Saturday, June 28, 2014

RAMA 231


RAMA 231

As we move into this space

That is no longer confined

by the shackles of time

And face the reality that never was


but a non understanding,

a misinterpretation of that which dwells within

The ALLways that IS

reflecting out an inward fashion

of tangents and mangled spirals

a chaos of sorts that seems without the

ability to correct itself

yet is with meticulous Direction

as we do not yet perceive

the ever infinite coalescence of the past present and future moment

This Self that I am we are IS

unfolding in with every vision experienced

I am witness to the manifestation of thoughts

patterning themselves with form and a material essence

both in spirit and in presence

depending on ones aspect of focus

It is the school of one lesson

That becomes many as we propagate down

into the densities

Found in the outer Domains

amongst councils within councils that

host the curbing back to within

where the guardians of cycles know

not end or begin

That middle path that

sets forth into motion a falling back

into the core of what is was and is to be

a vast sea of the untouched

but knowing

all of the emotion that flowers

in steppes of sound and unbound ranges of color

found only within the palettes that have never been seen

Since they were first dreamed

down unto the myriad of races

in the HUES of BEings

to bring the bifurcation

of the old and the new

I sing the awakening of the Olin who has come out of Mu

to tune,

the falling away from the shackles of lines of time

that divide the divine

So that this moment may be chosen

the many paths of experience

and the breaking of the spell of the crystalline

frozen in phases and locked into separate severed spaces

raise the pegs from the clock that runs it

for never more imposed upon

by broken trumpets

The ALLways that IS

This Self that I

we are IS


132 RAMA