Wednesday, July 15, 2015

request for support:4870 my videocard is dying. #solved

hi, I'm having an problem: my video-card(@PC) is continuing to overheat up-to 113c and shut-down my pc. so i think its at the end of its life after 5 years. issue is i don't have the money to replace it with a cheap version.   so i hope anyone out there can donate a bit , and that way hopefully i can remain on-line.   with being in a debt-reliefprogram(9more month total 36months) i only have my living-food cost  covered 40aweek, and atm i don't even have the money to get a new ID card, mine which expired in the end of april... (and I just barely able to get my GF her new passport and travel to get it, sorted but that sorted with help.

ok now I'm 2 pc shut-down's further.. and i continue writing
  if any of my readers can send a little bit, together it should be enough to by a cheap replacement, or even a 2nd hands ( or if someone has a decent PCI express card , can send it  though outside EU is expensive shipping cost so easier buy a cheap one as it be almost as much as send, say from USA to nl.   i already gave another card away last year so i don't have any spare parts any-more.


update1: 15-07-2015 , 18:12
iv'e put some sunflower oil into the fan's shaft and that seems to be a temp fix for now (ill get some Thermal Pasta (as i ran out a it when removing the old hard pasta) and hope it gets through another week+ in this manner) fingers crossed....

update2:15-07-2015 , 22:30
a good friend on FB saw my post, and  send me a message: and has a Videocard available for me  and will send it.   so a big thanks to him.  dank je wel. thank you in dutch 

AMD 48770 XFX

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