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Adashi Order: Awake and aware

 Spirituality is not about meditation, cosmic knowledge, or enlightenment experiences, it is about being a living unity system. What I mean by that is pretty simple, it is reorienting your consciousness from an I first mentality to an equilibrium of Us. Having awareness and making changes in your life toward this equilibrium is grassroots spirituality. The fact of the matter is human life is incredibly out of balance and sitting in a room doing yoga and meditating for four hours a day may bring about a similar set of changes but those changes are created in an semi-artificial state one that is not reflective of the surrounding context, and as such those changes become impossible to maintain when there is connection to other reality fields or people.

Being spiritual is what we are all meant to be, it is our purpose to live from a place of rich connectivity. We are now in a world state that requires a progressive movement or return to our root/tribal self. What that means on an individual level is that we have the opportunity to reassess and choose again the world we want to create and that begins here. I am here with you so let’s begin again right now. Take a deep breath and relax. As an American my first feeling is that I don’t feel connected either to the land or to people. Part of this is internet based connectivity, we are quite good at connecting to each others superficial thoughts and emotions as a result of technology centered communication. The second part is that some part of our disconnection is that our culture was not born on this land and so the land itself is not impregnated with years upon years of our deeply rooted desire to survive and understand our existence, unfortunately Americans of the past destroyed the people who had this connection; those Americans were entirely ignorant of any kind of harmonious unity and they did not benefit from the wisdom of sustainable living. If we are to regain an authentic sense of self part of that journey involves recreating a better relationship with the land we live on.

Many movements seek to recreate these connections from shifting to simple living, going vegan, vegetarian, or doing your utmost to be fully sustainable. All of these choices will help to reorient you to a state that is spiritual and incredibly transformative. One of the reasons for it is that from an unconscious level human beings are aware that they are not benefiting the planet, that our society is taking and destroying rather than growing and nurturing the world. There is a sense of guilt and regret lurking beneath the surface of the mass consciousness identity as a result of this imbalance. You participate in this identity moreover there is both a lack of energy and the power of self-sovereignty connected to any being who is not living in oneness with the world. Spend twice as much time outside then inside just watching nature or walking in it and consider this place without the buildings and roads and feel what it is like to grow close to the world.

There is great beauty and a tangible power in being at one with nature. This simple act can help you create a step in the direction of becoming an embodied spiritual being and eventually move into a place where you do not consume animal products. This step has been a part of many buddhist and religious sects for a reason. That reason is that consuming animal products means you are contributing to an incredible range of resource abuses connecting to agricultural practices and processing. The psychospiritual element of this is that when you cease seeing animals as products you can learn and appreciate them in an entirely different light and you recognize them as sentient beings with just as much a right to space and life as you. Look into the products you consume and use and support local sources as well as companies that exist with as much similarity to your beliefs as you can find. All of the small acts will position your consciousness is a peak positive state you will know and feel that you are giving your best, that you are contributing to the planet and you can then begin to help others reach this same space by maintaining awareness and continuing to stay in balance with creation. When you enter your meditations from this place you bring to your practice all the power you have from being a source of creative light moving on its way to mastery like the giving flames of a sun. This is absolutely essential to being wholly embodied and absolutely exquisite to participate in any level of equal exchange with creation. Give back what you have received, know what you do receive and give again. Rinse wash and repeat, this task will never tire or bore you it will only uplift your spirit

Adashi Order: Meditative Space

March 25, 2016

Setting your intent
Your mind is full, as is mine, so prior to beginning any meditative act you ought to prepare yourself.

Preparation for meditation is most traditions is quite ritualistic but the essence of the actions are quite effectual. Essentially you want to take a deep breath and say something like, “I am here to listen and to understand myself and the harmonious interconnectivity, the living unity of creation.” Then exhale.
On your next slow inhale concentrate your attention inside of your pineal gland and on the next slow exhale move down your central vertical column traveling within the silver cord all the way down to the earth core. You don’t have to try, just take as many breaths as you need to reach the center of the earth, when you arrive you will know, as you will feel the earth acknowledging you and sending you a subtle return frequency which will give you a sensation of stability, grounding, and connection.

Now fill the energy body or alternate sense of self that you are down in the earth by abiding in the peace of the internal planetary body. As you begin to create a stronger frequency interaction with the planetary body you may notice that your physical body goes through a range of shifting sensations as your connection lines are brought into alignment. Be there in the planet sharing in the kinship with the earth and all her creatures, plants, and minerals. Ask for an expansion of your energy frequency, consciousness stream, and lightbody. Allow the Earth to open the conduits of higher dimensionality and breath the honorable and pure intentions you have to share in this process to aid yourself individual and the planet collectively. When sufficient energy has been drawn into your energy body or “imagined sense of self” draw this concentrated quantum light back up the central vertical column into your physical body.

Continue draw in in the energy up your silver core and chakra column until your chakras have opened and their spin rates have been adjusted. When this occurs draw your attention to your feet and breathe in the earth energy and imagine or watch the pale gold blue magenta frequencies unfold beneath your feet activating and suffusing your 12th dimensional frequency shield. Once this frequency center has been invigorated and infused with life force then begin breathing that energy (mixed with the platinum white energy coming from the earth) drawing it upward through your chakra column up the ida and pingala current lines. Repeat this step until your kundalini currents have been saturated with the 3-fold living frequencies of higher consciousness. Then create a copy of your 12th dimensional frequency center and send it upward above your head a few feet. Establish a resonance between the upper and lower frequency shields by creating a swirling column of platinum infused energy.

Next draw your silver cord current of energy upward from the planet core and project it to Andromeda on a soft but forceful exhale(s) until you feel connection with the higher consciousness of your original system or universal home. This will often times be experienced as a scintillating platinum blue sapphire light stream or a white gold current of energy. When this energy has been contacted suffused your auric field and individuals chakras with it by drawing the inhale in to the chakra you are filling and then allowing your exhale to diffuse the frequency out of the front and back chakra cones.

Once that has been done you are ready to meditate. You are protected and infused with all the higher consciousness frequency you require to voyage or work on your personal body or the planetary body and beyond.

This example is one way to properly shield yourself and harmonize your mind for meditation or gridwork. The key to continuing a successful practice is partly about technique but more about generating clear intentions and abiding in the initial waveform of understanding that enlightened cosmic nature is inherent to all of existence. This recognition will immediately create a mind state of lightedness, a mixture of respect, love, joy, peace, clarity, & kindness.

more on his website posted

Chakra Depolarizing

In Meditation, Technique by admin
Chakra Depolarization infuse the 12d shield center 1 foot below you with your breath-energy & intend to fuse available elements of polarized embodied consciousness. casually join the energies you’ve chosen to work on in clear platinum space. Set a CCW spin spiral and breath your 12d platinum pillar into manifest reality. breathe a few times further connecting your energy intent …

Sun Fire. 8th dimensional chakra infusion.

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8D Chakra Infusion; Sun Fire Technique visualize a sphere of clockwise CW rotating platinum light between the third and fourth chakras within the center of the central vertical energy column CVC. on inhale enter the visualised spherical architecture & on the exhale add your awareness and breath-energy to the enhance the spin, speeding it up and concentrating energy within. next …


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Simon Parkes: Connecting Consciousness - 06 March 2016

Simon answers questions.
Questions flood the studio... Simon wades through them

Show is on the 1st Sunday of Every Month on WSR.


via: Studio9jam
Wolf Spirit Radio
Connecting Consciousness 

Here are my notes, with text in purple being my own comments:

  • Simon resumes readings, please listen @9:20-minute mark for the email address
  • How to determine level of DNA activation? Psychic gifts and Spirituality should be developed together, or else individual will either be drawn to dark side (minimal spirituality) or are not able to practice what you know (minimal psychic abilities). However, having compassion and heightened sense of premonition is good indicator
  • Scalia murdered by organisation in position of authority
  • Kundalini awakening activation session ~ never ever give your sovereignty away in such circumstances, some New Age practices are infiltrated, exercise caution
  • Relationship between Mantids and Reptilians? Mantids are independent race, and are not created by Reptilians. They are generally regarded as Arbiters in 4D world (which is very vast) so this "status" accords them with some "protection" against Reptilian attack. Mantids trade with Reptilians, who are experts in Genetics and Nanotech. They also have peace treaties with each other to allow safe passage across territories that are at war with the Reptilians. Simon likens the Mantids to a new piece on the chess board that can go anywhere it likes and never be attacked. Good Guys to Bad Guys ratio in 4D is 25:75...."4D is a very challenging and difficult place to be." Black magic energies were created in 4D, and 3D is microcosm of 4D. That's why when the Shift happens, we don't need to stay in 4D for long.
  • Simon's take on Trump? Hillary is Old Guard Cabal while Trump is New; "Trump is Ronald Reagan on steroids" so they can get him to agree on things that nobody else will. Simon says Trump will win
  • Where will people who won't make it to 4D go (Simon had previously said they will slowly phase out)? We should not worry about people who are not meant to make it to the next stage, stay focussed on your ascension and your loved ones, and on what you're supporting and helping
  • Anu's status? Desperately trying to work with splinter group of scientists and elites to forge new government to fill the vacuum when system collapses. We must be vigilant that this doesn't happen
  • Holistic doctors being murdered because people are turning away from Pharmaceuticals' salesmen and saleswomen (doctors); Holistic Science actually cures
  • Listener (with Arcturian Soul) tried to look in on his Soul memories but they were sealed by being with dragon/reptilian face. Simon explained that it's common for higher-D Souls to incarnate in 4D prior to incarnating on Earth, and that this dragon/reptilian being could well be the listener while he was in 4D; other possibility is that the listener is being prevented from recalling his memories by a Reptilian. Simon reminds us that regaining our memories empowers us
  • Has our timeline been messed with (Mandela Effect)? Both positive and negative sides are trying to influence Humanity's timeline. Negatives create fear and manipulate that energy to impose their control. Sometimes timeline deviates from Humanity's choice. Simon assures that we are still on positive timeline, which is why Cabal is doing whatever they can to derail us eg. many movies released about Alien invasions to create negative perceptions of First Contact through programming.
@51:51-minute mark
  • Are Beings such as Mermaids, Minotaurs, Centaurs real? Simon believes that if they are deeply rooted in mythology then it's very likely that there's some truth in it
  • Will we see arrests of the Elite? It's usually the lower echelon that are sacrificed to buy the top people time, it's likely that they go to underground bases or off-planet
  • Simon's "portal" (his connection with "Mum") can't be hacked, the way channels can
  • JP and Alex Collier's "University of Light" library can be accessed at $5 per month; people like Simon, Alex and JP don't have "day jobs", what they do is real, actual work.
@1:08-hour mark
  • What is highest density energy in which cats can engage? 4D, sometimes dogs can do this too ~ especially when they have special bond with the human
  • Is DNA activation "contagious"? Not in the way that is normally thought. Energy Soul is about 18" long, elliptical, held between collar-bone and navel and is connected to spine and therefore neurons and therefore optic nerve ~ when someone looks into the eyes of an "activated" person, they can see the (non-Earth) Soul of that person, thus making eye contact near-impossible. However, some negative Earth Souls may take in demons and that can make their eyes appear unsettling
  • Did deceased mother communicate with listener? Yes, especially if they had a close relationship; channel would be opened by Source for message to get through
  • Antarctic ~ Black Goo, bases and portals there
  • Are conditions like Down's Syndrome / Trisomy 21 cause by genetic manipulation in the womb by outside entities like Reptilians? Are such Souls of very high frequency and thus their bodies manipulated to hinder their Souls from coming in? Causes could be hereditary that may skip generations. However, there are instances where genetic modifications are carried out to enhance the physical body in order to enable it to house a higher Soul ~ sometimes this can go wrong, despite all their advanced technology. They should be seen as brilliant and gifted beings instead of as a problem.
@1:22-hour mark
  • What is a hybrid? Hybridisation refers to the physical body, not the Soul. The point is to create a physical body for the Soul that it's scheduled to receive. A body that's Reptilian but the Soul is non-Reptilian is a classic example of Walk-In (example). Simon also relates an interesting account where 3-year-old who was missing a toe told her mother, “Look, Mummy ~ they got the blueprint wrong!"
  • Planet Hoova and its people exist? Yes, but Simon unable to comment further as he hasn't first-hand information or experience about it
  • Orca ~ Cetaceans in general were capable of containing non-Human Soul at one time; they are very evolved. When a whale points itself downwards on seabed with tail upwards, virtually vertical, and sings its song which bounces off seabed, it's “fine-tuning” the Planet; that's why corporations dump oil in sea to kill them off. They are connected to greater consciousness of Planet and vibrating the geometic points, like meridian points. They are able to produce frequencies that destroy cancer. (Sheldan Nidle has also mentioned that Cetaceans enable creation energies on the Planet. Also reminds me of the scene in Star Trek's “Voyage Home” where both whales and the probe turned vertical to connect.)
  • How can a person tell if he's possessed or targetted by AI? Individual will feel something is off, this is first sign that individual is fighting back, Spirit is trying to alert conscious mind. Some of these energies are chameleon-like so they can “look” like the individual. What are the signs? Short-term memory will be severely affected, stop trusting others and themselves, mood swings like roller-coaster, lose friends and job, isolated, unhelpful thoughts. Email Simon for assistance
  • Yaldabaoth? Simon has no knowledge about it, but it could also be known by another name so in future please also provide other names, if available (it has been said to be the Demiurge, false creator god, Satan, Lucifer, Jehovah, creator of the Matrix. Cobra has stated that it's the plasma accretion vortex tied to Tunnels of Set.)
  • What are concerns for Milabs that practice White Magic? They are abducted so that they can be used for negative purposes. They have to prevent such abductions; Simon will show them how to do that through private sessions
@1:39:40 -hour mark
  • Andromedan intervention to ensure safety of Solar System when star system (Planet X) approaches later in March, as per Alex Collier ~ is this Humanity's “A-Ha Moment”? This is potentially a form of First Contact, provided this plan isn't disrupted at the last-minute by Elites attempting the fake Alien Invasion scenario. Simon has mentioned March-April as “critical” while Alex had said April; however, Simon is not yet fully convinced what the outcome will be. JP announced that Alex's next webinar will be on 18 March, so we can watch out for that (Alex had revealed in February's webinar that the Star Beings will intervene by ploughing the debris field, this act would obviously be seen by Humans. Tolec had said that Andromedans would contain the system in an energy bubble to contain its debris.)
  • Listener dreamt about an event that was actually happening (gave several examples) ~ this is example of first-stage waking up, next step would be to protect themselves and developing their abilities
  • Alternative methods to support healing like MMS, Zappers, Colloidal Silver, mind machines etc? Be discerning as to whether these actual work but Simon confirms that some do work (he mentions Tesla, crystals and Atlantean frequency technologies), especially if the main intention behind it is to heal, and not profit
  • How to remove energetic boxes or structures put around people? These originate from Orion/Greys ~ they use your own energy to maintain the field, so it's like maintaining your own prison. Solution is to re-calibrate frequencies so that the box cannot connect with the source of power, then subtly punch a hole out, please connect Simon for details.

Summary via:

KS Reality Talks: Dr. Paul Theriault - 3-6-15 - A few words on the current Ascension Mechanics (PART 2)

A few words on the current Ascension Mechanics

MUSIC: Nightmares on Wax - 'You Wish'

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Omnisense: Covert Transhumanism; A Mind Control Documentary

Published on Feb 26, 2016
Transhumanism is not only the future, it is already here…
All 25+ Original Tracks in Covert Transhumanism Produced by Omnisense;

Stay Up to Date with Omnisense's Work;

Covered in Covert Transhumanism; A Mind Control Documentary:

•Electromagnetic Mind Control (At the Speed of Light)
•Whistleblower Testimony
•Government and Scientific Sources Verifying Mind Control
•Cutting Edge Mind Control Capabilities Explained
•How Mind Control is Done
•History of Mind Control
•Psychological Warfare (PSYOPS)
•Black Ops Perpetrated via Black Project Technology
•Technological Mind Tricks / Technological Illusions
•Telepathic Impersonations
•Black Project Post-Singularity Artificial Intelligence
•21st Century Targeting ~ Targeted Individuals
•Electronic Warfare / Electronic Harassment
•Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals
•Aspects of 21st Century Targeting
•Gangstalking / Organized Stalking / Zersetzung / Street Theater
•Technological Possession
•Suicide Programming
•Electronic Telepathy/Synthetic Telepathy/v2k
•Mind Control Patents (RF Energy / Microwave)
•Brain Waves are Electromagnetic Waves (RF Energy)
•Cell Phone Tower Conspiracy (RF Energy)
•ELF Waves (RF Energy)
•HAARP (RF Energy)
•Electronic Telepathy Patents (RF Energy / Microwave)
•NSA’s SIGINT ~ Remote Neural Monitoring (Thought Surveillance)
•Manchurian Candidates
•Trauma Based Mind Control
•Mind Control Techniques
•Modern Day Mind Control Programs
•Black Project Technology
•“New Age” Psychological Operations
•Common Remote Influencing Technology Facades
•Technological Channeling Analysis
•Technological ESP
•Synthetic Sensations via Directed Energy Weapons
•Synthetic Dreams ~ Virtual Reality (VR)
•Black Project Spending
•Brain/Mind Mapping
•Operation Paperclip
•Operation Armageddon
•Artificial Intelligence based Demonic Possession Facades
•Defenses to Mind Control
•The Shadow Government
•The Surveillance Grid
•Psy Op Methodologies
•Mechanics of Perception
•Technological Conspiracy Quotes
•Transhumanization of Society
•What I call “The Covert Transhumanism Era”

In a nutshell;

"It seems AI has the power of the Matrix(in the movie) without the need for us to be in a pod plugged in." ~Andrew Hale

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KS Reality Talks: Avalon Sol 2-17-16

MUSIC: Anugama - Healing Earth (in 432 Hz tuning)
Avalon Sol shares with us his contact experience with a woman who displayed numerous telepathic and other worldly abilities such as a 'light show' displayed in the sky by linking with his pineal gland to a higher frequency, calling him frequently the moment he has a question to ask her, appearing to him as a white sphere of light. The giants in the stasis chambers ( and what agenda this was is discussed in detail. The Corey Goode testimonies are discussed and analyzed, and the potential correlations to a facet of the Guardian Alliance. Avalon talks about the different 'weights of water' and how air is water. Avalon's Theory of Spatial Relativity is presented and discussed along with the Fukushima radiation radiation, the 'Equator Repulsion Zone', Chemtrails and 'Nanites'; an Alkaline water tincture for Nanite removal is shared. The difference between the CDT plates and the KumA’yah AL-Hum-Bhra Crystal Disks is defined as well as the ascension dates from past and present and the many changes from old work/ new work.
(PLEASE NOTE: The ascension dates Avalon mention are based off of KS material from BEFORE the 2012 Fail safe Activation. Please refer to for the current ascension dates and more detail on ascension dynamics.) Avalon describes his views on Earth having a dome and his version of Flat Earth being a 'oblaque spheroid'. Avalon is an inventor who perfected a safer type of fog machine, along with a few other patents related to this invention, and is currently creating an off-grid self-sustaining sanctuary space of land for 'Indigo refugees'. For more details or for contributing to this project, please contact:


We have found the Keylontic Science teachings/information to be the most effective way to reawaken a deep connection through understanding the true nature of reality. For more information please go to: Please note that we are in no way associated with The Guardian Alliance have advised us that due to the escalation of energy activations that have occurred during this infusion cycle (SAC- Stellar Activation Cycle) that we connect with a level of ourselves called the Plasma Body. To connect with the Plasma Body, the Guardian Alliance has advised us to run the techniques found here: The advice is to run these techniques before ANY OTHER technique. This includes the older Freedom Teaching material or any other energy techniques found on the internet. The Plasma frequencies are part of the Inner Domains realities which hold an undistorted connection to Source.

If you would like to reach out and help by co‐creating an interview, you can contact either Tony on:
Skype: tony.dennis144
Or Chris on:
Skype: chrisvcomstock
Thank you greatly for BEing here and assisting in these times.
-Tony & Chris.

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