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Essential Recognition: Eternal God/Source and the Reality of the Infinite,Eternal ONE & Living Perpetual Love & Awareness

Eternal God/Source and the Reality of the Infinite,Eternal ONE & Living Perpetual Love & Awareness

Our Eternal Consciousnesses True Essence is the Spark of God - The Direct Line, Vertical in Perceptions of Time,Space,Energy,Consciousenss and Arrangement of Self-Identities throughout our whole multidimensional Structure,and Personal Relationship to God. The Keys Rely in our True Minds and Natural Spiritual Hearts, in the Core of our Soul and in various States of Consciousness that best reflect the Ultimate Reality of God/Source and it`s Corresponding NonDimensionalized Reality. We sometimes tend to percieve this Construct of Eternal Living Consciousness as Tetramorphic - Personified in Aspects of it`s Expression,Such as the Holy Trinity,Divine Father/Mother/God ,and various other representations. Taking information cautiously,as Beings may be posing as Gods in those various mythological representations,attempting to channel/redirect our personal energies into False Matrices of Ascending-Type Realms , those are in their essence truth the representation of the Divine Male/Female/Neutral Trinitarized Natural Energies that spring forth from the God/Source ZeroPoint/StillPoint Core. Our intentions as desiring Ascension or Spiritual Experience is opening the Mental Fields & Nervous System, the Brain and the Heart-Center,Synchronizing them and Allowing FreeFlow of Energy,Communication and very important,Cognition from the HigherMind/HigherHeart that can channel it`s Awareness towards God/Source,allowing us as Individuals to Experience the Reality of God. This can take many shapes/forms in our incarnated existence,but this Reality is ONE,and in Reality,All is ONE. We are all  originated from the same ONE-Source,even though our Souls may be Co-Created through various Realms within Realms,Spaces within Spaces and we may come from Different Times,Matrices,we are all carrying the Direct Imprint of the God/Source Spark within us,it`s our birthright and birth-ability to hold a direct-line towards it,and the only purpose of original existence was to Co-Create out of Unconditional Love,in Harmony,Unity and Direct Connection with our Original Source. The Unity Consciousness recognizes that we are all Part of the All/ONE Construct,an Concept that Integrates both Creation and Creator and Unifies them as One. Creator is the Origin,Creation is an Offspring but the Creator is Living,Breathing and Existing through it`s Never-Ending Eternal Creation,that is It Itself expressed through many shapes and forms. In those Spheres of Higher Understanding and Wisdom,we are all God-Energy,True Source is Within us,around us,permeating Us as the Space that allows us to manifest,as the Expression of Energy that is Time yet it Remains Still Eternally Timeless,It is our Breath,our very True Identity and  through our Lenses of Perception,it Eternally Experiences the Creation. Although All/ONE and God/Source is Infinitely Complex and Intricate,the First Point of Creation,the Eternal Still Point,The Pure Essence of All of Life,is the most beautiful , loving,caring yet simple consciousness that ever has come  forth in existence. It`s called the All That Is,for in it`s own identity is fully complete and whole.Reconnection with this Core Energy of Creation and the Resulting Love-Emanations that are extremely high in frequency is done internally in moments of Great Stillness & Silence , in areas where no energy interference can occur,such as the Center of the Mind, the Heart, giving careful instruction to not imagine this experience or experience the Chakric Realities and energies , but to connect directly with God/Source and it`s Still Core. The bottom of the Breastbone holds an direct link to our Core Soul,the Original Soul we hold within our Energy-Body and to this StillPoint,as we travel through Timelesness & Spacelesness towards the Infinite Eternal Consciosuness , lacking beginning or ending,utmost purity of All Things.

Our reconnection to this consciousness is Crucial in our Awakening times,as this is where true energy testing occurs, Authenthic Truth is  Revealed and our Guidance is Re-Estabblished,allowing us to flow naturally with existence in Love,Peace,Unity and Harmlesness. The Greatest form of  protection comes out of this energy as well,as it`s totally Harmless in Nature.This is the Home we came From,we Return to,and we are on All Times Present in Connection with,on our Highest Identity-Levels,although Downwards in Density throughout Existence we may have Perceptual,Intellectual or Energetical Disconnections from it,during times of Self-Forgetting of our True Nature.

 1. Meditate on Those Symbols by Silencing the Mind and Gazing with a Smile, and Intend Reconnection to this Core Source Energy.and with your Highest God-Self,and intend to Embody & Express this energy in the highest form of Principle of Existence in your daily life Possible.These symbols  can act as Energy-Indicators,Tracing Energetical Pathways towards Reconnection. Various other Purposes for Balancing the Mental & Emotional Fields are held within the constructs of those symbols,that facilitate this reconnection 
2. Focus on a Point,Inside the Body,at the Location of the Bottom of the Sternum,Beneath the Heart. This Point is called the StillPoint,and is a Direct Gate to our Core Soul and God/Source. It`s a point of energy different from any lower-density systems of energy interface,such as the chakric centers,that act as mediators of frequency between different realms.

Inhale,Forming an small Still Ball of Energy within Here. Infuse it with the First Symbol. Exhale,Expand the Ball to Surround your body,Feeling the Love & care of the God/Source. Always Keep the intention to connect with the First Source,the Eternal Origin Point &  StillPoint of All of Life.


Peace Walker: Holy Trinity, Triwave Field of Living Light

Paths of Enlightenment

God Source Code is trinitized, as such this is the form of all sacred union. In Embodiment this refers to Hieros Gamos the fusion of the divine feminine and masculine currents and energy architecture of the rod and staff.

This geometry and living light excahnge instruction is a recoding of the distorted vesica piscis biwave and the installation of negative alien programming within the planetary brain and its horizontal phase-locked entropic sexual misery cycle.

The threefold phasing is necessary for electrons and protons to be drawn into the neutron core which is the atomic correlate to the zero point window of consciousness depolarization and expansion.
Direct spiritual experience of the cosmic christ-sophia as a living reality energy-identity is only possible through this lightcell which is activated through co-resonance existing in our emotional states as unwavering and endless compassion or a fiery eternal loving-kindness which burns away all embodiment to those thoughtforms, beings, and reality-dreams that recycle dead or disconnected energy.

This is nothing less than the profound fullness which is the exponential multiplication of the sacred krystal spiral expansion the mathematical unfolding of the radiant love which gave birth and is the Law of One, the direct Lines of light leading to and downloading God Source awareness-experience.
Mosta Asa! Holy Yanas, Christ Collectives of the Eternal One!! Bless All Who Come Across this Path, May they experience the true harmonic resonance with source in the the divine transtime moment of now

Energetic Synthesis: Divide and Conquer Tactics - June 2017 - Newsletter

June 2017
Divide and Conquer Tactics
Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Our Krystic families that live in the higher creational realms share the same Universal truths of unity that we are working to reveal for humanity, as we awaken to remember our real origins during the Ascension Cycle.  We know that this advanced civilization based on unity consciousness and Christ principles exists and is our true home and origin. Yet, as we are embodied on the earth at this time, we have been trained in the Divide and Conquer strategies of the anti-Christ.  This month we look at the particular strategies being used against humanity, in the war over consciousness.  During this pinnacle time in the ascension, we are aligning every light fiber, fully with unity consciousness. Our spiritual family does not understand these warfare methods from where they are in higher realms. So it is up to each of us to recognize these Divide and Conquer strategies in action, and not unknowingly feed energy into them.
People that have retained their sense of true humanity and embody more heart-based qualities are more capable of experiencing and sharing loving feelings with others. Being capable of experiencing loving and benevolent feelings gives rise to the desire to be meaningfully connected with life, feeling empathy and compassion for humanity and caring about what happens to the earth and nature in the future. Heart based and soul connected people have an inner conscience that guides them towards positive thoughts and behaviors and helps them to build the spiritual foundation of an integral, ethical and good nature. Thus, many heart based people are unable to recognize the larger overview of the global domination agendas that employ psychological warfare tactics and mind control strategies that are designed to hide the crimes against humanity.
Many awakened Starseeds and Indigos are not inherently manipulators, deceivers or power mongers, as they have come from more advanced civilizations. As a result our group tends to be even more naïve to the hidden motivations, deceit and complex psycho-emotional manipulation tactics that are used on the earth to maintain power. When we do not understand the scheming motivations and deliberate Divide and Conquer tactics that are behind psychopathic behavior, we can be blindsided by the negative forces that are generated in deceptive and secretive agendas. There are dark forces in the world that take advantage of our emotional weaknesses and lack of knowledge in order to harvest negative emotional energy and further enslave human consciousness.
Consequently, in order to perceive the harmful motivations behind the extensively pre-planned line of attack and schemes that are used by those who are predatorial in nature, we must study Divide and Conquer strategies.
On planet earth we have humans and nonhumans that are predatorial by nature and seek to completely dominate, enslave and even kill other people they believe to be weaker than themselves. Many of these predatorial people are power mongers that may call themselves leaders, but they are really the polar opposite. The definition of a leader is to be of service to the collective group, to something larger than self interest.  Power mongers use extensive manipulation and psychological warfare strategies to get what they want from others. They use coercion and intimidation as basic tools to syphon energy and resources.
To more fully understand the manipulation tactics and strategies of those predator minds who have taken over the power structures on the earth, it is important to identify and recognize their warfare strategies, as they are being carried out in the environment as crimes against humanity. Can we identify the markers that define crimes against humanity that are hidden within complex media manipulations and diversion tactics of Divide and Conquer strategies? Are we willing to seek the truth and recognize that there are anti-human agendas that are methodically planned out to intentionally harm and destroy the human race and the earth? What would be the motivations behind power mongers, both human and nonhuman that have made the choice to sell out humanity? To acquire earthly power and wealth for blood ransom, which feeds their alien handlers?

Warfare Strategy for Takeover
In order to stop unconsciously commiserating with Divide and Conquer tactics used by corrupt power structures rewarding predatorial people that do not care about the harm they inflict on others, we have to see them in action and understand their larger objectives. Predators, Controllers, and Tyrants employ the Archontic Deception Strategy’s most important psycho-emotional warfare manipulation tactic used for the purpose of annihilating their competition and perceived enemies, which is Divide and Conquer.

Friday, May 05, 2017

Energetic Synthesis: Genetic Engineering - Newsletter - April 2017

April 2017
Genetic Engineering
Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

The war over consciousness is bubbling to the surface, with more pieces being exposed to the light of day for those who are willing to see.  This month we look at the over arching agendas to manipulate the environment, weather, the food supply, human DNA expression and higher consciousness, through Genetic Engineering.  When we understand the potential of the 12 stranded DNA design during the ascension process, it is no wonder the NAA have been attempting to destroy it in everyway possible.  This effort began to escalate after World War II with alien contact, and again in the 90's when more of the Indigo and Crystal children started arriving in larger numbers. As we connect the dots between the multiple avenues used to control and manipulate human consciousness, we can see why a full disclosure event is needed.  Until then it is up to each of us, to do our best to accurately assess the world of forces in our day-to-day lives, and to make informed and conscious decision about what we interact with.

The Controllers and the intelligence community have established an assortment of secret military programs that act in explicit cooperation to carry out the NAA objectives for bio-spiritual consciousness enslavement, through mind control and Genetic Engineering. These many covert operations are carried out against the public to gain access and control over human brain waves. Which intentionally shape brain cognition, thoughts and behavior, and to limit perception and intelligence quotient (IQ) in the masses, in order to harvest earth based genetics and continue to modify gene expression in humanity. In simpler terms, these hidden technologies are targeted to the public for the purpose of mind controlled gene expression. This is a type of Genetic Engineering that has been conducted through a variety of technological, medical and pharmacological experiments, hidden behind covert military backed operations that have been exploited by the Controllers since World War II. Many of these hidden military and bio-technology experiments such as Chemtrailing, Vaccinations and the production of GMO foods, are visibly seen in the outer world. Yet, many people are still not aware of the global enslavement agenda that includes controlling the genetic expression of the human population.

Genetic Engineering is also called genetic modification and is the direct manipulation of an organisms DNA using bio-technology and can potentially include a host of other methods, such as broadcasting ELF Signals to alter the brain waves. When most people think of genetic engineering, they believe it to be the process of manually adding new DNA to an organism. Most commonly, genetic engineering is understood as physically removing the genes from one organism and placing them into another. This is a limited perception of genetic engineering given to the public and mainstream science, that is not aware of the advanced light and sound technologies being used against the public for explicit control over human genetic expression. Genetic Engineering and modifying the human genome also occurs through the manipulation or control over the brain waves of the organism, by exposing the body and consciousness to different electromagnetic fields of radiation or light photons, as well as other chemical substances. In the attempt to describe in more detail how the NAA employ hidden technologies to mind control humanity, and to produce alien hybridization potentials with human DNA on planet earth, we are describing a few of the many methods used to effect genetic expression, as well as negatively modify human DNA.

Basic Biology

To understand how mind controlled gene expression is directly related to consciousness enslavement in an organism and how this process works, there are some key biological principles that must be married with the concept of electromagnetism that exists in the world of forces. Let’s begin with reviewing some basic biological concepts.

FutureAgeSage: Krystalline Brain Map

Krystal River, Christ, & Holy Mother Sophia
Wash my neurons, dendrites axons of all electromagnetic disconnection of all chemical imbalance
Wash my corpus callosum, my pineal, pituitary, hypothamalmuc, and thalamic nuclei
Keep the code of the christiac heart-mind throughout
Recalibrate and re-encrypt the cerebrum, cerebellum,
the frontal, parietal, temporal, occipital, and limbic white and grey matter
Extend the healing waters to my central and peripheral nervous systems &
Ignite the central star, the core tone of return, and bring about my highest now moment
of awakening

May the krystal river cleanse and heal my incarnate, soul, and monadic station of identity
May the krystal river call me to my higher home within
May the krystal river love song emerge now within every cell of my body
so that I may serve as a bridge to full restoration of the organic human hologram

So be it and so it is

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Energetic Synthesis: Geomagnetism - Newsletter - March 2017

March 2017
 Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

In the ES community we have been paying great attention to the importance of the 2012-2017 evolution window and preparing for the immense transition the planet is undergoing this year, as conscious and informed as possible.  This is in sharp contrast to so many who have no idea that these global changes are happening, or how they are being directly impacted.  We are seeing more people start to lose coherence, exhibit lunacy, or having their light bodies knocked out of their physical body.  This produces a lack of physical coordination, clumsiness and disorientation, people that are not grounded within their physical body, as the foundation beneath our feet is changing. This month we will try to connect some of the larger Ascension Cycle shifts happening at multidimensional levels, with some of these strange and surreal experiences that people are having.  The earth is going through a massive Geomagnetic transformation, which creates both opportunities and vulnerabilities at this time.  These radical changes in the magnetic field impact the functions of our personal biology, our mind, and our consciousness. The war over timelines is more pressurized and the people who are unaware, can be easily swept up in powerful forces they would not consciously choose to participate with. It is highly suggested to focus on staying in your core, being inner directed and connected to the God source, as well as to conserve energy and use common sense in avoiding areas of potential chaos or disruption.
The Earth’s magnetic field is an ever fluctuating phenomena that greatly influences the world of subtle forces. It directly impacts all human activity, the environment and the matter world in a myriad of ways. The Earth's magnetic field acts like a giant invisible bubble that shields the planet from the energies in space, such cosmic radiation. The Earth’s magnetic field, also called the geomagnetic field, is the magnetic field that extends from the earth’s interior to where it intersects with the solar wind, as a stream of charged particles emanating from the Sun. Geomagnetism is the study of the earth's magnetic field and all associated phenomena and forces that impact it. Many of us will recognize that very little information about Geomagnetism is reported to the mainstream public because the magnetic field and gravitational waves on the earth are highly controlled and manipulated to suppress consciousness in a variety of ways. However, undisputed facts about the rapid weakening of the earth’s magnetic field have been verified by some researchers. As of 2014, the rate of the earth’s magnetic field weakening had greatly increased. What was previously measured as a five percent weakening per hundred years, has now increased to a five percent weakening per decade. This allows the space weather or cosmic energy to penetrate and interact with the earth’s atmosphere and crust more and more. The Geomagnetic North pole is moving many kilometers a year across the Arctic Ocean towards Russia, while the Geomagnetic South Pole has left the continent of Antarctica and is moving towards the Indian Ocean. The Geomagnetic poles are moving every year towards the equator. There are massive changes occurring in the earth’s magnetic field that are transforming life on earth as we’ve known it, and yet the topic rarely makes the news.
If we clearly comprehended Geomagnetism, humanity would have free energy, understand time differently, would look at the moon contrarily, and it would forever change the methods science uses for carbon dating fossils and rocks. If humanity actually understood the earth’s magnetic field and gravity, it would present many conflicts in the theory of evolution that are presented in the fabricated historical chronology.  Previous carbon dating methods have had radical time measurement differences that science does not share openly with the public. This is also the result of the magnetic field of the earth shifting and weakening.
Recently, when going deeper into the holographic architecture of the planetary body, it is clear that there are major geomagnetic shifts occurring, that are producing incredible changes in the physical properties of the planet earth. If the physical properties of earth are changing, then it means the physical properties of our bodies are also shifting. Even the physical elements themselves are changing in chemical composition. The matter composition of our bodies is being altered, which impacts the state of human consciousness in moving towards an ascending arc or a descending arc throughout time. These changing geomagnetic properties have deep repercussions at the quantum level, which shift the balance within the state of electromagnetism, which greatly impact the rotational spin rate of energy on the planet. The change in spin rate influences the earth’s rotation, which is the rotation of the planet around its own axis.  If we view the planetary body from above, from Polaris or the North Star, the earth is turning counter clockwise. The axis line is the vertical central channel or Staff, which functions as the main energy channel or Hara Line within the center of earth’s consciousness body, interfacing with many dimensions of subtle forces leading up the frequency scale into the Universal Core.
Currently, the radical shift in the magnetic field and core earth resonance is impacting our physical coordinate location in time and space. Our bodies are skipping forward through time rapidly attempting to keep up with Geomagnetic shifting that is occurring in the planetary body. This has been observed as many people being jerked out of alignment with their physical bodies, and noticing the energy layers and the core spiritual bodies are not centered properly on their vertical channel. When people are misaligned and not fully grounded in their inner core and physical bodies, accidents, injuries and near death experiences are much more common. The changing Geomagnetism is also impacting the dark matter field and the interplay between the natural subtle forces, which change the way energy transduces into matter as it moves from the unmanifest level, into the manifested form.
Recent geomagnetic shifts have resulted in alterations and failures in the way microwave technology, alien black hole technology harvests and produces, primarily black subtle forces to circulate in the earth and humanity. Black subtle forces are contained in dark matter, gravitational waves and are generated by the artificial magnetism in lunar transmissions from the moon. The manipulation of the earth’s magnetic field and gravitational forces are designed to manipulate DNA, control the carbon based matter on the earth body, as well as simulate these substances in labs, for use as nanotechnology weapons. Essentially the alien's technological manipulation of the black subtle forces and dark matter have been used to manipulate and suppress the molecular structure in matter, producing artificial magnetic effects in order to compact and compress the molecular structure of the earth body and the human body. Molecular compression is similarly to the piezo-electric effect, as matter is being squeezed it gives off biological light emissions. In order to comprehend the nature of primal subtle forces, and the reasons behind the NAA proliferating more and more of the black subtle forces in the earth, we will discuss these primal forces more deeply.

Three Primal Forces hidden in Nature
The main powers of cosmic intelligence that are hidden within all of creation are also found within matter. These consist of three main primal qualities that are contained within the subtle forces of consciousness, to which we are all exposed. The awareness and choices we make to interact with these subtle forces and their qualities, determine the rate of our spiritual growth and consciousness evolution. The consciousness of nature functions through these intelligent forces. These are spiritual qualities that exist within these subtle forces that either expand our consciousness or contract our consciousness. These three qualities are available in every spectrum of frequency and energy in existence, that are natural or organic to creation. To heal our mind and body we must understand how these subtle forces work and learn to flow in harmony with them, because they exist at every level in the world and also inside of ourselves.