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Exopolitic: Ambassador discloses bioweapons attack; Red Dragon family seeking positive paradigm change

NOTE: You access more context and information here as you watch the interview. Thank you. VIDEO: Ambassador discloses bioweapons attack: Red Dragon family seeking positive paradigm change
By Alfred Lambremont Webre

VANCOUVER, BC – In a rolling informal online interview that included a quick snack (and we trust only positive exchanges of energies), the Ambassador and representative from the Red Dragon families – – made a number of important disclosures about a recent possible bioweapons attack he may have suffered and about the ancient Chinese bloodline Red Dragon family and other bloodlines he represents seeking positive paradigm change.
Interview with the Ambassador
Topics covered in Interview by
Alfred Lambremont Webre
  1. Relations with Truth Movement – What is your relation with other truth movement workers such as Ben Fulford, COBRA, David Wilcock, Andrew Basiago, ?  Neil Keenan Committee of 300 meme? Red Dragon Families – What are they? Heart attack – Possible bioweapons attack?
  1. Hidden controllers – The hidden controller species (beyond Illuminati) may really set dystopian conditions on Earth – these are Homo Capensis (Big Brain Cone Heads); Giants; Ancient Vampires; Inner Earth people including Lemurians; Reptilians; Anunnaki; 4th Dimension Dracos & Orion Greys – How are you dealing with them? Jade Helm etc
  1. Shifting the Paradigm – War, disease, crime and poverty among surface dwelling homo sapiens to landing paradise on Earth. – Is this your definition?
  1. Stopping Predation – Stop ritual child sacrifice & pedophile networks – This is the “black magic” on which the current system works. What is your position on this?
  1. Open Treaty Conference for all Intelligent Species on Planet – Open Treaty Conference to agree to (1) safe and ecological mutually beneficial use of planet by all intelligent species for benefit of biosphere (2) End to war, disease, crime and poverty as means of regulating homo sapiens on surface; (3) Commitment to making Earth a paradise planet for all species (4) Safe International cities for ETs and Intraterrestrials – Jerusalem, Hong Kong, Vancouver
  1. UPDATE ON 800 No-Interest Loans/Grants for Projects Benefiting Humanity
  1. How do you accomplish the following goals:
  • True Vision of Peace will campaign to influence decision-makers in governments, multinational corporations, and global financial institutions to heal and preserve the land, sea, and air;
  • True Vision of Peace will strengthen personal and collective transformation of society through education of spiritual truths to call for divine intervention;
  • True Vision of Peace will repurpose investors, corporate executives, elected officials, and stakeholders to serve humanity;
  • True Vision of Peace will utilize websites, publications, media coverage, and films to expose and to eliminate deception, therefore, transforming the way that we see and relate to the world;
  • True Vision of Peace will create awareness and will promote green culture to foster a social change within key institutions and local communities;
  • True Vision of Peace will establish new paradigms to awaken humanity to the “true” reality, empowering us to move forward, beyond ignorance.

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    never mind the big wigs in all this, there are far more inteligent people who the capabilty to make this earth what it should be, people with better perceptions, people with better skills, jus because there in some kind of power, you have to be careful, the truth movement can and is being manipulated to still serve the same agenda, the saying goes, "the meek shall inherit the earth" i stand by that, and the people of earth ( everyone ) will have a say in how there HOME is run and controlled, i am a guardian of this earth and my mission is to over see the changes and apply my message and my perceptions, so i know i have some control of my own life, too long have i witnessed my people and people of earth suffer under this shitty system. i and along with others are going to bring peace to this earth, and if they kill me in the process, i will return and continue my mission, jus as i have many many times before, as i am a walk in, the vessel is changeable and the message will always be the same..... PEACE ON EARTH !!!

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