Wednesday, July 08, 2015

OffPlanet TV: Private Sessions with Duncan O'Finioan - "Omens of the Days Ahead" 5 July 2015

Recorded: July 5, 2015
Duncan sits down for a briefing on his recent travels; we discuss his staff and the "tools of the trade"; the ring around the sun on June 15, 2015 which signals the countdown of a 6 month "window" for TSHTF; we discuss CERN, JADE HELM 15, and the meltdown of the financial system---all to begin culminating towards December 15, 2015.
You listen. You decide. You ACT according to your discernment.

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  1. interesting, i really like Duncan.. his info, about CERN, etc.. but.. why he promote new woman? before Miranda was so interesting.. now Susan.. hmm.. typical patriarchal mentality.. and one day men will understand..,that woman are not only dolls to play..