Kauilapele...waarvan je de linken onder aan vindt...

Da house is coming down...It’s happening right now...before our eyes! Time to be in Joy and to not leave our Sacred Heart Space...Like my dear brother spoke many many years ago... “Stay close at Home...”

...Listen to your Great Being...Then you now exactly what..when to do...
And when you are weary and bleu I light a candle and leave a Trail of Light for you...Just follow the sparkles on your way...Then you will find you way Home...Where WE all stay...”

So IT is...and so it will BE!!!




Opruimen van valse macht.

Echt Zijn.

Na vele jaren van hard werken komen we dichter en dichter bij de echtheid van zaken. Dat wat verborgen was komt aan het licht. De essentie van de nieuwe wereld daalt dieper in.

Deze essentie is zeer belangrijk voor de toekomst van de planeet. En moet gewaarborgd worden in onze kern. In ons Ik-ben- punt net onder de navel.

Daar dragen we de energie van de nieuwe tijd. In perfecte uitlijning naar het heilig hart chakra in de thymus. Als we tenminste draagkracht hebben verworven. Valse echtheid kan niet de energie van de nieuwe wereld dragen. De trillingen moeten intern kloppen, anders stoten zij elkaar af i.p.v. samen te smelten in harmonie.
Het 6-6-6-portaal van 2013 helpt ons om de energie van echtheid te filteren.

Aan de energie van 666 kleven veel nare associaties, velen noemen het zelfs een duivels getal. De energie van Lucifer kleeft er aan. De 666-kracht bewaakte de Lucifercode. En gaf bepaalde machtsstructuren in onze wereld veel aanzien.

We hebben hard gewerkt om de Lucifercode te ondermijnen. We zijn afgedaald in diepe astrale lagen om die macht bloot te leggen en aan de kaak te stellen.

Veel laag astrale werelden kunnen zich niet langer aan deze code hechten en na deze week zeker niet meer.
Het massabewustzijn van onze planeet is er in geslaagd om de Lucifercode om te keren en in het licht te zetten. De 666-energie is ontkracht en mag niet langer als poort van angst dienen om de wereld te kluisteren in terreur. Het getal 6 is verbonden met bezit, materiële goederen en de angst om deze te verliezen. In deze wereld uitgegroeid tot het hoogste gebod. Oorlogen, moorden, het spel dat draait om macht, aanzien en geld. Mafiabendes, drugsoorlogen, het valt allemaal onder de Lucifercode.

Misschien heb je gemerkt dat je in deze periode extra aangetrild bent op je bezit en/of het verlies hiervan, dat oude angsten opspeelden en je in paniek raakte daardoor. Of dat je sterk voelde van binnen dat je er niet toe deed, een aanval op je gevoel van eigenwaarde. Zodat je jezelf steeds weer op moest rapen uit de vergeetput.

Het hoorde allemaal hierbij. De energiestromen hebben op energetisch niveau flink bewogen. Het heeft gestormd achter de schermen van ons menselijk bewustzijn.

De schaduwwereld geeft niet zomaar zijn machtspoorten uit handen.

Maar omdat de algehele trilling in het collectief voorbij de kritische massa is gekomen zijn de poorten toch ontmanteld. Er zijn nieuwe waardes in gezet. De waardes van respect, samenzijn en delen. Van echte liefde en verbondenheid. De 666-poort doet alles op zijn grondvesten schudden.
Het was een heftige week.

Maar wel een week met een speciale dag er in die nazindert tot in de eeuwigheid.
De negatieve aspecten zijn van de Lucifercode afgetrild. De code is schoon gewassen en aangeraakt tot in zijn diepste kern. In de wereld zie je dat ook gebeuren. Er is overal strijd om de macht. In het klein en in het groot.

Ik wil jullie vragen om je te richten op het positieve aspect van de 666-code.
Om de energetische aanvallen op jou als persoon te herkennen en direct weg te sturen. Om je niet in de war te laten brengen door de gevoelsschommelingen rondom dit fenomeen.
Want we zijn echt wel goed op weg. Het ontkrachten van zo een energieveld is niet zomaar iets.
Dat is geweldig.

Trek je daarom niets aan van de hektiek, laat je niet meer vangen door de oude waardes van onderdrukking en geweld.

We surfen door de branding naar het strand van onze verlangens.

Blijf staan en als je toch omvalt, sta direct weer op en schudt de oude energie van je af als druppels water.
Droog op in het besef dat we in het licht zijn en blijven.

Ik groet jullie vanuit de Bron die Eenheid heet.

Tineke van de Giessen